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October 27, 2017 8:47 pm

Highway 16 Transit Public Consultation Report Released

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 @ 3:59 PM

Prince George, B.C.- With  comments and suggestions from more than a thousand  completed surveys and  interaction with more than 700 who attended  public engagement sessions,  BC Transit now has a guide as to what the public wants in the way of a transportation service  between Prince George and Prince Rupert.

The  feedback indicated  strong support  for  such a service,  and general satisfaction with the  proposed routes, bus stops and  proposed new shelters, but  there was one common  complaint  which called for more days of service  per week (  most want 3 days) and  most would like  to see  at least one of those days on the weekend.

Those who  provided input  indicate  they  travel  between communities on the Highway 16 corridor for  shopping, medical or dental appointments, or  for social and recreational reasons.

The  plan calls for  four  routes:

  • Prince George to Burns Lake
  • Burns Lake to Smithers  with a  link to existing service to the Hazeltons
  • Smithers to Terrace, with a link to existing service to Kitimat
  • Terrace to Prince Rupert

It also calls for a new bus stop at the  Petro Can  at Carmel Drive in Beaverly,  the only  new bus stop in the immediate  P.G. area,  as the other stops in the City   make use of current exchange and  bus stop locations.

However, there are numerous additional  bus stops and shelters  proposed  for the  rest of the  route to Prince Rupert.

The proposed service between communities on the Highway16 Corridor from Prince George to Prince Rupert  is  part of the Province’s $5 million Highway 16 Transportation Action Plan for new and expanded transportation services along the corridor. The proposed BC Transit services focus on offering same-day return travel between smaller communities and their closest larger centre.

As part of the action plan, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) committed $1 million for the installation of advanced safety features, including enhanced bus stop shelters and CCTV cameras.

The  service plan will now be developed or tweaked according to the feedback received  during this public engagement process.  The  next step will see  the revised version of  possible routes and bus stop locations  presented to local governments and First Nations  so  the local decision makers   can  give  the green light for the  plan to be implemented.

More information will be available later this year.

The full report on the consultation  results can be accessed here.

The  report on proposed new bus stops,  shelters and routes, can be accessed here.



“The Ministry of Transportation has quashed hopes for a shuttle bus along the Highway of Tears by confirming it has abandoned the concept, saying any further public transit expansion would be up to local governments.”


Ah, the difference two years makes, an election that ushered in a Federal Liberal Government committed to a National Inquiry on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, and an upcoming provincial election.

Question: Does this Christy Clark Government care more about getting re-elected or more about murdered and missing women / girls?

Answer: I think we all got the message when they were caught triple deleting Highway of Tears emails and documents.

JGalt. In your humble opinion, do you think that the proposed bus service will reduce or eliminate people hitch hiking along this highway???

It matters little who is in Government or what service is provided, if people continue to hitch hike then the problem will continue.

Elucidate please.

There is no bus service at all north of kitwanga to dease lake or beyond. And no cell coverage at all either. There are small communities all over this province with no public transportation. Are we going to provide a bus service to everyone in BC regardless of where they live. And who is going to pay for it. Highway 16 has greyhound bus service does it not?

    That’s why places like Whitehorse implemented a ride share program . Like you elude to , cell service is key . That’s what’s needed more than buses . Maybe Telus should spend a little more on coverage than they do showing us furry little animals . Our animals aren’t little and some aren’t furry . The telcos suck enough money out of us that they can afford to put some back . Some of the missing could have been a cellphone call away .

If one reads the story without political bias and motives it becomes clear that a) of course the government has listened to the people and b) it wants to be re-elected.

Furthermore, there are two aspects to the matter. a) numerous inquiries have been made over the years into the fact that many women have been found murdered and many are still missing and there are far too many cold cases. b) looking into the future it has been decided that improved transportation services along the Prince George – Prince Rupert highway are part of safe possible solutions.

I would be happy to hear HOW differently a JGalt’s NDP government would handle this in view of the “comments and suggestions from more than a thousand completed surveys and interaction with more than 700 who attended public engagement sessions.”

I think that no matter what the present government is doing it will never meet with an ounce of approval from those who have a political axe to grind!

The NDP has long been calling for a shuttle bus system for the Highway of Tears, a person would have to be willfully ignorant, or living under a rock not to know this. Here is a news article from 2013.


In my opinion, the only reason the Christy Clark Government is moving on this now, is because they want to get re-elected. Why else would they wait a full ten years since the Highway of Tears Symposium Recommendations Report which called for a Shuttle Bus service? Why else would they wait a 3 full years before following Wally Oppal’s Missing Women Inquiry Report calling for the immediate implementation of a public transportation system for the Highway of Tears?

IMO, the only ones who are playing “politics” with BC’s Murdered and Missing Women is the Christy Clark Government!!!

So why not give Greyhound a subsidy to increase service and use some sort of travel voucher system. I can’t see the government and local communities running their own transportation systems. It will not go well.

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