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October 27, 2017 9:35 pm

Fentanyl Related Overdose Deaths Highest in Northern BC

Thursday, August 18, 2016 @ 12:14 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The BC Coroners Service has released some startling new numbers.

New statistics show that the Northern region of British Columbia now has the highest proportion of overdose deaths in which fentanyl is detected – 75% of all overdose deaths this year.

From January, 2016 to the end of July, 2016 the breakdown province-wide is as follows:

  • Northern Region (includes the region north, east and west from 100 Mile House to all provincial borders, and Haida Gwaii)- 75%
  • Island Region – 71%
  • Fraser Region – 60%
  • Interior Region – 58%
  • Metro Region – 58%

And although there was a small drop in July, the total number of deaths from illicit drug overdoses remains significantly higher than previous years.

In the first seven months of 2016 the total number of deaths from illicit drug overdoses was 433, an increase of 73.9% from the same period last year.

The total number of overdose deaths in July was 52, down from 61 in June.

In light of these troubling statistics the BC Coroners Service is asking users of illicit drugs to “exercise extreme caution.”

“Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe stresses the critical importance of calling 911 to obtain medical assistance immediately if someone appears to be overdosing. Drug users are also urged never to use alone and to ensure that they have a naloxone kit and someone trained to use it available every time when using.”


So lets see if crime statistics fall.

    So why don’t you get into the business of supplying these addicts and recreational drug users with high grade fentanyl? According to your comment you would be doing society a favour by reducing crime via increased fatal overdoses.

    I know this is perverse logic, but that is what your comment is about! No doubt about it, your thought process is “creepy”.

      So, we know helping drug addicts has little effect on the user. Most fall back into the life they just came out of. I don’t shed many tears of drug abusers that die by the drug of their choice, be it Fentanyl, Meth, Heroin etc..

      This is why most drugs should be legal, and controlled.. give us the tax dollars and it’s a much safer alternative.

      What do you want from the honest, tax paying, law abiding Canadian? I care about sick kids, kids below the poverty line and important things like laws and education. I really don’t have much sympathy left over in this soul, for people that choose to take drugs from the street. I’m out of compassion, and I do not think I’m alone on this.

      ” I really don’t have much sympathy left over in this soul, for people that choose to take drugs from the street. I’m out of compassion, and I do not think I’m alone on this.”

      Hollow words when it comes to support Conservative candidates; crack cocaine smoking Rob Ford received 30% of the popular vote in the last Toronto election. You say you have no respect or compassion for these people, yet tens of thousands voted for him to be the leaders of Canada’s largest city.

      It’s about time they finally released the video of him smoking “this drug from the street.”

      ht tp://tinyurl.com/hzax2za

Illicit drugs users always use “extreme caution” yeah right. This fentanyl “crisis” should do wonders to clean up all the dirt bags around. If your stupid enough to continue to use drugs after all the warnings enjoy! One less loser out breaking into houses and shooting at each other

    right on!

Sorry to point this out but… “recreational” drug users are most at risk of Fentanyl overdoses, NOT addicts!

“A spike in fentanyl-related drug overdose deaths in B.C. has prompted a new campaign by police and health officials to warn “occasional” drug users, who they say are most at risk.”


This means the increase in overdoses will not reduce crime, however the simplistic child like logic in your comments is obviously appreciated by some via the number thumbs ups your comments receive.

    Well if the CBC reported it, you know it’s numbers are always slanted to the mindless Liberals in this country.

      And if the source is the Globe and Mail?

      “Health officials noted the majority of deaths involve “recreational” drug users who were actually consuming other substances, such as heroin, oxycodone or crystal methamphetamine. The fentanyl in these cases is typically illegally imported in powder form and cut into other drugs because of its high potency and relatively low cost.”


      Nice attempt at putting out the assumption that most of the overdose victims are hardcore addicts stealing and robbing to support their habits, however nothing could be further from the truth!

      I like my role on this news blog site, but sometimes it feels like its a full-time job cutting through all the BS being posted on here, mostly from the simple minded right.

    More people will OD on over the counter medicine, like painkillers and Benadryl abuse, than your little Fentanyl problems. I’ll start caring about people making poor choices with drugs, when they start caring about people OD’ing on pain meds, and other readily available merchandise at any local Drug Store.

    Fentanyl isn’t a problem, it’s a blip on the radar compared to the drugs being abused out there. But you wouldn’t know that, because you get your underwear in a bunch when the monthly Fentanyl stats are shoved in your face, by the press.

    The same press that throws this garbage news across canada, won’t report the staggering deaths of alcohol related death every month, because $$$$

    What ever your (” RECREATION “) jumping out of planes no cute , why should i care it is your choice and you know the risks , suck it up butter cup.and serve the penalties.

“Exercise extreme caution”? How about “If you take this crap chances are you are going to die, so don’t take it”! Everyone is trying to be so politically correct instead of being blunt and to the point.

    Donald Trump… is that you?

      I actually consider that a compliment JGalt, thanks. If being blunt and to the point can save even one kid from dying then so be it.

So a recreational user uses heroin, crystal meth and oxycodone? What world is this recreation? JGalt by your responses you must consider these activities recreation. I myself enjoy my SXS, boat, snowmobile, cabin, family and pets. To me that is recreation not snorting crystal meth. Enjoy your recreation time JGalt, soon you wont be commenting at all.Those all are loser activities.

It never ceases to amaze me of the infantile trust drug users have with their dealers, whether it’s recreational or heavy use.

I guess the dealers all have their ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.

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