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October 27, 2017 9:45 pm

Friday Free For All – Aug. 5th, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Once again, it’s time to  speak up on issues which matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic, but please,   obey the three simple rules, and  refrain from name calling.  Disrespect shown to others  will  result in comments being deleted.

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


LUV that rain uh… Good for our forests… We’ve lost too much so far

Have a good weekend

FANTASTIC of Canfor to be putting up a free pancake breakfast this Saturday by City Hall.. Nice to see big companies doing things like this

Maybe the boneheads in charge of highways in this area can fix the ridiculous timing on the delayed left signal to H97 South from H16 W while they are fixing the Ferry avenue and Cowart road intersections.

The timing on that light is just stupid. The delay is so long that a person is sitting there for minutes at a time when there is absolutely no traffic in the Eastbound lane. Having to sit there looking at an empty lane for five minutes makes a person want to blow that light as soon as the eastbound traffic clears.

When it does change, it is so short that only four or five cars can make it through before it goes yellow. Even less cars get through when a semi is turning.

    Get out and push the button, don’t be lazy.

      Very funny….not.

In its 55 year history, Richie Bros says “nothing really comes close in sheer physical size to this unique asset we’re selling by private treaty.” … and its sale is just one of the many other indicators the Christy Clark Government’s LNG pipe dream is officially “dead”.

ht tp://tinyurl.com/z38fpb3

    You do realize, of course, that the sale is in Alberta and is as a direct result of the downturn in the world price of oil. Yes, there is exploration and drilling of gas wells involved as well, but they are in Alberta.

    Show us some examples of similar work camps in BC. I realize there would be a slow down. I think if we were talking BC an update of LNG plants in the Rupert-Kitimat-Terrace triangle would be more appropriate.

      This is how bad it has become for the gas industry in northeastern BC, in the article it even states how industry analysts have been concentrating on the state of the industry in Alberta and ignoring how hard hit northeastern BC has become.

      It’s a difficult article to read, but as the article states; “this is what happens when a government puts all of its eggs in the LNG basket.”

      www .cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/no-lng-projects-online-hits-bc-s-gas-patch-hard-1.3487427

      The government of BC is the government for the entire province, not just northeastern BC.

      BC, as a province, has recently had the largest job growth rate in Canada. That is partly because Alberta is the province which has put too much of its industrial growth in one basket and has stopped growing. The same has happened in Saskatchewan.

      Ontario and Quebec have not managed to catch up yet, so BC is in the lead.

      When one looks at the regional scenes within each province, each has a different mix of income sources. There is no gas or oil in the Okanagan that we know of. The fruit orchard industry would be virtually impossible to place in any region in the northern half of the province, or anyplace else until reaching the Niagara fruit belt in Ontario.

      It would take a lot of subsidies to artificially locate industry in each region of the province so that the regions would each be diversified to the degree that the province can be diversified. That is especially true of BC which has such a diverse range of geographic zones.

      If a region within BC is vulnerable to such cyclical industries as extractive resources then it is that region that can do more than anyone else to ensure that they implement mitigation strategies such as lobbying governments – provincial and federal – to diversify the economy as much as possible without special subsidies if possible.

    This nesting of comments is really lacking sometimes.

    “It’s a difficult article to read, but as the article states; “this is what happens when a government puts all of its eggs in the LNG basket.”” .. its a good thing BC really DOES have a more diversified economy unlike Alberta and most other prairie provinces. Even when the logging in BC went into the crapper in the past BC was never hit as hard as those oil and gas provinces are when there is a downturn on that commodity.

Did you know hahahaha that if you stop exactly on the stop line that light you are waiting for changes within seconds. Same with the light coming onto to river road heading east off of carney. Try it. I see people sit there for quiet a while because they are way over the line or not close enough. Just try it see how it works for you. Works for me ☺
Have a great weekend all!

    That light does not change after a few seconds when stopped on the stop line. It doesn’t change until at least 30 seconds after the Eastbound traffic light has gone red. That is the problem. The Eastbound light has such a long timing cycle that a person is literally sitting at that delayed left turn for what feels like five minutes, even after there isn’t a stitch of traffic approaching the eastbound light. In fact, the eastbound timing cycle is so long that a car halfway between Ferry and H97 S can still make a green light, even after the initial group stopped at the light is long gone. Then you have to wait another 30 seconds after the Eastbound light has gone red. At that point, you better be quick on the pedal as the turn signal is so short that barely 4 or 5 cars can make it through before it goes red and you are stuck there through another long Eastbound timing cycle.

    Also, you don’t consider it problem that you have to stop precisely on the stop line to get the bloody thing to work? Because that is what really happens if a person stops too far over or behind the stop line; the light won’t change at all. A person ends up sitting there through more than one cycle or more of the entire intersection lights until the person in front finally clues in that they have to pull up or someone gets out and clues them in.

    You’re not supposed to actually stop on the line.

      And I’m saying you virtually have to. Regardless, they need to change the timing of the eastbound light or they need to add detection so the eastbound light changes within 20 seconds or less when no eastbound traffic is detected.

It truly is sad to see that LNG opportunity has slipped thru our fingers. Too bad government can’t move quick enough and the bleeding hearts take too much of the center stage. It is too bad the silent majority quietly sit on the sidelines, as special interest groups slowly eat away on our economic base of new markets.

    I doubt that the LNG opportunity was ever really there to the extent made out. If you look back at some of the other resource export opportunities, like pulp and paper, coal, wood chips, pellets, copper concentrates, molybdenum, etc., etc., the actual lasting benefits of their materialisation has never quite come up to what all the hype made out each was going to do to enormously enrich the Province. I think we’re going to find out the same thing will happen with Site C. It’ll export power when it’s complete alright, but not at the price we’ll hope to get for it. And the money we do get back from it will pale in comparison to the price rises here that’ll go on while it’s being built. Time we took a long hard look at WHY we have to keep pinning our hopes on foreign markets in the first place when time after time it costs us way more to work than we get back from it.

To the person that drives the silver (I think) Hummer up 15th ave, at around midnight, most nights, Why do you need a set of billion candle power head and driving lights. If you are that blind, please give up your license If I find where you come from, I will gladly report you to the R.C.M.P.

    I thought that the RCMP recently had a crackdown on illegally installed auxiliary lights? In spite of a crackdown, I see more and more vehicles with auxiliary lights illegally mounted, in particular the uncovered LED light bars!

      Installing them isn’t illegal. No such thing as illegally mounted lights. Some LED light bars are DOT and SAE approved. It’s when and where the really bright MOFO’s are used that can make them illegal. Installing LED or HID bulbs in non LED or HID housings is illegal if you turn them on. All aux lighting that isn’t DOT/SAE approved must be covered when on public roads.

      From the B.C. Motor Vehicle Act Regulations:

      Auxiliary driving lamps

      4.09 (1) A motor vehicle may be equipped with 2 auxiliary driving lamps, mounted on the front of the vehicle at a height of not less than 40 cm and not more than 1.06 m, that are capable of displaying only white light.

      (2) An auxiliary driving lamp must be directed so that the high intensity portion of the beam is, at a distance of 8 m from the lamp, at least 12 cm below the height of the lamp and, at a distance of 25 m from the lamp, not higher than 1.06 m from the road surface.

      (3) An auxiliary driving lamp must operate so that it is illuminated only when the upper beam of a multiple beam headlamp is illuminated.

      I see lots of lights installed on the front of “lifted” trucks, installed at a height that easily exceeds 1.06 metres! Installed, and uncovered!

To try and artificially grow a domestic biofuels industry, the United States installed the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in 2007, relying on a system of annually increasing mandates for the quantities of biofuels refiners blend into gasoline. The scheme was created under the Bush administration and dutifully expanded by the Obama administration—and it’s been an unmitigated policy disaster. The RFS has created an arena ripe for hucksters to fraudulently make millions of dollars, and Bloomberg has a long report on some of the most galling examples of these system-cheaters:

ht tp://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/07/23/americas-biofuel-boondoggle-rife-with-fraud/

Re – stopping exactly on the line at a stop sign – my beef are the drivers that are so far over the line, or almost half way to turning the corner, that you have problems navigating. Also when you turn a corner, you are supposed to turn into the same lane THEN signal to go into the lane you want…. How often do you see that happen! I know I got my licence many years ago, but we were taught to stop about 5 foot from a stop sign, etc… They do still teach all these rules, but for a lot of drivers, it’s – who cares, I’ll drive how I want……. Grrrrrrr….

Talking to a couple of servers from restaurants on the by pass & they were very dissapointed with some of the ball teams & supporters from last weekends tournament. them being unruly, intoxicated & one sick & passed out in the bathroom floor. Both servers from 2 different places said they left with out leaveing even 1 dime tip. Not sure if all the money they brought in to the city is a gain or a loss. Sounds like the group from Ontario was realy bad.

    For every horror story you’ll hear about that tournament there are a dozen positive stories. Good news just doesn’t get the press.

    Seems like a lot of lefties don’t like kendoo’s racist comment, but like axman’s comment Nytehawwk… here let me give you some real insight into lef twing thinking!

    We just had a long weekend here in PG where Aboriginals from all over Canada came in the thousands. Imagine 77 baseball teams, numbering at least 1,500 ball players, add their families, game officials and.. well you get the picture.

    These people injected millions of dollars into the PG economy through hotels, restaurant meal, alcohol purchases, etc. Yet here we have someone complaining about a couple of waiters / waitress not being tipped, and someone passing out in a bathroom!

    Typical PG thinking!!!

      Typical PG thinking? How do you justify including everybody living in PG in your statement?

      Alright PrinceGeorge, I will qualify my comment by stating a significant portion of PG thinking, hows that? Like the same crowd who opposed the renaming of a local park to a local First Nation’s name.

      Same people who would complain about all those Indians being in town, but gladly take their money… you know… that kind of people living in PG. GET MY DRIFT???

      No need to blow a fuse! You explained yourself very well! You see, some people do not like to be lumped in with the intolerant types! I am one who does not like it a bit! I even object to the term “Indians” being used for Native or First Nations people!

      Indians live in India! Our Canadian Native friends have nothing to do with India! It’s about tine they themselves clear up that long overdue leftover from the colonial times! Have a great weekend!

      Significant portion? One guy posted about two waitresses who complained.

      1. How is that racist?

      2. How does that add up to a Significant portion of the population of PG?

      JGalt, why are you calling Kendo’s comment “racist”?

      And why are you referring to Aboriginals as “Indians”?

      PrinceGeorge, while you may object to the term “Indians” being used for Native or First Nations people, perhaps you aren’t aware that some First Nations people are quite comfortable with it and they themselves use the term!

      Only a few years ago, there was some controversy over a teenaged Aboriginal girl wearing a t-shirt to school, a t-shirt that read “Got Land? Thank an Indian!”

      Heck, there’s even a website where you can order “Got Land? Thank an Indian!” merchandise!

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/first-nation-teen-told-not-to-wear-got-land-shirt-at-school-1.2497009

      ht tp://thankanindian.com/

Am I the only one who can’t see the results of the poll about the Olympics? It says “loading” and stays that way.

    After a very long time, the results showed up.

to maplebud:

We were also taught not to cross a solid line. If more people would wait to turn where the break is in the line, at intersections, we wouldn’t have so many people cutting corners and near misses associated to it. But, we do live in Prince George and this and immediately cutting over to the right lane are victim less crimes, until we have an accident!

Saw someone using a cell while driving the other day – vehicle was covered with the Opinion 250 logo

    Playing pokemon..??

    A decoy….

Long List Of Warmist Organizations, Scientists Haul In Huge Money From BIG OIL And Heavy Industry!

We are often called fossil fuel funded climate change deniers. So you can imagine my shock when I came across these past and present takers of fossil fuel money. Imagine if skeptics hauled in such money. 1. Climate Research Unit (CRU) History From the late 1970s through to the collapse of oil prices in the late 1980s, CRU received a series of contracts from BP to provide data and advice concerning their exploration operations in the Arctic marginal seas. Working closely with BP’s Cold Regions Group, CRU staff developed a set of detailed sea-ice atlases, This list is not fully exhaustive, but we would like to acknowledge the support of the following funders (in alphabetical order): …British Petroleum…Greenpeace International…Reinsurance Underwriters and Syndicates…Sultanate of Oman…Shell……

2. Sierra Club TIME – 2 February 2012 Exclusive: How the Sierra Club Took Millions From the Natural Gas Industry TIME has learned that between 2007 and 2010 the Sierra Club accepted over $25 million in donations from the gas industry, mostly from Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy—one of the biggest gas drilling companies in the U.S. and a firm heavily involved in fracking…”

More at ht tp://notrickszone.com/2015/02/09/long-list-of-warmist-organizations-scientists-haul-in-huge-money-from-big-oil-and-heavy-industry/#sthash.mBUVoKYW.E6VlYeFu.dpbs

    All you that have been sucked in by the dogma of our liberal left education system that faults free thinking, have a look at this video and give a mature response. I won’t hold my breath on the mature response. Would be interesting to see a rebuttal by the Citizen science columnist.

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0Z5FdwWw_c

It’s getting more and more interesting everyday south of the border in politics.. The USA is in trouble and I don’t see either potential president being the answer.. It’s going to get uglier and uglier the closer it gets to voting day and both candidates have tons of mud to sling..

That is one good/bad thing about the Internet..it never forgets what you say, write, post or do. It’s hurting trump more at the moment as he continually drops in the polls.. Will watch with mild interest just to see how this unfolds..

    Yes have to agree neither is a choice and the states are in deep trouble but Hillary is by far the scarcest of the two.

    Have a read with this link


      As soon as I saw fox “news” in the link I didnt follow it… Fox is so loop sided its embarassing..

      Clinton maybe slimey and looking out for her friends…but trump is crazy enough to start a world war..

      P Val tell me which news media is not lop sided. But I guess the lop sided liberal left media is not lop sided in your world.

      Anyhow read the link then tell who you might think is scarier?

      P Val won’t read news or opinion unless it comes from a source he/she approves of. This is called willful ignorance.

      Trump start a world war? He was opposed to the Iraq war, Clinton was strongly in favor of it.

      Clinton and Obama orcastrated the overthrow of Kaddafi, an inconvenient truth. Trump was against it another inconvenient truth. Hillary is a career criminal and defender of the serial rapist, her husband, another inconvenient truth. Yep a real defender of women.

      “Another Clinton Associate Found DEAD, Bill & Hillary’s Body Count Increases!”

      It seems like those that speak against Hillary, Bill, the Clinton Foundation and the DNC Fraud case tend to end up “dead”!

      The media focuses on Trump and Trump certainly gives them a lot of ammunition, but perhaps the media should start asking why so many people so close to the Clinton’s keep dropping like flies!

      ht tp://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/another-clinton-associate-found-dead-bill-hillarys-body-count-increases/

No sani-station in PG…all the other towns nearby have a sani-station.. I think it is time for this city to get on with the program..you have to drive to Quesnel or Vanderhoofto dump..ridiculous!

    Have you tried the local gas stations? Probably a half dozen around town.

      Go to the Super Save Gas bar on Continental Way, buy 10 bucks worth of gas and they will let you dump your tanks for free at their sani station. I do it all the time.

      Relax, the thumbs up/down feature is on the way out, according to Elaine’s statement last week! I always thought that it was really silly and useless!

      Posted on Friday, August 5, 2016 @ 12:31 PM by PGguy1234 with a score of 6
      Go to the Super Save Gas bar on Continental Way, buy 10 bucks worth of gas and they will let you dump your tanks for free at their sani station. I do it all the time.
      The ground slopes away from the hole at this location, thus only allowing partial dumping unless you drive your unit up onto blocks. It definitely wasn’t an engineer that designed that one. Or a plumber.

    A google search shows at least a dozen sanidump sites in town. Some are for registered camp ground guest only and some gas stations charge 5 or 10 dollars but free with a fill. No need for taxpayers to bear cost to build and pay for upkeep when there are plenty of other options. If anything Walmart should build one as it’s parking lot is a camp ground.

      Can someone explain the thumbs down to these comments?

      People being goofs.

    There was a municipal sani-dump at the exhibition grounds, is that one gone?

Oldman1 quit being so cheap and go to the Bon Voyage pay sani station. If the city put one in everyone would whine and cry about the cost so instead up complaining pony up the $10 and support a local business.

There isn’t 10 places.. call the city hall..they will tell you a couple of names.. Mohawk is closed and last week the Husky on the Hart was out of commission.. it is great for travellers coming in from Jasper going North that the place to dump is the on Hwg.16 west..sure makes a lot of sense!

    The sani dump at Hart Hwy Husky, Chief Lake Road is operational and there is also a sani dump available at the Hartway RV Parka. So, that makes 2 sani dumps available for your travellers coming in from Jasper and going North!

Oldman1 so the city should build one in every direction just so that you can dump your crap? Any good RVer would dump there tanks before travelling from Jasper going north to save on fuel. Continue driving your poop around the province!

Yah, what they said.

It is not about the dollars it is about the accessibility..it should be a central location for all the tourists. Tourist industry is a profitable income for every town and city in the province.

The city DID BUILD A VERY GOOD SANI DUMP! Am I the only one that remembers it? At the Quinn ST transfer station. Now shut down (except for yard waste & cardboard bins!) So, why can’t they simply reopen the sani dump at least? Paid for already by our tax dollars, so charge a user fee! Find a place for a city camp ground again too, while they are at it; so folks aren’t camping at Walmart!

    Why should the city compete against private businesses when there are plenty of other options for both camping and sani dumps? The reason why people camp at walmart is because it is free. Some of the local camp ground owners complained to city hall but were ignored.

I see some patches have been done on the old Fraser River bridge deck, (southbound). Can who ever did this job go back and grind the speed bumps down to the same level as the rest of the bridge deck so it isn’t like driving during an earthquake?
Did anyone notice the repair job done on the new passing lane at Degal Rd out west? The last 700 meters was repaved because it didn’t meet ministry standards for smoothness. The rest is within standards. Really it is, that’s what the govt told me. The newly repaved section has a launch pad built into it at the start. Awesome work guys.

Just on the news that a semi with no brakes wiped out a bunch of vehicles on a steep hill on the the Coqihalla.

    Yup, it is a fact. A semi with no brakes. You know it’s a fact cause you heard it on tv.

      Witnesses said a semi-truck appeared to lose control going down a hill between Merritt and Hope, with a long line of cars stopped ahead for roadwork .

      “There was wrecked vehicles all over, people all over the road. It was just a mess,” CFJC Today quoted Norm Draeger as saying.

      Courtney Starheim was travelling in the opposite direction of the crash and said she could smell the brakes of the truck, and others inside her vehicle commented on it.

      ht tp://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/coquihalla-crash-involving-multiple-vehicles-halts-southbound-traffic/ar-BBvj9XX?li=AAggNb9&ocid=AARDHP

The deletion of thumbs up/down cannot come soon enough on this site.

Dumbfounded..you are absolutely correct..I don’t understand why you get a thumbs down on that sani-dump. Obviously, many do not understand the importance of a proper up-to-date sani-dump. Many motor homes towing a vehicle cannot get into a sani-station that is not designed properly.

Lets remember that the City in all its wisdom put in the Sani Dump at the Quinn St., Transfer Station. Then the City in all its wisdom closed the Sani Dump at the Quinn St., Transfer Station.

So were they right when they put it in, or were they right when they took it out.

Some of the decisions by the City leaves a lot to be desired.

My guess is that the Sani Dump was taken out for no other reason than the City located their new offices adjacent to this facility and probably did not want the smell. I also believe that they closed the garbage facilities for the same reason.

The City is great with coming up with excuses for doing things, however if you scratch the surface you usually find the public reason is far removed from the actual reason.

As an example. Most City Projects, like the Community Energy System are built, not because of a need to reduce greenhouse gases, but to access Federal and Provincial money for projects. Have you ever noticed that once these projects are complete we never hear another word as to how they are doing, whether or not they meet their original plans, etc; etc;.

    I’ve always wanted to hear a news release like “the Civic centre is paid for”. Or, the “CN Centre is paid for”. I know, crazy idea, but on the bright side, apparently Rob Van Adrichem spoke today !

    Well we heard how the Nissan leaf was a failure in PG winter climate but the lease was renewed for another 4 years. Yup right smart. Hey buying toys on taxpayers back, total irresponsibility.

New Zealand is chilly.

“The bitter cold snap is set to smash a weather record that has stood for more than a century as an icy chill takes hold of the South Island.

Temperatures are set to plunge to a frigid minus 15C across the South Island tonight – but it’s expected to be even colder overnight Saturday.

Niwa forecaster Ben Noll said forecasters were keeping a close eye on Queenstown where it could reach one of the coldest temperatures since record keeping began 145 years ago.”

ht tp://www.nzherald.co.nz/weather/news/article.cfm?c_id=10&objectid=11687637

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