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October 27, 2017 9:30 pm

Road Rehab Projects Resume Monday

Thursday, August 25, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C. – If the weather cooperates,  the City’s  road rehabilitation  projects will resume on Monday,  with  four  projects slated for  the week.rehabmap

As shown on the map at right,  there have been a number of projects already completed  ( in green)  while  projects yet to be done are in  pink.

Projects  slated for next week are:

  1. Carney Street from 15th Avenue to Massey Drive  Estimated cost         $107,000
  2. 2nd Avenue from Ospika Boulevard to Nicholson Street  Estimated cost         $113,000
  3. Nicholson Street from 2nd Avenue to 5th Avenue  Estimated cost         $68,000
  4. Opie Crescent from Ospika Boulevard to Massey Drive  Estimated cost         $139,000


But there are still several major projects  to be completed,  including:

  1. 5th Ave from Winnipeg to Brunswick
  2. 5th Ave from Carney to Edmonton
  3. 4th Ave from Edmonton to Victoria
  4. 5th Ave from Ruggles to Ahbau
  5. 15th Ave from Johnson to Alward



I love reading these stories. There’s something about new pavement and making this city look better that makes me happy. Keep going City of PG there’s still lots of streets to pave.

By the way Bellamy Rd in really in poor shape. Please keep it in mind for next year’s list of paving jobs.

What a joke these roads have great pavement compared to Marleau and Bear. Heavy traffic on crumbling potholes pavement. These two roads service three subdivisions, a major shopping center and major access to and off hwy 16. No sidewalks, hey not even a bike lane.

It is narrow at spots and getting narrower with erosion and crumbling pavement.

Marleau and Bear are dangerous to drive, walk and bike. With the heavy traffic volumes I cannot believe the absolute irresponsibility and neglect of the city. Maybe ICBC should take notice.

resurfacing 8th between the bypass and the crescents next summer would be appreciated too, there are a number of intersections in poor condition. I bike to work, and as that is the instructed route to take into the downtown area, it would be nice if the pavement is in a condition that is suitable for the purpose.

Take Todd stone for a drive up Foothills and maybe he can increase the speed limit.. f he doesn’t agree, just drop him off at the Foothill landfill … he can use foot power back to town and enjoy seeing the dump from the road

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