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October 27, 2017 9:24 pm

Still Time to Register for Salvation Army’s School Supply Drive

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George Salvation Army has extended a helping hand to those who can’t afford to purchase school supplies for their children this upcoming school year.

The non-profit is still in the midst of its annual school supply drive and business manager Bill Glasgow says all you need to do is give their food bank a call (250-564-4000) and they will get you registered.backpackschoolsupplies

“We’re at about 100 families registered so far and we expect to see somewhere between 225 and 250 registrants,” he says.

“The main problem is that school supplies are not cheap. It kind of sneaks up on you. You go through summer, you go on vacations, everybody’s having fun and then school’s there and you’ve got to get school supplies.

“It can sometimes be a bit of a burden for some families and that’s why we’re here to help.”

Glasgow says they’ve partnered once again with Staples to ensure they have anywhere from 225 to 250 backpacks to give away.

“This year they’re raffling off an IPad. So people buy raffle tickets and proceeds go to the Salvation Army’s Back to School campaign.”

He says they also have their Yellow School Bus parked behind the checkout for donations of school supplies.

Sadly, Glasgow says the need for help seems to grow each year.

“It just seems like there’s a lot of need out there,” he says. “But we don’t judge. We don’t say you’re driving a nice car so you can’t come in and get school supplies. We help everybody that needs it.


And because you don’t judge, people can chose to spend school supply money on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, nice cars, family vacations, and then get you to bail them out.

I think you should judge. If I’m going to donate, I want the supplies to go to the family with a low income, or on social assistance. Not middle class people who plan poorly and have no shame to take what is meant for the truly needy.

    Just a few days ago, my missus and I watched a news story on CTV Vancouver about free backpacks and school supplies being given out. One woman who was there with her son getting some of the donated items was being interviewed. My missus commented about how the woman seems to be able to afford a really fancy and hip hairstyle and colourful dye job and also how she is able to afford numerous large tattoos and her smart phone, but she can’t afford school supplies for her son.

    In our “me, me’ me” society, she is just another example of screwed up priorities!

    Last year, I donated a notebook computer and some warm winter clothes. I took the items directly to a school and asked the school counsellor to see that the items, especially the notebook computer, be donated to someone in genuine need, someone who did not have a computer and not to someone who just wanted a newer and better one.

    I have no idea who ultimately ended up with new winter clothes or with a new notebook, but I was confident that the counsellor would ensure that someone truly in need would benefit!

I look at this Salvation Army School Supply Drive as a good thing, leave it to some to whine, complain, and chite on it.

How about voting for a government that will ensure public education is fully funded, and that child poverty gets significantly reduced? No? Carry on then.

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