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October 27, 2017 9:37 pm

Council Says Yes to One, and Trims Another Event’s Cash Request

Monday, August 15, 2016 @ 6:27 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George City Council has voted unanimously  to support the full request from one of  two different organizations.

First, Council agreed to cover  up to $500 dollars for the costs of the insurance liability and  rental fees for the  stage at Lheidli T’enneh  Memorial Park for a special event  on October 2nd.

(at right, image of the original Red Dress public art display)reddress

The event calls for  people to stand along Highway 16 and carry a red dress  which is a symbol of  the missing and murdered women  along that highway.  The   visual display will be followed by an event at the park, where the dresses will be hung along the stage and in the trees.  There will be a candle light vigil and prayers for the victims,  their families and  friends.

City Manager  Kathleen Soltis says  the  approval of up to $500 dollars will more than cover the costs involved  for the event and the dollars would come from the Council contingency fund.

It leaves the Contingency fund with $4 thousand dollars.   Then thee was the   request  from the Northern  Undergraduate Student Society.  They wanted  to know if the City  could donate  $3,000  to support their  annual Back yard Bar-B-Q. This will be the 21st  back yard bar-b-q  at UNBC and  offers an opportunity for new students to familiarize themselves with the campus and other students,  and  keeps UNBC competitive with other universities in the country which  offer  similar events .

But,  fulfilling the full request would nearly deplete the contingency fund and there are still several months to go.

Councilor Brian Skakun  moved  the City  agree to  fund $1,500 dollars instead.  It was a move unanimously  supported by  Council.

Mayor Lyn Hall says come budget  time, there will have to be more  discussion on the use of those contingency fund dollars.




The undergraduate society needs to canvass prominent businesses; for some support. Just a thought.

Excellent choice; I fully support it and hope that with these events the families may continue on their path of healing over the loss of their loved ones.

I thought the student body collects money included in tuition costs to fund such events

    I am not sure why you would get so many thumbs down on that. I thought the same. It is an annual event for which they charge money to attend. They have two choices for self funding – collect more for tickets and/or put together more money from student fees.

    As was explained at Council, this is apparently the first time they are hiring an events manager. The cost is $20,000. They want to make sure they get access to better entertainment talent.

    In other words, they are increasing the “standard” of the event. Don’t know whether they thought where the money comes from when they made that decision.

    I have a suggestion. Plan ahead much further in advance. Make the event a money maker from which they can start an event fund which builds over time. That way they would not have to raise funds on a short term notice.

    They seemed like smart kids, but they may have started off going door to door when they were in grade school collecting money so that they could take a field trip to Holland. Thus started a life of begging.


“…a future event or circumstance that is possible but cannot be predicted with certainty.”

I’m not sure what the hell a party at UNBC has to do with the City’s contingency fund?

I’m tapped out, can we please stop handing out money like it’s candy at Hallowe’en?

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