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October 27, 2017 8:51 pm

One Released, One Remains in Custody in Connection with School Threats

Thursday, October 6, 2016 @ 3:59 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  It was a tense day  for  parents and  educators in Prince George as  Police investigated a threat  that had appeared on social  media  last evening.

Prince George RCMP were made aware of the  threat  last evening,  and while not believing it was ‘credible’,  exercised caution  and  had School District 57  put  all schools on alert.

The threat  involved a social media page which featured a graphic of clowns bearing  firearms.  The posts on that site  suggested  schools in Prince George may be targeted.

In a release issued this afternoon,  Prince George RCMP  stress that  the safety of all students was their  priority “Rest assured, the safety of all children in the community, including many of our own, was the priority and all necessary steps would have been taken to protect them” reads the release.

Later  this morning, RCMP officers  went to Prince George Secondary School and arrested two males,  aged 16 and 17.  The  two were  suspected of  being responsible for the threats made on  the social media page.

One of the teens has since been released without charge,  while the 16 year old  will be in custody overnight and will  make an appearance in Provincial Court  tomorrow.

The security  measures at all schools were lifted at 2:20 this afternoon..

Since this incident this morning,  there have been rumours  circulating  of other arrests at  other schools,  but Corporal Craig Douglass says that is not the case.  While the investigation continues,  police are confident there  is no threat to the public.

This incident  raises the opportunity to  remind parents to  take an active role in the social media activities of  their children.  RCMP say “any threats made will be and must be taken seriously.”

Tips for parents:

  • Check social media accounts and contact lists to see who your child is chatting with;
  • Ensure that your child knows how to block unwanted contacts;
  • Teach children how to be responsible with web cams. Keep webcams unplugged when not in use;
  • Create an environment where your child feels safe and they can talk about secrets;
  • Look for changes in behaviour and ask questions.


Since they wasted the time of the RCMP and our tax dollars, then I hope they get a hefty fine to help cover the costs. I doubt they will get appropriate jail time so they need to pay one way or another for their crime. Justice system needs to make sure they understand how serious this was so they don’t do something stupid again. Hard lesson now so they learn instead of doing something more serious later in life and end up in jail for good.

Creepy clowns is one thing, but posting pictures with them carrying firearms the night before is another thing all-together. Prince George made the CBC National News this evening with a direct reference to the incident today on a creepy clowns rage story going on, first in the USA and now making its way across our country.

Meh, in the 1970’s it was “streaking”, just recently, and ongoing, is the “swatting” phenomena… kids these days.

    You sure it doesn’t have something to do with the election coming up?

      JDolt would have you believe that armies of ‘pro-business’ and ‘anti-environment’ operatives are behind this childish, misguided prank.

      Remember – everything is Premier Clark’s fault, although we have the only sustainable and functioning provincial economy in the country.

      Speaking of “clowns” popping up all over the place, more comments directed at me from my stalker fan club. Sit back and relax clowns, I have nearly 200 pages of researched material that exposes just how, unethical, incompetent, misguided, and clueless our provincial government has been over the last 16 years.

Uh Huh — and how many pages of “researched” material do you have of how unethical, incompetent, misguided, and clueless our provincial government was in the ten years before that, JGalt?

There are a lot of us still around that lived through that, and have long memories.

Like they say – experience is the best teacher, and this a prime example.

Never again !!

    Those were the darkest days in this wonderful province’s history – a bunch of self-serving socialist hacks that couldn’t run a hotdog stand in charge of our provincial economy. I completely agree – never again! The importance of keeping the NDP out of power in BC cannot be overstated.

      Well, we know high school Christy Clark right winger’s are clueless when it comes to computer systems.

      Anyone interested in reading about how the Christy Clark government used our tax dollars to buy a new $180 Million dollar computer system that doesn’t work?


      There is only one word that describes this government; “incompetent”!!!

      Need to use a tiny url to keep the link inside the comment box or else it goes to a default story about education.

      Here is the revised link that shows how out-to-lunch this government is when it comes to computer technology!

      ht tp://tinyurl.com/hujgynh

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