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October 27, 2017 9:09 pm

Car Hits Moose Near Tabor Ski Hill – Update

Saturday, September 17, 2016 @ 9:29 AM
Windshield and roof were heavily damaged by impact with a moose Saturday morning. Photos 250News

Windshield and roof were heavily damaged by impact with a moose Saturday morning. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Highway 16 east near Tabor Mountain was the scene of a collision between a vehicle and a moose this morning.

Officials say it was very fortunate that nobody was seriously hurt when an S-U-V hit the moose on the highway, just east of the Tabor Mountain Ski Hill, at about 8:45 this morning.  As is apparent in the photo above, the moose hit the windshield of the vehicle, pushing it into the passenger compartment.


Officials caution that wildlife will be on the move foraging at this time of year and urge motorists to be prepared for an animal suddenly darting out of the bush onto area roadway.


Correction:  The collision occurred at approximately 7:45 am Saturday and not at 8:45 am.


They should word this the moose hit the car, I guess meanly for insurance purposes. Glad everyone is ok.They should take that moose, cut it up into steaks and hamburger and feed it to the homeless. Has anyone thought about stuff like this. I wonder what they do for roadkill.

    Excellent idea about using the meat to feed the homeless, although I am sure someone will quote some health act or regulation which prevents this kind of charity.

    Reminds me of a buffet lunch that was served at a major hotel conference center in Vancouver. They served some very good food and there was a lot of leftovers, so as the facilitator of the 2 day strategic planning workshop, and as the person who booked and paid for those facilities and catering, I asked if the left overs could be sent to a local homeless shelter… guess what their response was? Yup all that good delicious food went straight into the garbage.

    But this was the first day of a 2 day workshop, so I bought a bunch of styrofoam take- out containers, filled them up with buffet lunch leftovers the next day, drove to the down town eastside at the end of the day and passed then out to everyone that looked like they needed them.

      I suggest that happens on very rare occasions. I know of quite a few business folks in Van that send their leftovers to the DTES on a regular basis.Same as stores and restaurants.

      Actually CO’s regularly bring usable roadkill into the local meat shops, it then gets ground into burger and packaged in 1 lb packages and goes to St vincent and Salvation Army to be handed out in food banks.

    Road kill moose and dear have been used in the past. Volunteers would go out and retrieve. Not sure if that program is still in effect.

    The COS has been doing this for years. There is a list of folks they call when they have road kill, and it is used by those on pensions, or those less fortunate since the 70’s at least.
    If it’s too banged up, it will be given to trappers for use.

Is that a Northern Health I.D. number on that car?

buzz: Yes for insurance purposes but I’ll bet you the moose was there first, so………

I was concerned that the moose may have survived but thankfully we have the picture of it so I don’t have to wonder

I worked at Rogers meats years back and the conservation officers would bring in poached animals. We would cut and wrap it for the local shelters

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