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October 27, 2017 9:07 pm

Drug Bust on Pine Street

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 @ 11:46 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A 39-year-old man is in police custody following a recent drug bust.rcmpflags2

Prince George RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says the detachment’s Street Crew Unit located and arrested the man for Possession of a Controlled Substance and Breaching Conditions of his Parole last Wednesday afternoon.

He says the arrest occurred on the 2000 block of Pine Street when the suspect, who was riding his bike, was attempting to flee from police.

Douglass says the man was arrested in possession of the following items:

  • 96 grams of meth
  • 5 grams of heroin
  • A large meth pipe
  • A significant amount of cash
  • Two scales
  • Four large knives
  • Other drug trafficking paraphernalia

He says the suspect’s parole has been suspended and he remains in custody. Controlled Drugs and Substances Act charges are being considered.

The suspect’s name has not been released.


This must be one of the “recreational” users JGalt is always referring to when he cries about the danger of fentanyl. Don’t worry JGalt your liberal justice system will have him back out on the street before Friday so you can still get your “recreation” on this weekend. Enjoy your dipper system!

    The list of items they were found in possession of, indicate that these individuals are drug traffickers associated with organized crime, these people are NOT recreational drug users, or the occasional buyer.

    These individuals will be charged with “drug trafficking” offences, where as recreational users only occasionally but and use drugs in much smaller amounts. In reading this news story those seem to be the facts, as I have presented them.

      only occasionally “buy” and use drugs…

      Are there “recreational dealers” out there who’s drugs don’t originate from organized crime?

Ryder… have you ever spent anytime in our courts? Sounds like you havent.. I have been going for a few years due to my sons dead beat dad and its mind boggling what the judges do or dont do… it has nothing to do with any political affiliation or whose in power… its just all judges used to be lawyers… nuff said there…

    I TOTALLY agree with you… That why when people represent themselves against a lawyer, they lose 99% of the time. Judges were lawyers before and they also play favoritism.. Screwed up system we have. Especially the with the Family law that’s in place now.. Written by lawyers so they could make more money

    Hear of any lawyers charging only hundred or hundred and half per hour ???

      If it’s a big case, and even if they are lowlife scum, they can have great lawyers. The big firms submit prices for council, at the expense of the tax payer.

Oh no, his parole has been suspended, such cruel and unusual punishment! Wait till Trudeau hears about this, heads will roll!!

P Val when I refer to “liberal justice system” I’m not referring to a political party but an ideal. There is no consequences for crime. Healing circles, probation, house arrest etc have taken the punishment out of crime. It is not the criminals fault it is societies is the prevailing attitude with dealing with these kinds of people. This character will be out in no time reaping havoc on society and the justice system is just a revolving door.

    Then the RCMP will have to arrest him for “failing to appear”…

      Can tell you are just some fat dork you go back to the pen soon as your parole has been revoked

too bad he didn’t ingest some Fentanyl. Oh well, can’t win them all

Has anyone considered that our society has failed those convicted for crime. We point our fingers in all directions as we fail to realize that when you have poverty you will have crime.

Our society is wrapped up in their own survival and the hell with the rest.

    My dad grew up in poverty, we grew up well below middle class… no criminal records here.

    So it is society’s fault???

Retired 02, I understand where you’re coming from in one sense, but I disagree that when there is poverty there will be crime. There is a lot of help out there for people who want and need it, at least in this city. Some people just want the easy way out, have no conscience, regardless of their financial situation. Statistically, I was raised in poverty, was a low income single employed parent, and none of us have a criminal record. I don’t think society failed me; we just made do with what we had and earned our rewards as we could. Methinks too many poor people today want it all; cell phone, expensive hairdos and fancy nails, cigarettes etc. and “Oh wait, we’re out of money. Let’s just head on down to the food bank again.” — End of rant.

    You forgot about the tats …. everyone needs to get a tattoo.

      No freaking kidding! At the start of this school year, Global or CTV Vancouver had a story about the giving out of backpacks and school supplies to needy families. One mother being interviewed was there with her young teenaged son. Both mom and son had their smart phones and mom was covered with large tats, all over her arms, shoulders, etc!

      Got money for smart phones and tats, but haven’t got any money for the kid’s school supplies! I wondered if some truly in need parents and kids showed up later to find that there were no supplies left while others had already left with free supplies that freed up more money for more tats!

Tre Telligman, don’t worry, your pusher buddy will be out long before whatever drugs you are on wear off and you can get some more of the good stuff..

Why didn’t they release his name? Sometimes they do other times they don’t. And what’s a significant amount of cash? $50? $500? $500? If they seized it they must have counted it. Do they decide what information they release by who he was selling to? We know that addiction is a problem throughout society, not just the addicts we see on the streets or the celebrities exiting heir fancy rehabs. Every person doing drugs got them from a drug dealer. Is it who they sell to that influences the info released?

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