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October 27, 2017 8:42 pm

Building Permit Values Continue to Climb

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  More positive  news on the building  stats  in Prince George.

As of  September 30th,  there  had been  $114.8 million dollars worth of permits   issued so far this year.  That’s  the highest  level  reached in  the first nine months of the year  in three years.

So what’s driving the  construction?

General Manager of Planning,  Ian Wells  says he would like to think its because  people are realizing Prince George is a great place to live and work.

There have been 122  single family dwelling permits  issued  as of the end of September  this year.  That compares to  89  issued in the same period  of 2015,  and 85 in the first 9 months of 2014.

Mayor  Lyn Hall   praised the efforts of the  Economic Development  team at City Hall, ” They are doing  a great job.  I think the ‘Move Up P.G.’ is indicative of that.  We’ve come of age  here in Prince George, and   I think there is an opportunity  for people to really take a hard look at  relocating to Prince George  and what we have to offer and I think that’s  starting to percolate throughout the Province and other places.”   Mayor Hall  also praises the Planning and Development department, saying this  level of  construction activity means there is a great deal of work going on at the second floor of City Hall.

The extra construction means  that new construction will  create  $850 thousand in tax revenue for 2017.


Yet the number of available jobs in Prince George are decreasing, and the population numbers remain stagnant, perhaps someone else can figure this out, because it’s a complete mystery to me.

    200 of 42,000 is statistically zero

    They don’t get the job numbers by interviewing every single employee and business but by a stat program set to a smaller number of business replies per month – could be that actual jobs are up by 200 or even 1,000, which is well within the statistical margin of error.
    Stats Canada calls it a sampling error and the minimum is 0-5% which with a workforce of 42,000 is and error rate of +/- 2,100. And depending on the number of replies for the month this could be as high as 35% or +/- 14,700 for the PG region

    ht tp://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/75-514-g/75-514-g2015001-eng.htm

I agree BeingHuman. There are a number of variables, however it seems that no one wants to check them out, so that we have a better understanding of what’s actually taking place. As an example.

Of the 122 permits issued, how many houses have been built on spec, and are presently for sale. I counted 10 new houses for sale in one development area, so would assume that there are a lot more.

How many houses are being built by people who were born and raised in Prince George, and are now building a new house?? If there are quite a few then of course we could have increased permit numbers but not necessarily any increase in the population,.

    Doesn’t fly, how many houses were built on spec in years past?

    That is only 30 new families over years past, not a huge number but better than the story being reversed

Pg popolulation will explode over 110000 in a few years!!lots of building and rezoning its just the start!!

All kids graduating from northern bc from small rural areas will pick pg the place to go to school and find work and buy a affordable home,the new buyers are shut out of metro van

Unless PG can come up with some way of creating jobs in this area, we do not have a hope in hell of increasing the population,. At the present moment, births and deaths are approx. the same on an annual basis. People leaving Prince George are about the same as people arriving.

Bullish for pg we goin to c lots new comercial develpmont very very soonn

Palopu- have to agree with you. An election is coming and we are going to see a lot more spinning.

    Yes totally agree. The dipper supporters and Liberal bashers will spin every god news story as an election ploy.

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