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October 27, 2017 8:34 pm

Community Association Draft Strategy Ready

Thursday, October 27, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  After  months of consultation, public input and research into  how some other communities do it,   the City of Prince George has developed a  draft strategy  on how it might be able to better assist Community Associations in  P.G. and the City  would  like to hear  your thoughts on the  draft plan.

There are seven community  associations in the City,  and many are  experiencing  volunteer fatigue,  recruitment issues  and a  burden  from administrative duties.

An online survey (514 respondents)  found  34% had  taken part in a Community Association program  over the past two yeas, and of that  number,  90%  said they were somewhat (29%) or very (61%) satisfied with the  event.

A further 49% said  they had attended a  Community  Association special event  over the past two years, and  again, 90% said they were  somewhat (31%) or very (59%) satisfied with the event.

When asked  about the  value of  Community Associations,  respondents said  they are  somewhat (23%) or very (68%) important to making the community a better place to live. ( see graph below)


The strategy  ( accessible here)  sets out four recommendations on how the City can  help .

1. The City of Prince George will offer supports to the Community Associations as they deliver their programs and events.  Additional supports may include:

  • Volunteer recruitment and retention initiatives and strategies.
  • Board development initiatives and strategies.
  • Resource banks which may include lesson plans, bylaws,  and promotional templates.
  • Community needs assessment. Communications and promotions.

2. Develop a partnership agreement between the City and Community Associations. Such an agreement  would  outline the roles and responsibilities of the Community Associations and the supports and contributions of the City to the Community Associations. Examples of elements to include in the agreement are:

  • Access to School District #57 facilities in accordance to the Shared Use Agreement between the School District and the City of Prince George.
  • Supports as identified in Recommendation 1.
  • Liability insurance.
  • Outdoor ice rink operations.
  • Volunteer orientation.

3. Utilize the Community Associations as representatives of the community  areas to the City.  This function for the Community Association should be formally recognized and included in the partnership agreement.

Community Services Department would be the City lead due to existing relationships with Community Associations.

The expanded role could include:

  • Beautification projects.
  • Neighbourhood clean-ups.
  • Fundraising.
  • Town hall meetings (e.g. Talktober).
  • A sounding-board for various neighbourhood issues/concerns.

4. Examine how to best meet the needs of areas of Prince George that are not currently represented by a Community Association.  Not all areas of Prince George are currently represented by a Community Association.  There are a number of options to explore:

  • Look at existing boundaries of the current Community Associations to  determine if they could be adjusted to incorporate areas currently not  covered by a Community Association.
  • New Community Associations could be established.
  • Areas without a Community Association could maintain that status  if residents prefer.

The work is not  complete yet,  as   residents can  comment on the  draft strategy until November 7th  by clicking here.



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