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October 27, 2017 9:22 pm

Gas Prices Up

Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ 12:15 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  Gas prices in Prince George have  inched up over the past week,  climbing from a 98.9 cent a litre mark  to  this morning’s 103.9.

pavingatcostcoCostco in Prince George  continues to offer the lowest price in the city (103.9) with most others  having a price of 107.9.

In fact, the Costco in Prince George is the cheapest  price in all of BC right now.

Those who  use diesel  may soon see some relief at the pumps as the  diesel tanks at Costco are  expected to be online very shortly, possibly as early as  tomorrow.



Shocking… that’s never happened on a long weekend before.

Maybe one of the refineries had to shut down for a day to take inventory creating a shortage.

    There was probably a camel farting in the desert that caused it. Or maybe shareholders demand a higher return on their investments during times when they can take advantage of others.

Why is this story so late, the prices were up over $1.11 per litre a week ago and they have now dropped DOWN to $1.07 and lower in town. So in reality they are going down as we get closer to the long weekend. A totally misleading title again.

    That is what I thought as well. Maybe the posters do not drive much.

      Don’t you mean they have no drive

    The gas companies are getting smarter. They raise prices a week or two before the long weekend so they can say that the holiday has nothing to do with the price increase……


Prices did not go up the last long weekend. Get rid of the carbon tax and prices could drop substantially.

But look how nice CC was to us. She did not raise the carbon tax before the next election.

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