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October 27, 2017 9:22 pm

August Was ‘Typical’ says Env. Canada

Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ 11:13 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It’s been cold and it’s been wet in Prince George  over the past week,  but Environment Canada Meteorologist Ross Macdonald says  all in all,  it was a typical August weather-wise.

“On average we see about  51 millimetres of rain at Prince George Airport ( in August) and this month we got about 43 millimetres so it was actually  a little below normal.  We did  finish August  with several rainy days,   we had a nice stretch of weather in the middle of August, but   certainly the end of  August we’ve seen a return to wetter weather.”,

No records broken,  and Macdonald says  despite the recent cold  wet weather,  August 2016 ‘s  average daily temperature was actually  a little  higher than  the  usual “In terms of numbers it was a little bit  warmer than normal.  With our daytime highs and daytime lows averaged out ,  typically  we see an average of about 15 degrees  this time we saw the average  temperature  at 16.2 so it was a little bit warmer than normal.”  He says  looking back at weather records  since  the 1940’s this would be the 7th warmest August in Prince George.

The cold wet  rainy pattern is going to be   with us for a while says Macdonald  “This puts  a bit of a damper into  our meteorological fall,  we certainly are  into a very unsettled patter with showers and thunderstorms throughout  today and  to end the work week  and into the weekend as well.  It looks like we’ll start the long weekend  with some showers,  daytime highs getting up to 15 or 16 degrees  and overnight lows in the 5 to 7 degree range.   Maybe for the back half of the weekend we start to reduce that chance of showers to about 30%, but  we’re into this kind of fall, unsettled pattern and  we may have said goodbye to summer, hopefully we’ll get another (summer) blast  in the middle of September, but at least for the short term we certainly have said goodbye to it for now.”

As for the  first  day back to school, Macdonald says  the unsettled patter will continue “I would probably  expect  at least for Tuesday and Wednesday the first day of school, there will be some showers around at some point, more of the same of what we’re going to see over the weekend.”  He says while there may be some sunny breaks,  “Definitely prepare for some showers  for the first day of school.”


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