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October 27, 2017 8:53 pm

Assistant Superintendent Resigns

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 @ 9:32 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A major shakeup to report at the School District 57 administration office.

Assistant superintendent Lisa Carson has resigned after five years in the position. Though the District isn’t releasing the reason for her departure, Prince George School Board vice-chair Tim Bennett says they “wish her nothing but the best.”

He says John McLay has been appointed interim assistant superintendent while the District searches for a permanent replacement.


A new superintendent has just started at SD57, coincidence?

My, my… first School District Superintendent; Brian Pepper suddenly resigns and now the sudden resignation of the district’s Assistant Superintendent.

My guess would be that she resigned because the District is poorly run. In all my recent dealings with SD57 and the School Board, Lisa Carson was the only person who was good to deal with. She treated me fairly and with respect. This is a big loss for the District.

I guess that’s what happens when you elect a bunch of LEFT WING IDEOLOGUES as school trustees…turns the whole operation into a cluster “you know what”

My guess is they are frustrated with the new curriculum and lack of prep implementing it..also with the constant fight with the provincial government over constant cutting the education budget.

Never was a truer word spoken NyteHawwk. one gets what one votes for.

The school board never really ran the school district, former School Superintendent; Brian Pepper and Secretary / Treasurer; Bryan Mix ran that school district for many years.

IMO, most all of the elected school trustees have been puppets.

No loss. Mix and Carson gone is one step closer to cleaning up a tremendously screwed up organization. My dealings with Carson were less than effective or professional. CYA is the way that this district handles issues.

I beg to differ, Mr Mix, was in charge of a lot things, he had to negotiate the School District thru some very tough times, where enrollment fell by 30% in 5 years. We still have a lot of good things going for the school system. We are progressive in the way things are being done, and a model to the rest of the province.

As far as Pepper and Mix running the school district, so they should have. What does a elected member of the school district board really know when they show up. That is why you need strong people in key positions to ensure that the focus remains on the bullseye, instead of it wandering around by whims of elected officials. This is what makes our country great. The system is set up so that elected wingnuts are reined in. Otherwise, this country, city, school district will become a dictatorship, changing direction every four years. This is our safe guard from becoming Germany 1939, or the united states 2017 if that wingnut trump wins. If Hillary wins, nothing will happen, except further degradation of American quality of life.

Nothing when one looks at the gong show happening in the Vancouver school district right now. All of the senior staff on stress leave because of bullying by school trustees. Education minister looking at turfing the whole board.

    And yet the voters continue to re-elect those Vancouver School District trustees that have a backbone and stand up to provincial government education funding cuts, and school closures in that district. That’s democracy for you!

    Mind you, the voters down there want their trustees to stand up for, and in, the best interests of quality public education for their children, up here perhaps not so much!

      Mark this day down in the history books! I wasn’t sure I’d ever see the day that I would agree with one of JGalt’s posts!

2 words people……board interference.

Lack of leadership, experience for some and lack of professionalism not trustee interference has been the direct result of all three senior managers leaving the scene self proclaimed or otherwise. Fish rots from the head down-change was needed.

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