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October 27, 2017 9:22 pm

Friday Free for All – Sept. 2nd, 2016

Friday, September 2, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

The last  long weekend of summer is upon us,  and the gears are in motion to  see students head back to class.

It is also time for the Friday Free For All,  where  you can speak up  on issues that struck a chord with  you over the past week.

Please keep your posts brief,  there is little  point in  writing a long  post  as  others will simply  scroll past it .

As always, obey the three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No bullying



Got to respect the Christy Clark Government’s dedication to it’s “Family First” Agenda.


Heard there was at least one other family enjoying this same situation. Thanks Christy.

Enjoy the “Labour Day” long weekend everyone! :-)

    My mother is 91. My father passed away 8 years ago. She is still living at home alone in Ottawa, taking care of herself with the help of friends, services for hire and enough money to afford it all.

    The people in the story obviously do not have that house/condo and money.

    It is cheaper for the government if people can live at home for as long as they can. They provide care service at home for those who do not need 24 hour care.

    In order to provide a space at extended care facilities for both singles and especially couples to be together virtually at a moment’s notice, say within a month, the facilities which are now overbooked to the extent that not a single bed is available would have to be expanded so that there are always spare beds available. In other words, “capacity” actually includes a 5 to 10% spare bed component, the same as most hospitals.

    The current system, no matter where you go in Canada or even in the USA, has been operating to a standard of using the full capacity for many decades, if not forever. My parents made arrangements some 30 years ago to be on a wait list. However, they never used it. All that meant is that they would probably have access on about 6 months notice if they decided they needed it.

    What are you doing to prevent this from happening to you, other than to blame the government?

    This situation has not changed, no matter who was in government and in which province over the last 40 years. Someone would have to do a series of one-time ingestions of major funds to change the situation.

    Here is a report from Alberta, you know, that province with all the oil money that should have known better of how to spend it when they had it!!!! Now they are broke…..


      Good write up gopg

      My dad was on the fast track for a bed at Simon Fraser as he was taking up much needed bed space at the hospital (he had Alzhiemers) the problem was that there was a 2 year fast track waiting list to get in fortunately he died from Complication of his disease that year both a blessing and a curse. This was back in 2006 and guess what things still haven’t changed much in the intervening 10 years there is still A very long waiting list to get into any of the care facilities in town and demand for bed space is not slowing down at all still is a 2 year wait to get into Simon Fraser or the Gateway

      Dearth my mother in law got in to Simon Fraser with only a 4 month wait, she was in a partial care at Rainbow but needed full care after a few falls so they moved her to the hospital for 2 months after she absolutely couldn’t stay at rainbow any longer while waiting. We have stairs so couldn’t bring her to our home although she did live here for 3 years prior to Rainbow. Her friends from rainbow take the bus over to visit her from time to time which is nice.

    You seem to spend a lot of time complaining and blaming government.

    Do you do anything at all to try to change some of the things that you may be affective at making change? Or maybe you are unable to.

      I asked JGalt the other day, when he was on one of his typical rants against the BC government, to come up with some constructive criticism! In other words, what are his suggestions on how it can be done better according to him! Some realistic and doable solutions! I say realistic, within present budget and other restrains! It is easy to condemn, but when somebody despises everything and everybody that does not fit into one’s political ideology – after a while it looks like one useless tirade after another.

      I shared a news story, a news story that when viral in a number of countries through out the world… that is hardly a rant! Perhaps what you have noticed is that my taste in news stories is rather selective?

      Read all your other post and your constructive criticisms – if you can find any!

    I just read the Alberta link I provided.

    This is a very poignant statement from it: “Helping a relative move into a nursing home is one of the most painful of life’s experiences. If you are the spouse, you are grieving the loss of a once-vibrant partner, and the comfort and support they gave you, and at the same time, you are coping with the prospect of a lonely future.

    I think that is the US and Canadian experience and fact of life even in those cultures that take care of parents in their own homes or homes of their children. It used to be a family responsibility more than a government responsibility, the same as the responsibility of raising pre-school aged children.

    We no longer seem to be able to take care of our youngest and our oldest in the family or no longer want to.

    The irony is that the more we ask the state to do, the more we have to work to pay the taxes which pay the state to take care of what used to be the family’s responsibility.

    Sad story yes but care homes are not set up for couples. Note they are awaiting a bed to come available to move him so yes it is families first, you cannot expect them to evict someone so he can get a bed in the same home. All homes are different and people place their family in a home they are comfortable with so you can’t force someone to move to a home they did not chose (maybe for good reason) just because you have a sob story. There are waiting lists for these homes which are first come first serve but the line is bumped occasionally based on urgent need. Looks like they have bumped the line to provide the family with the request, happy ending.

    Oops forgot to mention that there are differing levels of care from home to home so sometimes certain homes are the only option next to a suite at your local hospital with 3 other people in the same boat so moving people usually isn’t an option. You have to have a little understanding of what you are dealing with and obviously the family in the article had different expectations than the system they were getting in to.

    Your comment is BS.

    She is nothing but BS.

Everyone still gets a score of 0.

Shows us that this site is a politically correct site, putting everyone on an even platform. ;-)

    I agree 0 is worth 0

Just read on another news site that if you are injured removing your bicycle from the back of your truck you are covered by ICBC. The person who broke their back while reversing their ATV from their pickup just won a court case to be covered for benefits. Opens up a whole new world of insurance claims for ICBC.

    I reads the reasoning of the court.

    Based on that, since the truck is a tool designed to carry goods in the box, any injury sustained as a result of putting goods into the truck or removing them generates a valid claim against the insurance.

    I do not own a pick up truck, but would never have thought that one could claim for an injury caused by such an incident.

    The same should then hold for an injury sustained when lifting something out of the trunk of a passenger car, falling while stepping off a high entry crew cab, etc.

    It actually held for an ICBC insured driver injured when shot while in a vehicle in the USA. Sounds like the reasoning was that if he had not been in the truck he would not have been shot. The truck was an indirect instrument which resulted in him being shot.

    Just another thing ICBC will make difficult for people to claim., I’ll bet

    Get ready for higher insurance premiums..The courts in this country have basically removed any sort of personal responsibility out of anything..

    I’m not saying that people should not be compensated for injuries but in this case the root cause was not the truck.

Must be The GoPG page today

The incompetence of Telus has hit new heights. 3 months ago we received a bill for a service we do not have. Phoned Telus, which in itself is a challenge to get to talk with a human, and was assured the situation would be corrected.
Fast forward to month 2. Now a bill is received for the same non-existent service indicating 1 month past due and a bill for month 2. One more call to Telus. Once more assured the billing would be corrected.
Along comes month 3 and Telus has now credited the money owing for the past 2 months for the service we do not have but now have instituted a late interest charge on the amount of money Telus credited. Back on the phone to Telus and go through the dog and pony show once more. Assured now the late fees will be credited and month 4 will show a balance of zero.
Patiently awaiting the month 4 bill from Telus.

    My bill has gone up over $30.00 in the last year with Telus. I tried to call them yesterday to discuss but the wait was over an hour. Talk about service. Then they have the nerve to send me an E Mail note on how much they value me as a customer. Shaw may be the answer, I’ll be checking them out.

    That kind of nonsense is why I dumped Telus years ago. They keep calling, wanting me back, insisting everything is perfect now. Looks like they’re lying to me.

    they keep telling me my account it about to expire and I have over $400 in credits.
    So they lie a lot to customers.
    Then when you phone and complain , and once you get the mess sorted out, they send you a snotty little text telling you if you don’t like the way things are you can contact the CRTC, knowing full well CRCT can’t do anything about the problem,

    It is sort of like having TELUS give you the middle finger.

Note to “Resident”

Switch to Shaw now. Their customer service is excellent, no call waiting, as they call YOU back! And they speak English! Any problems I’ve ever had are fixed immediately. Their technicians are great too. None of the companies are ever perfect.

    Shaw’s call center is actually in Canada, Canadian jobs.

    I quit calling Shaw about 3 years ago. The best way to get a hold of Shaw is to go on their website and chat. They pick your chat request up n about 30 seconds max. If you can type half decent, you can get stuff taken care of on their chat system.

      There are still seniors and others that are not on computers! The phone is their only option; going to the local office isn’t a help!

DOGS! Is it so friggin hard to keep your dog from barking at all hours during the day? If you can’t control your animals then you simply shouldn’t own one.

The people on Rochester Cresent in College Heights are particularly bad at it. Man its bad up here….

And what is with neighbours who figure it’s OK to make all sorts of noise at night? It just seems like people lack common sense and common courtesy these days.

    You must be a joy to live beside ….

      Right back at ya diazamo.

      We have idiots across from us with a dog that won’t shut up and it keeps me from sleeping when I need to.

      No one has the right to be ignorant. If you want a noisy dog, move out into the middle of 150 acres.

      Otherwise, realize we live in a civilized society in an urban area with nothing but two panes of glass keeping your noise out of our head space.

      Right back at you as well … if you can’t tolerate other people not living as you see fit …. Move out to the middle of 150 acres

      I think we’re all right. We try to be respectful of our neighbours and not let our dogs bark excessively. We keep things quiet…especially when it’s late. But if you want me to drop by your place at one in the morning with my dogs and have a loud party…well that can be arranged I suppose…..

      You sound like you think that you should be allowed to do whatever you want regardless of what your neighbours think or how they feel.

      Nice…real nice….

      So if people are shift workers, or have sleep problems, or someone in the family is really sick and barely hanging on, or you have a family of workers like in my house… our desire to have a reasonable amount of sleep is somehow a bad thing and everyone should move except the recalcitrant dog owner?

      Diazamo people like you are why we need babysitters like bylaw enforcement officers… god bless them.

      diazamo… it’s not about whether other people tolerate how you live. That’s 100% up to you. The issue is the willful disregard that other people do in fact live around the person in question, and that this person’s dog is producing excessive noise.

      It’s called being a “good neighbour” to control these things. You might recognize it as common courtesy.

      That must make you a nightmare to live beside?

    I live by the motto “good fences make good neighbors” unless what someone’s doing is illegal … zip your lip

      Nope. I refuse to zip my lip as you so elequently put it. People have to realise that letting your dogs bark incessantly for all hours during the day will simply not be tolerated. Your neighbours have a right to peace and quiet regardless of what you feel like you are entitled to do on your own property.

      Disturbing the peace is illegal….even in Prince George.

      Illegal as in breaking the cities noise bylaw diazamo? You should read it.

      ht tp://princegeorge.ca/cityservices/BylawServices/citybylaws/Bylaw%20Documents/bylaw3848.pdf

    We’re on five acres in the RD. Dogs next door continuously yap, not bark, they’re yappers. One runs around in circles chasing it’s tail yapping non stop. The other mutt which is new to the family just yaps. They both chase bicycles, mothers walking with their kids, cars and motorcycles down the road, one of them has has almost caused me to crash twice getting under my foot pegs. Approach the owners, they just laugh. Usually they let them out, slam the door and let them do their thing. When they are outside they just shout at them to stop. Those are the people who should not be permitted to own dogs.

I see the city is rushing right along with the painting of the bike lanes.
Right in time for winter.
I am actually glad to see them as now I have a place to walk without worrying about being run over by a bicycle.
I also noticed on 5th ave that there are signs saying 8th avenue is a bike route and there are no markings but instead the markings are on 10th avenue. I guess they can inconvenience more people that way.

    When I was in grade 2 I knew enough to ride on the right of the road. The city must think bikers are really dumb.

      Us too! It was also drilled into our heads that we must always be very aware for our own safety, no one else is going to watch out for us.

      So, when I give someone a friendly cautionary toot on the horn, I sort of expect them to at least look at what is coming. Most of the time they just ignore it, so I give another little toot. If that one doesn’t work, I give them a real blast, just to let them know I have a wide load aiming right for their head.
      Even then it is often ignored. Can’t believe it!

      I guess people are right when they say you can’t fix STUPID!

      my complaint is more direct at the city “BRAINS?????) than the bikers, though some bikers need some serious training as to the correct way to cycle.
      I manage to ride on a main highway for many years without incident.

      Whatever happened to people sharing the road? Did that go out about the same time as when people started feeling entitled to everything without giving back anything? I am not just refering to bikers but also motorists

      Believe me, the riders are

      The fatal accident on 15th was biking on the left of the road. Sometimes you may think it is just a quick thing so you don’t have to follow the rules unfortunately with dire consequences sometimes. The high white fence and tree do not allow you to see traffic coming until you are too close to react.

    next election remember the council that voted for no parking in bike lanes.

    And here I was last Sunday, going to Willer River to the farmers market, come over the crest of the hill doing 110, here’s a lady on a bicycle with a kiddle trailer, in the bike lane, and here’s a guy on a bicycle on the traveled portion of the highway, next to her, also with a kiddie trailer. Did he move? Nope, stayed on the highway. Had I been in a semi, with one coming the other way, well, suffice it to say that was a heartstopper.

Just encountered one of our resident stupid drivers who almost took out a person who was on a road crew doing their job the woman driver swung around the flagging vehicle after being given th go ahead then promptly swung back into the lane and a road worker had to jump out of her way. She then stopped after being yelled at I stopp c safely out of the way and asked if anyone needed any help turns out the woman instead of paying attention to road was busy applying makeup and curling her hair.

Intelligence apparently does not run long in her bloodline

Please pay attention out there

    Love it!—NOT!! Attention when you’re driving–what’s that???

Want to see where a chunk of your tax money is wasted,

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-canada-is-back-and-the-liberals-have-the-pictures-to-prove-it

Wonder how many up in UNBC go on these exclusive junkets.

I hear you Mercenary

I just spent 20 years making my home perfect and recently had 3 neighbours sell to idiots.I won’t even mow my lawn during barbeque time for my neighbours sake, but nobody gets it anymore.They don’t even say thanks when you plow their snow. It started with me calling the city 5 times in the last month over the same dog crappin on my deck and barking steady. The owners party in their yard all hours so that is the mentality. Other neighbour sets up a comedian on a stage with a microphone and big speakers several times all summer, I could go on. I live in an “executive” expensive area with large properties. Wednesday last week I snapped, Friday morning bought a house in the regional district!

Early history of Fort George Village.  In1806 Simon Fraser stopped at an uninhabited island at the confluence of the Nechako and Fraser rivers.  He chose the site because no one lived there.  He returned two years later and built Fort George.  In 1811 D . W . Harmon planted a garden at Ft St James.  The next year he came to Ft  George and started a garden there.  Some time later the North West Fir Co. built log houses north of Fort George.  When trappers from Fraser Lake came to Fort George they could use these houses while they worked for the North West Fir Co.  Later these nomadic trappers stayed for longer periods of time.  The land and houses of Fort George Village remained the property of the fir co. until 1892 when the Indian Affairs Department took over owner ship.

    You mean “fur”….right ?

      good catch

    You forgot the Northwest Fur Trading Company was bought out by the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC)in 1821.

Pictures and video of SpaceX rocket blowing up on the launch pad. That’s gotta be a major setback.

ht tps://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1710969/elon-musk-explosions-heard-at-cape-canaveral-space-centre-during-test-firing-of-spacex-rocket/

    Set back for the Israelis losing their satellite . Funny how the AMOS6 is being framed in the msm . Conspiracy fuel for the tinfoil hat set for sure .

      Setback for all involved, especially SpaceX. I wonder who pays for that.

      Wonder no more ! Flight insurance . Likely one of warren buffets companies . He the main insurance reinsurance provider . That’s how he hedges against climate change , by playing both sides of the game .

      The satellite was backed by a policy worth almost $300 million, said the person, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly. SpaceX declined to comment.

      Shares of Tel Aviv-based Space Communications fell the most since November amid a proposed deal to be acquired by a Chinese conglomerate. A successful launch of Amos 6 was a condition of the $285 million sale to a unit of Beijing Xinwei Group, according to an August 24 filing. The insurance policy for Space Communication may not have triggered because it would have required a true launch, rather than a pre-launch, said Peter Elson, chief operating officer for the aerospace team at insurance broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group.

      “In terms of the shareholders, they lose out because any damage done to the satellites means a loss of customers,” said Meir Slater, head of research at Bank of Jerusalem. Space Communication didn’t immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

    Was that a rocket or a powerwall that blew up.

If you have a bike rack at the back of your vehicle and the bicycles block (even partially) the lights and you get rear ended you will likely be found at fault.

Anyone notice the new bicycle lane icons being painted smack in the middle of the right lane of Massey Drive on the way up from Masich to McDonald’s?

So, does that mean it’s going to be one lane for vehicle traffic and the right lane is “mixed-use” so the bikes get to meander up the middle of that lane?

Another peeve – did anyone notice on Ospika the geniuses painting the bicycle icons in some places painted a new one within inches of an old ( still highly visible ) one so now there are two in some places right above one another like you’re seeing double?

Why didn’t they put the stencil over the old one and just refresh it?

    why are they doing it no,w just before snow fall? Wouldn’t spring be more prudent?

      Because school is just about to start , city councillors love our children and want to try anything in order to protect them as best they can .

      Spot on comment Ataloss, and yours is not a whining complaining comment like the others on this subject.

      They don’t love our children during the spring and summer?

      No, they gotta do it now. If they didn’t they could be sued if anything happened. Due diligence, fiduciary duty and all that.

    Because their bosses forgot to tell them that they also get paid to think.

This morning they were painting turn arrow on Westwood Drive. You can turn left right into the fence of PG Golf. Very good thinking.

    Hahaha….you don’t really expect the highly paid dork or dorkette city employee overseeing the contract would get out of the office and have a look, do you ?

POSTAL WORKERS — Please RETURN Blue Elastic Bands to your Work Place.
This way you can save Money and not LITTER the city, the street and my Driveway/Yard with your discarded Bands.

Hit and Run is Against the Law.
LEAVE a Note (at least)

Anyone expecting a Hanjin shipping container from Rupert ? You’ll be waiting awhile as they went bankrupt on Wednesday. Global shipping in chaos. Their shipping container might be collectors items one day . They make great tool boxes .

South Korean Hanjin went into receivership. Some arrangement with the creditors may get the container ship at anchor in Prince Rupert unloaded and the company going again.

Was that a powerwall or a rocket that blew up.

Switching gears, has anyone seen the two faces of Donald Trump? Presidential and statesman like over in Mexico with their president, hours later and back on American soil, hammers foreigners and illegal immigrants (most of whom are Mexican).

ht tp://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=942908

The Donald makes Harpercrite look like an amateur when it comes being two-faced and hypocritical. Those loonie right wing kooks down there are backing an unstable, sociopath, who should never be given the launch codes for one of the largest nuclear armament in the world.

Right wingers (Christian and Non-Christian alike) will be the death of us all, scary stuff!

    Did you know scary Hillary called black teen criminals super ppredators.

      Odd, I’ve never noticed Hillary stutters.

    This question is for “unlisted”!

    Do you have any comments regarding JGalt’s derogatory use of the words “loonie right wing kook”?

    How about “Harpercrite”?

    Or perhaps “Sociopath”??

    In light of such wonderful comments, I’d like to add that loonie left wing kooks are finally getting the recognition they deserve. From the New York Post (June 09, 20167):

    “Science say liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic”

    ht tp://nypost.com/2016/06/09/science-says-liberal-beliefs-are-linked-to-pyschotic-traits/

Congratulations to the last country on the pacific ring of fire to enter the geothermal age (about fifty thousand years ). Valmont is becoming a leader in a land of laggards . Hip , hip , hooray . The jokes just write themselves .

    You forgot your meds again.

      Valemount Leads Geothermal Way

      July 21, 2016 | Rocky Mountain News Goat | Evan Matthews

      Valemount is an ideal candidate for direct-use geothermal energy, according to a report released by Geoscience B.C. last week, as it suggests the Village of Valemount is at an advanced stage in planning for direct-use geothermal heat.

      Geoscience B.C. is a non-profit organization that receives funding from the provincial government, and its mandate it to attract mineral, oil and gas investment to B.C., its website reads.

      The report states, “Very few communities in B.C. have considered direct-use geothermal energy,” but Valemount is an exception.

      “Valemount is one of the most progressive communities when it comes to geothermal… It is the poster child,” says Carlos Salas, vice president of energy for Geoscience B.C.

      “I’m hoping other communities look (here) for advice on how to move forward,” he says.

      The study shows 63 “stand-out” communities with geothermal potential —Valemount sits atop that list, as the report states many times — but Salas says a community doesn’t need ideal geothermal conditions to make use of it.

      Surrey, B.C., powers its city hall and the adjacent buildings with direct-use geothermal energy in spite being located in a sub-optimum geothermal area, Salas says.

      “I mean this in the nicest way possible,” says Salas. “If Surrey can do it, anywhere in B.C. can do it.”

      Geothermal shouldn’t be categorically dismissed regardless of area, Salas says, as it has its applications — especially in Valemount — an optimum geothermal area.

      Valemount has outlined using direct-use geothermal as an effective way of cutting greenhouse emissions, the report says, and the Village of Valemount has expressed interest in doing pilot projects.

      Some of the direct-use applications Valemount has been exploring — aside from heating residential and commercial spaces — include mushroom drying, use of forest products and operation of greenhouses, according to the report.

      “Valemount is working along a great path… and probably as close as any community to obtaining geothermal energy,” says Salas. “Borealis is an expert in the field.”

      One of the more prominent projects being proposed in Valemount is the geothermal industrial park, and is in the planning stages with Borealis Geopower, Valemount Community Forest (VCF), the Valemount Geothermal Society (VGS), the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George and the Village of Valemount.

      The role of each aforementioned organization in the proposed industrial park remain is uncertain.

      “We know Valemount is an ideal geothermal location,” says Alison Thompson, a Principal with Borealis. “It’s about everyone coming and working together for a shared idea.”

      Borealis Geopower is an energy developer, a company working toward enabling geothermal power and heat production as a major player in the Canadian energy market, according to its website.

      Korie Marshall, president of the VGS, says she agrees with Thompson, and the players all need to come together.

      “VCF, the village nor the people who live here have the capacity, knowledge or skills to do what Borealis can do,” says Marshall. “They’ve been researching the heat… and mapping it out.”

      Ataloss you don’t seem to understand geothermal. Requires vast quantities, of water, the output contains large quantities of highly corrosive salts, heavy metals and oh my fracking is required.

      Here is how the renewables industry works, It is the usual ‘alterrnative’ energy story — shuffle along for a while on government handouts and investments from gullible punters, go broke, find a sympathetic ear in the media, drum up some more support and start all over again. Now I buy shares in oil and gas companies.

      NOTHING is dirtier than hot, chemically-polluted, heavy metal-saturated water directly vented from hot, highly pressurized ground water extracted from the metal-bearing, contaminated salts and magma tens of thousands below ground.

      Elementary thermodynamic steam power plant calculations show that the most efficient process require the highest possible source temperature at the highest possible pressure condensing into the lowest possible exhaust temperature at the l;owest possible pressure.

      Here, he believes taking modestly hot, highly-contaminated low-pressure water filled with salts and corrosives and heavy-metal poisens and venting THAT into the atmosphere will generate power over the long term? What will “refill” the underwater reservoirs touching the hot rocks below? What will “reheat
      those formerly hot rocks when their heat is extracted in large quantities? Conduction below in rock is a slooooooooooow process – when the first plants’ underwater sources are cool, where does he drill to get hotter water rocks? When does he go back to the first bore holes (now blocked!) to restart them generating power later? How does he justify drilling the three dozen boreholes to get only 4 active holes?

      Later, he talks about re-pressurizing the water and re-injecting it. Yes – that part of the process is needed – if only because there isn’t enough ground water to use in all parts of the known US and Canada and Australia. Where does THAT money and energy to re-pressurize the water come from? If you imagine hot ground water coming up then heating a (clean, pure water) secondary system which runs a steam cycle which is cooled by a third water system to cool and condense the secondary system which is cooled by a fourth (water or air?) system to cool the cooling system …. Then you have to re-inject the not-so-hot-anymore primary water system back to higher-than-original-ground water pressure to get it to go back back below tens of thousands of feet below ground.

      But your inefficiencies below kill the process. Water injected below in a return well into a fractured hot water rock reservoir won’t all recycle into the the sucking well to go back up. He estimates that only 5 to 25% of available oil or water below ground is retrieved via fracking now. Doesn’t this imply I need to inject 100 gallons of water from the surface to be able to pull back up 20 gallons from the reservoir underground? How long do I wait (injecting surface water underground) to establish that ideal re-cycling underground water loop he expected/requires? 5 years? 10 years? Forever?

      Yes – I’d like to read the simplified source “model” this “scientist” wrote to claim 2900 times the US energy can come from underground hot rocks.

      The whole scheme is a deliberately written DOE funding source. For the writers and “scientists” getting THEIR money from THEIR politicians.

      yes I use cut and paste, why waste time rewriting

      If Iceland had easy access to cheap energy they would not be using geothermal, it is not free.

I was driving down the bypass today and was stopped at every traffic light. I looked down at the curbs and thought to myself how much did we taxpayers spend having YRB sweeping up this past spring? With all the gravel and smoke butts pilled up everywhere you’d never know it was even done. What a frikken pig stye this city is.

    I’m ataloss as to why you are dumbfounded .

There was a Grandview truck with a blown steer tire blocking half the east bound lane out near Isle Pierre today. Apparently it had been there all night. No flares set out, just 4 way flashers and nobody around. That’s a real safe way to leave your equipment. What is wrong with you people?

Justin has been in China for 4 days now and apparently he has basically shut out the Canadian media who have spent thousands to accompany him on the trip. So far, Justin has only taken one (1) question from the Canadian media.

Remember how the mainstream media was in an uproar when they considered the former PM, Stephen Harper to be shutting them out!


So, why is the mainstream media so quiet about Justin shutting them out considering how vocal they were when they thought Harper was doing the same thing?

    Because our dear leader is the chosen one. Our liberal left media just swoon at his sight. All the female and some male media have his shirtless picture tucked away in their phones.

    Umm… because the Chinese Government constantly monitors news feeds through-out the world. While in China, as a guest, don’t you think it would be prudent for the Prime Minister to limit messages to the media? After all, who knows how many Pro-Conservative Postmedia reporters are there eager spin anything Justin says into something divisive and negative against China, or our relationship with them.


Urbane legends and how it applies to the climate change scam.

Hey folks up in UNBC should read this

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/09/02/urbane-legends/

@ Hart Guy; Umm… because the Chinese Government constantly monitors news feeds through-out the world. While in China, as a guest, don’t you think it would be prudent for the Prime Minister to limit messages to the media? After all, who knows how many Pro-Conservative Postmedia reporters are there eager spin anything Justin says into something divisive and negative against China, or our relationship with them.


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