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October 27, 2017 8:37 pm

RCMP Seeks Tips in Copper Wire Theft

Monday, October 24, 2016 @ 1:20 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George RCMP is seeking the public’s help in locating the suspect or suspects involved in the theft of about 10 feet of copper wire.

It was stolen Friday from Canfor’s Intercon mill on Prince George Pulpmill Road causing a power outage and ultimately a brief closure of the mill (see previous story here).

Sgt. Troy Durand says police would appreciate any tips from the public and notes the investigation is ongoing.


This seems to be a problem everywhere. My question is where do the thieves sell this stuff and who is buying it? There can only be so many places that buy copper wire.

They obviously didn’t know the price of copper had dropped so much in the past year.

I’m assuming that the actual guy that steals the copper is not taking it too the salvage yards. I’m sure that there is a middle man, that is fronting it.

Who cares the thief will be well known to police and this will be his or hers 79th charge…the thief will say sorry we the tax payer will pay to feed and bed them and the bleeding hearts will say it’s all because of their upbringing and we should help them..

    This guy gets it.

If you wrap exposed copper wire around objects, slugs get an electrical shock and can not proceed to their target.

Obviously, these thieving slugs are stealing insulated copper wire!

Too bad.

In the last couple years wire; cable has been stole, cut out of the Electric Locomotive at the Rail Museum; now that engine will really never run again; I believe it is the last one of its kind in North America

    Thieves are jerks.

police would appreciate any tips from the public.. Just a sec here Troy. Members of the public have no access to steal anything like this at Intercon so lets stop the bsing here and fill out the story.

Seems like a ways to go and risky for just 10 feet wire…. scrap price probably get 10 dollars a meter at most.

Wire was stolen from the pump house down pg pulp road. People were squatting in the pump house day before. Next day wire was cut to water pump which supplies the water to the mill.

Where was the security?????.

    The building in question is in a fenced compound and the building is locked so per de it is a quite secure site as it takes time to get through all that

Remember a number of years some jerk tried to steal copper out of a hydro substation and got zapped. He survived but got a testicle blown off for his trouble.

They had to have some idea of how that stuff works, they either cut a ground, really wouldnt impact anything, or hit a disconnect and cut one of the motor leads. Not worth the effort or the time! Working for a livung is safer and pays more!

I have a vague memory that some years ago a program was established to cut down on copper thefts by requiring the scrap metal dealers to record the identity of the people who sell to them, similar to what pawnbrokers do.

So what is needed is for the Police to enforce the existing laws governing scrap dealers and their buying practices.

I know Allens Scrap takes and copies my i.d. every time and they know me, I’ve been selling to them for many years, so they are following the law.
It is no hardship to give them my D.L. each time, why not.

If other companies are not, and ‘everyone’ knows them, how and why do they get away with it?


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