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October 27, 2017 9:50 pm

Public Urged to be Extra Careful in Back Country this Long Weekend

Thursday, July 28, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Just because  much of July was cool and wet,  that doesn’t mean  the  risk of forest fires  no longer exists.

drjuly27Prince George Fire Centre’s  spokesperson, Amanda Reynolds  says the  cool wet conditions of  much of July   have been  pretty much negated by the  sunshine and heat of recent days  ” We’ve seen a drying trend over the past few days  and our Centre has  received   temperatures in the upper 20’s.  The forecast for the weekend  calls for some spotty precipitation  in the Fort St. John and Fort Nelson areas and a band of precipitation  should be hitting Prince George  either Saturday or Sunday.  so we’ve had  some hot temperatures  and  while  the forecast  may be calling for cooler temperatures on the weekend, fuels have dried out  and we’re urging   the public to be cautious when doing any open burning or having a campfire this weekend.”

As of  noon yesterday, most of the Prince George Fire Centre has a  danger  rating of  “moderate” but  Reynolds, says there are  regions in the Ft. St. John and Fort Nelson area that are  classed as being a “high” danger rating.

There are no  fire bans in place in the Prince George Fire Centre,  campfires,  category 2 and three fires are being allowed, but Reynolds says  anyone heading out camping or into the back country should make sure their campfires are completely extinguished “We  don’t want to be using our resources to put out abandoned campfires,  we need to save those resources for actual wildfires.”


20 days of rain, we still get warnings of fire dangers… priceless.

    Aparantly you don’t understand that it only takes a few days of no rain to dry out the forests just because it looks green doesn’t mean it won’t burn

Pack some bear mace , don’t be like the idiot that thought he could run through a forest and wind up getting a bear killed.

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