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October 27, 2017 9:51 pm

City Looks at New Way to Handle Bylaw Infractions

Monday, July 25, 2016 @ 7:54 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The City of Prince George is looking to be added to the  list of communities that can handle  their bylaw infraction cases  outside of the court room.

The current system which  requires a matter be  heard before a Justice of the Peace,   not only ties up the courts,  but  lengthy wait times  for that court access  is stressful for witnesses and staff.   Bylaw Enforcement Manager  Fred Crittenden says there are also the legal costs to consider,  which he says are, typically  $200 dollars an hour.

That’s a lot of money to deal with a disputed parking ticket.

Instead,  Crittenden  proposed the City look to  going down the road to “adjudication”. He says there are certified adjudicators in Prince George, and the  daily rate for a session is $400,  a half day  $200 dollars.   He says there are also  benefits in that the  cases can be  heard  quicker,   can be done over the phone or in person,  and the person  disputing the  infraction  still has the opportunity to  take the matter to court if they are not  happy with the decision  of the adjudicator.

It also means  both sides in the matter can  simply submit their case to the adjudicator  on paper and not have to appear , meaning they  won’t lose a day  of pay.

Crittenden says  there is also an opportunity for some cost recovery, in that if the adjudicator rules in favour of the City,   a fee can be  attached to the outstanding ticket.

“This seems like a win all the way around” says Councillor Garth Frizell “It’s closer,  its fair, there’s a chance  for  cost recovery.”




Why can’t they just add parking tickets and bylaw infractions to your city taxes?

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