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October 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Collision Bogs Down Northbound Traffic

Wednesday, August 3, 2016 @ 2:30 PM


Prince George, BC – Traffic heading north on Highway 97 will find it slow going  approaching  Northwood Pulpmill Road this hour.

It will take  some time for tow trucks to  haul away three vehicles that  were involved in a collision in the northbound lanes.   The collisions weren’t serious in nature, but the impact on northbound traffic  is another story.

No serious injuries to report.


SLOW DOWN, FOLKS!! And pay attention to the signs. Just heard sirens AGAIN, that went silent by the intersection. WE live nearby to this intersection.

Look at the black truck “pourin’ the coal to ‘er” as he approaches the intersection and worksite. Probably one of the people that gave ntkr14 a thumbs down.

    That’s probably just a poor tuned diesel truck. A Dodge perhaps?

Its a FORD You Mopar Hater!

I can’t believe the number of drivers I have seen on the Hart Highway in the last two days that don’t look ahead to where they are driving. Had two idiots change into the slow lane, after all the signs saying we were to merge into the fast lane because there was a slow moving vehicle working ahead (mower), drive right up the mower, hit the brakes and stop to wait to move back into the fast lane. Absolute boneheads. Signs were up and you could see the mover for 1/4 km. Boneheads.

I am sure this accident was the same kind of thing as I drove through this area three times today. Somebody not watching what was going on ahead and didn’t hit the brakes in time to avoid hitting the person in front of them. From what I saw of the accident, it was definitely a rear-ender.

    There was a 3 car pile up in the right lane a couple of hours after this as people moved over and slowed down for the construction crew. I’m tired of watching this dickheads gunning it then trying to squeeze in line at the last possible moment only to save what? 30 seconds?

      It is called “zipper merge” and it is the legal and proper way to drive into a construction zone. Keeps traffic from backing up.

      When a lane is closed in a construction zone, a zipper merge occurs when motorists use both lanes of traffic until reaching the defined merge area, and then alternate in “zipper” fashion into the open lane.

      Ignoring your spot in the zipper because you feel you can jam your lifted pickup into the line 4 or 5 car lengths further up is neither legal nor proper. I certainly applaud those people who refuse to let the douche in.

Im sorry, but rite off the bat one can honestly say that they will never slow
down. Its world wide that we have aggressive drivers. More accidents
and deaths will occur. Best solution for urself is always
check ur rear/sideviews in case of. Leave ample room from
vehicle ahead of u. Always, even sitting still in trafic,
just cause one is at redlight does not mean to take opportunity
to do other activities than operating an vehicle. U ate
still in control, again check mirrors every 3 seconds.
Ur passengers lives depend on it, so as in case speeding
vehicle approching from behind, at least u may have quick
escape route planned. If too close to vehicle ahead of u,
u really have nowhere to go.
Sadly speed will continue, so instead ICBC urge drivers to slow down,
aggressive campaigns are underway. Speed will result in loss
of vehicle, to boot, 1st time offense. Ouch! Plus many more tatics being
considered by ICBC plus insurance companies. Safe driving folks

I have to laugh at the drivers on the Hart. Slow lane fast lane. Isn’t the speed limit the same in all lanes? If I’m Northbound and want to turn left onto say Minnotti. I have to wait until the last second to get into the “so called go faster lane”? Seems the drivers on the Hart need to learn some common sense and try to be a little more courteous.

    You got that right foggy but there are those that never learn the rules. Maybe the problem lies in life stile, always in a hurry.

    Driving is a serious business and the first rule is, pay attention. my favorite rule is courtesy. Another old one is slow down and live.

    Great day here in Abby. Wish some of you could be here. Air show will soon be on come and join us.

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