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October 27, 2017 9:41 pm

Work Complete at 16, Cowart and Vance

Thursday, August 11, 2016 @ 5:56 AM


Crews do the final testing on new lights – photo 250News

Prince George , B.C.- If you didn’t notice a change last  evening on your way home,  you  should see a change this morning.

The  dedicated left turn signal  at  the intersection of Highway 16 and Cowart and Vance Roads,  has been installed.

Crews finished up their work on the half million dollar project  yesterday afternoon.

The change to the   traffic light system at this location was  made more urgent following a fatal crash earlier this year.   Changes are also  planned for the  intersection of Highway 16 and  Ferry Avenue,  with is  another high crash intersection in Prince George.  Those upgrades should  be complete  later this fall.

Safety  on the highway 16 corridor  through Prince George and  measure for improvement continue to be  the focus of discussions between the City and the Provincial Ministry of Transportation.


While a good thing I just hope they had the foresight to give the new lights enough “time” for everyone to clear the left turn lane heading into town. I’ve seen it full under the old light system many times on the weekends which without enough “time” would result in the left lane backing up on Peden hill.

I am glad the intersection has been upgraded, but having said that I predict 2 crashes by months end.

Excellent work!

500,0000 dollars for two poles, two lights, a little bit of concrete and some programming? Wow.

    Not that much really. Poles, lights, programming, electricians, engineers, flaggers, equipment….obviously some cost I’m missing but that adds up quick.

      Flaggers were awesome. Traffic backed up to Domano and down to Ferry while the flaggers let all the cross traffic have the right of way 90% of the time. Idiots. Form single line signs all over the place, then you get to the spot where the single line was supposed to be and they were allowing two lanes of traffic through. The entitled passing everyone that formed a single line way back there and were forcing their way into the front of the line. Why would people do that and why would people let them in? Nothing but a cluster you know what.

    Just guessing, I would suggest a good chunk of that cash was spent on “studying” the issues of the intersection. But still, $250K per pole is outrageous. How can a modest house be the same price as a light standard?

      Kickbacks maybe?

I’m so glad that this has been completed. Unfortunately it took the loss of a young woman’s life to make it a priority. It is my understanding that the same change in lighting is to take place at the intersection of Hwy 16 and Ferry Ave, but work hasn’t started there yet. Hopefully soon, as this intersection is just as dangerous.

    Intersections aren’t dangerous.

      I wonder if you pay special attention at intersections?

      If so, I wonder why?

      If you are professional in attitude, I’ll bet you do pay special attention at intersections for drivers who aren’t.

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