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October 27, 2017 9:52 pm

Trip Check Driving App Being Considered

Sunday, July 24, 2016 @ 7:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.  – RoadSafety at Work  is hoping  anyone who  has to drive as part of their job will take part in a survey.

RoadSafety  is  looking at  possibly developing an app that would  help  workers  prepare for their trip before they get behind the wheel.  “We don’t want to duplicate  anything that may already be available” says  Rick Walters, Project Manager, Fleet Safety Programs with Road Safety at Work.

What they are considering is if  it would be helpful to  develop an app that  could provide a “one stop shop” site  where  drivers could check road conditions, weather,  and  their own state of mind before  heading out.

“We’ve got a little bit of a tool called Trip Check on our website” says Walters ” We just want to make sure there is appetite for something like that in a mobile app.”

He says they are hoping to  hear from folks who have driving as part of their job but not the main function. For example, home-care providers, trades people and sales people.  

First, they want to know if  such an app should be developed, and  if  the answer is yes,   then  what  elements should the app include.

“We want to get the ideas and recommendations from the people who  might use it” says  Walters.

It’s all about due diligence says Walters, as preparing  for any trip could help reduce crashes and possible injuries. “We are hoping it will get drivers more into their game  and undertaking their driving responsibilities when they are out there.”

But  Walters  adds it all starts with finding out  if such an app would  even be desired “We don’t want to spend  the dollars in a pursuit that  people won’t find useful. ”

The survey ( available by clicking here) will be available for  a couple of weeks.  If it turns out  this kind of tool would be  useful  then  design work  could get underway this fall in order to have  the app ready to roll out  in the spring of 2017.



One of many ….. what exactly are they looking for??


There are many apps for commercial drivers, including apps which allow customization depending on drivers’ special needs.

I suggest they do some research, make some recommendations and, if nothing floats their boat then adapt one or develop a brand new one.

    Did you even read the article..?

      It states in the article: “RoadSafety at Work is hoping anyone who has to drive as part of their job will take part in a survey.”

      There is no link to the survey.

      I went to the trouble of going to the site. I found not immediate link to the survey.

      I then entered the word survey into the on-site surveys. I found references to the world in several links dated from 2011 to BC. It would be an appropriate tool, if it were better than current ones, for our drivers.

      I had good reasons for writing what I wrote.

      What info do you have that this possible new app would meet your needs? What are those needs that cannot be currently met? Do you have a checklist, as an example? Would you use someone else’s, or maybe you already do. Would you want to be able to create your own? Add your own to an existing checklist and remove some which do not fit your needs?

I did. That is why I posted what I did.

Get a good quality GPS and you can not only find your way in an unknown area, but also find way points you may wish to visit, and on and on.

I am wondering what work RoadSafety at Work has done on this. They need to get off their behinds and do the research themselves if they think that what a large number of people would want to make it worth while to do a project such as they seem to want.

Where is the list of apps they already know about, what apps are missing, and which are the best ones which need to be bundled …. just as an example.

Do you use any of the appropriate apps in your non-professional driving driving?

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