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October 27, 2017 9:00 pm

School Board Prepares Physical Restraint and Seclusion Policy

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @ 5:47 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The wheels are in motion for a physical restraint and seclusion policy in School District 57.

At last night’s monthly public board meeting the Board agreed to a Policy and Governance Committee recommendation that the proposed new Physical Restraint and Seclusion policy be distributed to reference groups over a period of 60 days for input.

The committee says the goal is to create a new stand-alone policy rather than attempting to incorporate Ministry requirements in an existing policy.

The committee says the new policy also aligns with the Ministry of Education’s Provincial Guidelines.

Under the regulations of the policy schools will have access to individuals, preferably staff members who are trained in positive behaviour intervention supports, conflict and crisis de-escalation, and non-violent crisis intervention techniques.

All staff working with a student where there is potential for imminent danger of serious physical harm will be provided the opportunity to participate in training regarding the use of physical restraint and seclusion.

Finally, the committee says the use of physical restraint or seclusion is only to be used in “exceptional circumstances where the behaviour of a student poses imminent danger of serious physical harm too self or others and where less restrictive interventions have been ineffective in ending imminent danger of serious physical harm.”


This is what happens when you get a generation of spoiled entitled brats who go to school and hear the word “No” for the first time.

    School is the last place kids hear “no”. Every one is equal in the public system, the fastest runner gets the same ribbon as the slowest one. May as well call them all Harrison Bergeron…

Does physical restraint also include the use of tasers and pepper spray? Just wondering.

Pretty sad when students have changed SO MUCH!

That daycare operator from New Brunswick was acquitted on all 12 counts – the judge felt the force she used was reasonable, which included tying a child to a chair and throwing water in another kids face. So, makes you wonder how bad kids are now days when a judge shrugs and says – sounds reasonable to me.

Back in the dark ages, we got a few whacks on the bottom and we’ve all grown up dysfunctional and unable to function in society. Fortunately the new kinder and gentler system has produced such law abiding citizens.

And JGalt, I’d rather be tasered than shot, or punched out by a cop. In most cases tasers and pepper spray produce the least damaging outcome if a confrontation turns physical.

Again, back in the dark ages, when cops were all 5’10” or bigger, the tools were a flashlight and backhand slaps with leather gloves. Of course, back then, we thought twice about mouthing off.

    Might want to google; Mackenzie Cochran, Robert Knipstrom, Treon Johnson, Gregory McPeake.

    Then there was Anthony Howard; Officers fired two Tasers, shooting electrified darts connected by long wires into Howard’s body. After he dropped the scooter and keeled over onto a flower bed, police continued to pump electricity into Howard; he kicked wildly on his back with four officers standing over him. Police fired their Tasers at Howard nine times for a total of 37 seconds — far above the recommended limit of 15 seconds. He stopped breathing and died shortly afterward.

    And of course we all know what happened to Robert Dziekański. I can’t imagine how many parents would be suing the School District if they were allowed to use pepper spray and/or tasers on students!

      Good job of listing police abuse. The tool isn’t wrong it’s the person that used it that’s wrong. Used correctly the tazer does less damage the baton and at less risk to both police and suspect. But keep on looking for extremes to prove your points. I find people like you lack real world experience. I’ve trained with police in another life and back then we practiced choking people into submission. Sure you wouldn’t rather get zapped. Appropriately zapped.

      “The tool isn’t wrong it’s the person that used it that’s wrong. Used correctly the taser does less damage the baton and at less risk to both police and suspect.”

      Oh the irony of listing examples of people dying at the hands of police officers who are “supposedly” trained in the proper use of pepper spray and tasers. I think I made my point.

ski51: Aw, you mean the teachers don’t throw chalk or board erasers at misbehavers in class anymore?
I remember a couple who were deadly accurate. Fortunately, I wasn’t their target.
No yardsticks or pointers used for spankings anymore? So how are the kids made to behave?

    Sometimes, for some people, a hug just doesn’t cut it, especially when what they really need is a just a good swift kick in the ass!

    With any luck, the kick will knock their brain out of their butt and back up to their skull, where it’s supposed to be!

    I know, I know, it’s not very politically correct, but it’s what my mother believed and she was an awfully smart lady!

Awfully hard to determine if the many people, innocent or otherwise, that have been tasered and survived might have otherwise perished with other forms of restraint, including a “bullet to the chest” kind of restraint!

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