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October 27, 2017 9:05 pm

Warm Fall Expected

Thursday, September 22, 2016 @ 9:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Good news out of Environment Canada.

The national forecaster is predicting a warmer than normal fall though meteorologist Matt Macdonald expects it to get off to a bit of a bumpy start.

`“Well definitely a foggy start to the fall season and the outlook is looking a little bit showery to start off the first week of fall here,” he says.

“A number of disturbances moving through but in the long range it’s looking to be a warmer than normal fall.”

He says the average fall temperature in Prince George is around 12 degrees and says a very warm Pacific Ocean that’s persisted all through the summer should provide a nice boost this year.

“So as we move into October and November we expect those daily highs to be a degree or two warmer than normal.”


How did we compare with last fall’s prediction?

How about winter? Spring? Summer?

Is there somewhere where we can see how predictions actually turn out?

Would be interesting to see whether we are getting better over time with our predictive models.

    The summer prediction for our area was warmer than usual but no long, extended heat waves & precipitation around normal. We saw how accurate that was, July was…uh…wet. Our best 2 months were April & May. I always get a kick out of day to day forecasts that are 70-100% wrong, hey weather forecasters how did you miss a few hundred thousand square miles of cloud? Still, I guess we get what we get & have no control over the weather…or do we…😈

Warmer than normal fall, how could this possibly be good news? Are the alarmists wrong, have the politicians along with Suzuki and Gore been feeding us a line? I thought warming temperatures are going to be the end of humanity? I am confused…

Three comments so far that contain a total of nine (9) question. Please do some reading from some “credible” sources on climate change and answer your own questions. The pattern remains the same, from the deniers, lots of questions from them but never any answers.

It’s not as if ignorance about the subject should be worn as a badge of honor. Sheesh…

    Your credible sources?

      Right on cue, another denier asks another question… anyone else see the pattern here?

    Deniers of what? Do you intentionally read into things that are just not there? Where in either gopg2015 or my comments did you read or infer that we were denying anything? Then to top it all off in typical Peoplebeingsophicjgaltfirst fashion, you tried for the insult. If you’re so all knowing & wise, do as Seamutt asked, show some credible sources & try to show a little civility, like you’ve been told before, it makes your comments more credible.

IT’s very obvious get your head out of your behind and its not to confusing. When was the last time we hit temps below -40 for any length of time. When i first came to this part of the country it was a given every winter for 2 or 3 weeks at a time.

    So you expect climate to stay at garden of Eden level and never change. It’s the warmers who deny climate changes. Sceptics do not deny temperature has increased which has been at a rate of .7 degrees per century. Ever hear of the Holocene optimum, mediaeval Roman worm periods, all warmer periods than now. How about the last interglacial, much warmer than this interglacial.

    So did man cause all those warm periods? Why where there cool periods between warm periods. Must be head pounding for you irrational warmers.

    Don’t worry cooler periods are on their way back.

      I really hope you’re right Seamutt. I really do. Because I have seen the change here in the north over the last 40 years. Mackenzie even had a green Christmas a few years ago. Huge amounts of snow with bitter cold temps just doesn’t happen any more.

      Man…who would have thought we’d be hoping for cooler weather….

    Most of us have those same memories f-150, winter has become significantly milder and shorter than it was in the 1970’s – 80’s. That change has occurred over a period of 20 – 30 years.

    Yet we still have deniers, posting about the way climate was 12,000 years ago! If we do not cut back on our use of fossil fuels in a significant way, a good part of this world will be under serious threat within 50 years.


What’s global warming?

As a kid I saw -57F, now, our winters are warm. BUT, the Farmers Almanac indicates a very cold winter. This report says a warm fall. Yes we have warmer winters. I think these scientists are clueless, and the Inuit say it all. You can’t predict the weather any more. Global warming? Well, getting warmer here that’s all I can say.

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