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October 27, 2017 9:07 pm

UNBC Students to Sell Christmas Trees

Monday, September 19, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

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Prince George, B.C. – Forestry students at the University of Northern British Columbia have branched out into a unique business venture – they’re launching their very own Christmas Tree farm.

The 3.4 hectares of land where the growing will take place is located next to the university as you come up from Foothills Boulevard.

About 3,000 stems per hectare will be planted on that land with apartment and dormitory size trees expected to be ready by 2023. Full size trees are expected to be ready by 2026.

Once the trees are sold, the profits will produce income for the Forestry Club to sponsor scholarships, charities, and donations of Christmas trees.

“As most of you know, not only are we Canada’s green university but one of our hallmark signature features is experiential learning,” said UNBC president Dr. Daniel Weeks.

“So many of our students tell me that one off the things that brings them to UNBC was the opportunity to work so closely with our professors on projects right here in the field and here we are just a stones thrown from campus, right out in the field.”

The remaining 14 hectares of land not being used for Christmas trees will be used for agroforestry values such as berry picking, birch sap, mushroom picking and research opportunities.


How exactly does one justify this as a “green” venture? Wouldn’t the green approach be to get yourself an artificial tree and stop cutting down carbon sequestering trees?

So, they’re going to use public lands, and free labour to eventually compete with other legitimate tree farm businesses? What exactly is this supposed to teach forestry students, how to culture Christmas trees? What about the biodiversity you’re going to crowd out by doing this?

What a joke.

    I think what the joke is, is supposed carbon sequestering, when trees, only sequester very little carbon and produce very little oxygen.
    Algae in the oceans take care of the rest of it.
    And yes, they are going to use university land and their own labour to be able to give to scholarships, charities and donate Christmas trees.
    All worthwhile projects.

I don’t know if I’m willing to wait till 2023!!! I will have forgotten by then.

There were a few other projects over the years that got some airtime, however they have all disappeared. I expect this one will to.

And the 250 curmudgeons come through again, always ready to poo poo any story – especially if it is about UNBC.
Such sad, sorry little lives.

interceptor. Are you suggesting that we should ignore any of the foolish stuff that takes place at UNBC and only dwell on the so called **Great Stuff**.

Seems you want us to agree with all your hyperbole, while ignoring the facts. Not exactly what you would expect from a supporter of the University.

Growing and selling Christmas tree’s is not exactly a new type of business, nor does it require much work. People have been buying trees and getting their own trees for roughly about 100 years in this area.

Have a nice day.

When I was in Forestry at University, Christmas Tree sales were our top fund raising venture. That was a long time ago though.

These kids are in for a shock if working next to the school is considered “…out in the field.”

Nice change from burning things . Joining the virtuos circle is the way to go . 2023 is not that far away .

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