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October 27, 2017 9:14 pm

Four Alternate Approval Processes to Be Considered by Council

Monday, September 12, 2016 @ 5:53 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Council will be  asked to approve four alternate  approval processes  tonight,  if  it wants to  borrow money  for  four  different projects.

Elector support is needed because  the borrowing terms  are longer than 5 years.


Project Length of Loan Amount of Loan Annual Debt Servicing Cost
Mobile equipment replacement Max 10  years $4,570,279.00 $504,633.00 (General Op. Fund

2nd Ave Parkade Upgrade


20 years




$179,348.00 (from Off Street Parking fund)


Plaza Parkade


20 years




$  77,004.00 (from Off Street Parking fund)


Kin 3 Arena Floor Replacement


20 years




$ 69,106.00 (General Op. Fund)


If  Council approves using the Alternate Approval Process,  it would start  on September 15,   with the deadline  for electors to  register their opposition  being  5 p.m.  October 26th.

The process requires  10% of the electorate to  state their opposition to  a borrowing bylaw  in order to prevent the City from  moving ahead.   That means 5,075  eligible voters would have to  submit  a form stating they oppose  the borrowing.

Forms will be made available at City Hall as of September 15  and  through  the City’s website.



Whether the costs are appropriate or not, I think by going the alternate approval process for any expenditure shows a complete disdain for democracy by all that use this flawed piece of enabling legislation.

I think all four cases here should never even be an issue of borrowing to pay for. These are basic budgetary issues that should be felt with through responsible allocations of contingency funding for what are obviouse future costs.

Because the city hall has no one that can present a responsible budget we the tax payers will be on the hook for an extra million and a half in extra interest costs for these expenditures alone… Rather than being up a million in interest earned on the contingency funds.

They put us in effect down a net present value of $2.5million on $9.5 million in expenditures because they can’t do their job IMO.

    Also I assume they are pricing out the borrowing costs at today’s interest rate, but in the real world interest rates are going up from this historic low and how high is anyone’s guess.

    No one will finance them at today’s interest rates over twenty years. Expect the rosy interest cost projections to be way off. They will all be gone by then, so who cares right….

More money for the rinks. Didn’t we just spend 15 million on Kin 1? How about spending some money on the other sport venues in this town?

What our elected officials want to pawn off their duties back to the public. Did we not elect them to make the decision for us, for the best interest of the public. I don’t ask for much, ” shut up and do your job “

“…it would start on September 15, with the deadline for electors to register their opposition being 5 p.m. October 26th.”

That should probably read 5.p.m. September 26th. :-)

Last time they had one of these they made sure you couldn’t do it on line.
So expect you will have to go downtown and hopefully not get ticketed while doing so.
Council loves these they know people tend not to go to city hall to make their opinions know so they can get these things passed easily… we are to lazy, myself included.

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