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October 27, 2017 9:43 pm

New Banners for Downtown Prince George

Sunday, August 7, 2016 @ 7:23 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Downtown Prince George will have a new  look  tomorrow morning.  The sun faded 2015 Canada Winter Games banners  are being replaced  overnight tonight  with new,  colourful banners on George Street  and Third Avenue.In partnership with the City of Prince George and the Rotary Club of Prince George,  110 new banners for the downtown feature Downtown Prince George’s branding.  The 110 are  among  a total of  400 that will be  installed along the highways, major roads, and at civic facilities in the City.

While no images were  available at  publication time,  the banners  will feature local scenes.  “Banners truly add colour and character to a community and partnerships such as these go a long way to enhancing Prince George,” says Mayor Lyn Hall.

P.G. Rotary  Club president, Ross Birchall, says the banner program  “aligns well with Rotary International Areas of Focus including growing local economies.”

The banners  use a different material than has been used in the past.  The full cost of the new banners was not immediately available.



cha ching … around $300 per banner design, printed, + installed?

City of PG can’t win…everyone wants change,everyone complains the downtown needs beatification and something to draw people back into the core….and whenever something gets done, people whine because it costs money! Ya think!?

I agree with ya echoes! Sad isn’t it!

While the banners might look nice. It is the people sleeping in the doorways that get my attention.

    Sadly that issue is not unique to our city, and in my opinion shouldn’t stop us from trying to improve the surroundings. I certainly wish there was a way to help each of those truly needing a hand up.

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