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October 27, 2017 9:34 pm

Man in Custody Following Cottonwood Island Incident

Friday, August 19, 2016 @ 1:46 PM


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Prince George, B.C.-  The RCMP  Bomb Disposal Unit  is enroute from the lower mainland to  deal with an explosive device in Cottonwood Island

Around 10:30 this morning, Prince George RCMP arrested a local 36 year old male in the Cottonwood Island Park  for breach of probation, resist arrest and possession of an explosive device.

Although the  male was removed from the area, the explosive device remains in the park, and police are keeping  an eye  on it until the bomb disposal unit  can  arrive on scene and deal with it.

The  RCMP bomb disposal unit out of the Lower Mainland in enroute to assess and dispose of the device.

RCMP have cordoned off the area from Foley Crescent to the overpass on River Rd . This includes the boat launch.  The railway museum can still be accessed.
Police ask that  people stay out of the area and trail systems along the river until Police have disposed of the device and completed their investigation.


That’s one way for Prince George to get on the national news again in the most negative way possible! Too bad! Another repeat offender thumbing his nose at the rest of society!

“Prince George RCMP arrested a local 36 year old male in the Cottonwood Island Park for breach of probation, resist arrest and possession of an explosive device.”

So if he breached his probation, this guy was obviously known to police. I wonder if this guy was a gang banger and the incident has any connection to gang activity? This would not be the first time a bomb was used by a gang here in PG.

“On Oct. 12, the RCMP bomb squad was called out to deal with a bomb thrown through the window of G’z Up Clothing and Apparel in the 400-block of Dominion Street. No one was in the store when the bomb was thrown and the device failed to explode. The building was one of those damaged during the Aug. 6 drive-by shooting.”


With all the recent drive by shootings, home invasions, and now this bomb incident, its beginning to feel like old times in PG, back in the days of 2008. Have a good weekend everyone. :-)

Might seem like a strange question (and I highly doubt the police will answer), but why the heck would someone have a bomb at Cottonwood Island? Good grief.

Sounds like a mental health issue. And many of them are “repeat offenders”.

Here we go again lets make an excuse for someone being a little dickhead.

An explosive device?

Obviously this person is in need of some of Justin’s counselling!

    Hey Harper worshipper, the election has been over for a long time, get over it already.

      Bent, clearly I was making reference to Justin and the Liberal’s recent news about how they intend to deal with “terrorists”!

      “Liberals’ answer to terrorists: Talk them through their feelings”

      ht tp://www.torontosun.com/2016/08/17/trudeaus-answer-to-terrorists-talk-them-through-their-feelings

      Obviously you have a real sore spot for any negative reporting about Justin! Perhaps some counselling might help!

      By the way, Justin now sits in the big chair and as such, he is the one to be held accountable! I’ll apologize in advance if any negative news about Justin hurts your feeling!

      Hmmm, all that and I didn’t mention Harper at all, not once!

    Where do you get Harper worshiper out of that post Bent? Looks more like a Zoolander worshiper. Lets get to the “root cause” of this potential bombing. Counseling will find it and change it. It’s just that easy.

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