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October 27, 2017 9:51 pm

City Moves to Act Fast on Haggith Creek Crossing

Monday, July 25, 2016 @ 8:22 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George City Council had  approved  borrowing funds  from  the Municipal Finance Authority to deal with the erosion of the Willowcale Road at Haggith Creek, but that  approval process is slow and the  situation at the creek crossing  is  getting worse every day.

The crossing  on Willowcale Road  is about  600 metres from the City’s southerly border.

Traffic uses that stretch of road to  move to and from  sawmills in the  City , and  the downstream slope  of that road is slipping, badly.  In his report to Council, Director of Finance Kris Dalio says  “There is active raveling along the slope initiating from underneath the already severely undercut pavement. The traffic loads are contributing to the failure and we cannot predict the time that it will take to fail further or whether the failure will stop progressing under the pavement structure.”

So,  instead of waiting for the Municipal Finance Authority to approve  the  $1.8 million dollar loan  Dalio  wants approval  from Council to take the money from the  City’s Endowment fund,  and pay that money back  based on a 3% interest rate  over 20 years.

The cause of the culvert collapse which led to the current mess on  Willowcale is primarily the age of the culvert.  It is a standard corrugated culvert which has rotted, and in some places has separated  allowing soil  to  spill into the culvert and causing sink holes on the road.

The new  crossing will replace the culvert  with a  full bridge,  and the concrete needs to be poured  before freeze up. so this won’t happen again.


Get building the damn thing already. WTF are you waiting for? You city idiots can’t even look after this road properly in the winter. How many calls do you get from the companies that do business with the mills during winter time that call for some bloody sand on the road?

Phone Christy -Election is coming and she is starting to hand out the money. It would make a very nice picture with our MLAs wearing a hard hat.

The city has no idea how to maintain the roads in some places. All the right turns leading from Carrier and PBEC are designed for residential areas and not an industrial site with long loads. They have a perfect square corner that every single truck off tracks creating a mud hole on the corner that undermines the pavement.

It is so retarded. Why not add some pavement on the corners so heavy industry can make the corners in traffic and not damage the roads on every corner? It would be the common sense thing to do in any other city.

Also why doesn’t the city put some seal coating on the gravel portion that runs by the motor cross track so the heavy traffic isn’t so congested in front of KalTire and dusting the whole industrial site out if using the Willow Cale.

That whole part of town seems like an after though at city hall. Out of sight out of mind I guess.

Clean streets and airborne particles are only a concern for city workers downtown… Two standards applied in PG depending if one works in the core or in the industrial areas….

Never thought I would see City and Act Fast in the same sentence.

Interesting that funds have to be borrowed, what no contingency fund? Wait the fund money was redirected for trendy bike lane painting and bike related consultation fees.

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