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October 27, 2017 9:02 pm

Duke And Duchess In Bella Bella For Day Three of Royal Tour

Monday, September 26, 2016 @ 6:10 AM

MLA Shirley Bond was on-hand for yesterday's Royal Tour of the ISS of BC's Welcome Centre photo courtesy BC Gov

MLA Shirley Bond was on-hand for yesterday’s Royal Tour of the ISS of BC’s Welcome Centre                                                                                                                                photo courtesy BC Gov

Vancouver, BC – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will fly to Bella Bella later this morning for an aerial tour of the Great Bear Rainforest, home to the unique Kermode Bears.

Their Royal Highnesses will then be welcomed by the Heiltsuk First Nation Community in a traditional cultural sharing ceremony at the Bella Bella community school.  A short distance away at the Elders Lodge, Prince William will speak to the dedication of the Great Bear Rainforest to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy initiative.

The Royal couple will end the visit with a boat tour of McLoughlin Bay before flying back to Victoria, where a Black Rod Ceremony at Government House will close out day three of their tour.

The Duke and Duchess arrived in Victoria on Saturday with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.  Yesterday, local MLA, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, Shirley Bond, was part of the entourage accompanying their Royal Highnesses on a tour of the Immigrant Services Society of BC’s Welcome Centre in Vancouver.

Tomorrow, the Royal Tour travels to Kelowna and then on to Whitehorse.



look at that waste of taxpayer money. lol

Just think of how much this visit is contributing to the BC economy..

Its nice to see this young Royal couple coming to visit….better than Charles and his mistress

Looking at above pic, one can only assume… was Trudeau’s wife whining??? That why everyone was looking at her???

    I think the Sophie’s pouting due to Kate’s fashion staff hanging up the phone on her so they don’t have a similar outfit on again.

Gotta LOVE little Prince George snubbing Justin’s attempt at a high five, haha! Justin and Sophie sure looked annoyed after that!

    oh you mean this post Hart guy. Lol. Love how Trudeau needs to make it a Justine and Sophie show. Think it back fired on him. Twitter is all over it.

    The Mirror wrote: “Superstar politician Mr. Trudeau might have endeared himself to millions online through his outspoken feminism, support for diversity and willingness to embrace Internet memes, but it seems to take more than that to impress Will and Kate’s eldest.”

    Similar reports were done by The Independent, with a story headlined: “Prince George leaves Justin Trudeau hanging after he goes for a high-five.”

    The Daily Mail shared a story with the headline: “Sorry, one doesn’t high-five with commoners.”

      Let us not forget Justin’s complete breach of protocol when he put his arm around the Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge during a photo shoot!

      And to make it even worse, this was the photoshoot where Justin states “let’s just get this over with”!

      Justin’s true lack of anything even resembling “intelligence” is becoming more and more evident with each passing day! So embarrassing!

I have no love for young Trudeau, however I have some sympathy for his wife and children. Its been a whirl wind for them since Sunny Days got elected and they must be getting sick and tired of all the hullaballoo.

Sophie must be getting tired of **Putting on the Ritz** and would probably love to spend some time at home with her kids.

In any event politics makes strange bedfellows, and you can see this from the photo above. Very few people in BC even think about Bella Bella let alone go there, however once the **Royals** put it on their itinerary, everyone pretends this is the place to be.

Such is the way of the rich and famous.

    Palopu, Sophie is every bit as narcissistic as Justin and she is just lapping up her self-declared celebrity status! Tired of “Putting on the Ritz”? Hardly!

    Sophie chose this lifestyle. Not like it was pushed upon her. She had a choice to stay home and look after the kids, but she chose to be in limelight

    As for both couples, they are more than acquaintances… They have all spent time today before this trip., hence the relaxed protocols

    Still nice having all of them in our Province. Trudeau should take out his kids too.

Sophie is dressing down so as to not out shine what’s her name . Yet , she is still the classiest , most talented and best looking woman in the crowd .

    Ataloss, BEST JOKE OF THE DAY!!

    You win, Haha!

    Sophie looks like she is stuck in the 80’s with her hair and dress, LOL

British press are asking ” who is the woman in the red dress that is being booed ? It was christy ! #bcpoli

    Ataloss this was your best joke of the day!!

    Christy appears to be in a white blouse and a red skirt! The only woman in this picture that appears to be in what might be considered a red DRESS is none other than Queen Sophie!

    Did anybody by chance happen to hear if Sophie expected William and Kate to bow and curtsy to her!

I would much rather look at pictures of Kate or Sophie than that old cat lady Laureen Harper!


    There is so much truth in the statement that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

    Justin and Sophie seem hell bent on looking like a bad Mickey Mouse and Goofy comic book! They are all “style” without any “substance”!

    Hmmm, style without substance? That sounds just like Justin’s namby pamby address to the UN last week! Nothing but Pinterest platitudes to an empty house!

      Can add it to the Marvel superhero comic book appearance

I think most of us like our Prime Ministers without lipstick and makeup!

ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/B5zsYeCIMAAjYlk.png

This entire thread reads like a soap opera, LOL.

“The Royal couple will end the visit with a boat tour of McLoughlin Bay before flying back to Victoria, where a Black Rod Ceremony at Government House will close out day three of their tour”

ht tps://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/sep/26/canada-first-nations-prince-william-kate-middleton-british-columbia

“Grand Chief Stewart Phillip denounces symbolic British Columbia event with William and Kate, calling it a ‘public charade’ amid indigenous struggles”

    At the UBCIC AGM, last week, Grand Chief; Stewart Phillip put the matter to the Chiefs-in-Assembly of his participation in the Black Rod Ceremony. A clear majority of Chiefs felt, in the face of the Trudeau Government’s hesitancy to follow through on their federal election commitments and the Government of BC’s intransigence on following through with the Four Principles arising from the historic Supreme Court of Canada’s Tsilhqot’in decision, the Chiefs-in-Assembly felt it would not be appropriate for him to participate in a ‘reconciliation’ ceremony at this time.

    The Government of BC’s fast-track ‘to the point of no return’ approach on Site C and the spirit of the Conservative’s ‘stall and litigate’ tactic permeating the Trudeau Government’s handling of T’aaq-wiihak, the implementation of Nuu-chah-nulth Fishing Rights, are two recent examples of why First Nations are heading to the courts to compel both governments to uphold the honour of the Crown.

    Why would First Nations in BC participant in a “reconciliation” ceremony, when they constantly have to take both levels of governments to court? Will First Nations win again in court, of course they will, it’s just too bad we have a federal and provincial government refusing to take action on past court decisions, all of which favour and side with First Nations rights and title.

Hey, hey, hey. Look who’s back in the colony. The world’s #1 1 percenter welfare rat family AKA the “Royal” family.

Where are all the Conservatives that constantly whine about having to support no good, able bodied welfare recipients?

Oh, that’s right. Government support and welfare is perfectly okay for a “Royal” family to spend their lives vacationing around the world. And all they have to do is let moronic plebes fawn all over them and take pictures.

I wish these worthless one percenter cling-ons would stay in England once and for all.

    They lost me when they gave Linton Crosby a Knighthood for services to politics . You know race baiting and dog whistle politics.

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