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October 27, 2017 9:18 pm

Surprise at School Zone Speed Enforcement

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 @ 10:43 AM


Prince George, B.C. –  Officers with the North District RCMP  Regional Traffic Services Unit  full expected to  see some folks  going over the speed limit  in school zones today,  but  were  a little surprised  by what they  found.

With the radar pointed at a truck that was  approaching the  start of the school zone on the Old Cariboo Highway,  the radar indicated the vehicle was  travelling at 83 km/h,  that’s 13 km/h over the  posted  limit of 70 km/h.  As the vehicle entered the school zone,  the radar indicated  the speed was  down to  about 80.

It was a case where the  vehicle could be  towed  and impounded  because of  excessive speed ( going 40 km/hour or more above the limit).

The suspect vehicle   slowed  to enter the parking lot of  Pineview Elementary,  and  Police   approached the vehicle to  get  the information from the driver.

Moments later,  it was determined the vehicle  had been stolen,  and  the driver was  taken into custody.

Charges  are expected.


The driver should be commended for teaching the young-un a valuable lesson- if you are driving your kids to school in a stolen vehicle don’t exceed the speed limit on the first full day of school because the police might be watching. Wonder if that apple will fall far from the tree.

Catch and release- next.

    Where, in this report, is the young’un?

brain dead skunk

Now this is a perfect example of why photo radar is useless and simply a revenue generating machine.

A Victoria-area cyclist was apparently not pleased about getting a ticket for allegedly flying through a school zone on Wednesday morning, but police say the law applies to everyone on wheels.

The cyclist was caught in one of six speed traps set up by Saanich Police this morning.

Police initially put out a warning to drivers to watch out for pedestrians and cyclists, but less than 30 minutes later they extended the warning to cyclists to watch their speed too, after nabbing the free-wheeler.

Police did not say how much the cyclist was fined, but speeding in a school zone can cost as much as $483.

Bet that bicycle rider thought he was entitled.

    Ok your point has been made. Now for that one cyclist how many vehicles were caught? 10, 20? More? Yes, bicycles are vehicles under BC law & should be subject to the same speed violations as motor vehicles are. We could go back & forth all day on how motorists & cyclist abuse our traffic laws, but at the end of the day shouldn’t it be about safety & better educated users?

Rats. And here I thought the surprise was – nobody was speeding. Too much to hope for. Maybe we need more education programs. After all, this school zone – it’s a new thing right?

I have witnessed many trucks speed through the school zone on Old Cariboo Hwy. After the trucks the next worst speeders our parents that drop or pick up the kids there. Hard to believe but true.

    No, it’s not hard to believe. Sadly & ironically the upsurge in parents who drive their kids to school because of their own safety concerns, put other children at risk. We used to live on a street in Foothills that had 3 speed zones on it, park, school zone & park, yet the sheer number of speeding vehicles was horrifying, that included city busses. The other area is Peden Hill/John McGinnis, numerous times I’ve been tailgated by irate Costco shoppers on both Westwood & Range.

You know the guy with the stolen truck won’t spend one day in jail because he will barter useless drug trade info for leniency.

The truck was going 10 km/h over the limit.
Where was it a case the truck could be towed for going over 40 km/h over limit ?
Please Proof Read your writings.

Sorry — Story did not say speed limits were 30km/h in school zones.

If all of us stopped speeding (I mean everyone) what would the police do to do fill the money bag? A new tax would be created. In my opinion a school zone is an oxymoron. The majority of the people are not so dumb that they can not see a child in the middle of the road. Jr.and Sr. high schools contain no children that are unaware of traffic on a roadway. Kids don’t walk to school any more — they ride. Kids don’t raid gardens any more — they go to McDonalds, do drugs and play with phones. Go look at any elementary school and you will see every type of vehicle in the world dropping off kids. You cannot possibly speed when everyone is getting to school. That’s why the tickets are given when there are no kids on the road. In Provinces that are realistic school zones are not in effect during school hours. We can’t expect sanity from any BC government to date. We even have a grandfathered school zone on 20th in front of an old age care facility. Does this city know the difference?

Those school signs on 20th ave in front of gateway have been there forever. Kids would cross the field and cross 20th to get home on the other side subdivision. Slow down in the zones , real simple.

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