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October 27, 2017 8:34 pm

Clown Bans Up to Individual Schools

Thursday, October 27, 2016 @ 10:09 AM

Police outside Prince George Secondary School following online threat on Oct. 7, 2016- photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – There will be no clowning around at Nukko Lake Elementary School this Halloween.

Nukko Lake Parent Advisory Council president Gillian Burnett says parents there were given notice on October 16 that no clown costumes would be allowed to be worn by children on October 31st.

She says it’s due to online threats made earlier this month in Prince George which led to a pair of code yellows, or school lockdowns, on October 6th and October 7th.

The threats, made on social media, featured graphics of clowns bearing firearms and warning that certain high schools in Prince George were to be targeted.

Two people were arrested in connection to that threat, a 16-year-old and a 17-year old, though one was later released from police custody. The Prince George RCMP later determined the threats to be “non-credible.”

Burnett, who has two children at the school, supports the decision.

“Yeah I do, it’s really a respectful request not to wear clown costumes.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean all schools in the district will be enforcing the ban.

250News contacted the Prince George School District for clarification on the matter and were provided the following statement by superintendent of schools Marilyn Marquis-Forster:

“Principals lead school communities in planning for Halloween activities. Each school has a unique approach to observing Halloween within its own community and during each school year.

“School Principals take responsibility for communicating appropriate dress codes at all times including during Halloween celebrations. They will communicate to their students and families regarding Halloween 2016 activities. Parents who have questions should contact their child’s school for clarification.”


yes they should ban it, those kids who want to cross that line, will simply be reprimanded. Somewhere along the line, they need to become accountable for their actions.

    don’t ban them – let kids & parents make decision about costume and live with the consequences. We are becoming such a nanny state with rules & bans.

Talk about over reacting. Let’s ban clowns, everything will be ok.

    If we ban clowns, then the legislature will shut down as the BC Liberals will be banned.

Seems like a knee jerk reaction to me. A lot of serious crimes have been committed by people wearing camo pants and jackets, is camo next to be banned?

    You forgot hoodies and common sense. Also I guess Nukko lake is a politician free zone, no clowns.

    Reminds me of the “trenchcoat” issue back in the late 90’s & early 2000’s..

I’m curious to see how many kid’s put a pumpkin on their head and go as Trump.

    Or prison jump suit as Hillary..

Banning creepy clown costumes is a good idea because they scare children but let’s go further . They should do a preemptive ban on people dressing up as real estate agents with a bag full of reduced stickers to save adults from sleeplessness .

For my Halloween costume im just going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and go as the year 2016..

If any costumes should be banned, it should be the slutty ones. Just blows my mind that little kid costumes consist of sexy outfits and some parents actually purchase these for their little ones.

    You mean they are costumes..I thought it was just 2016 in general..Thank you Beyoncé & Miley Cirus..

      “Thank you” as in the most sarcastic way possible..

One good thing about this clown craze..Haven’t heard a damn thing about Pokémon in nearly two months..!

This is clown discrimination. Someone needs to contact the Human Rights Tribunal. Good settlement guaranteed.

I am going to dress as Caitlyn Jenner wearing a Cleveland Indians shirt with a clown mask over a niquab and a turban with feathers sticking up in the back, just to see how many people I can offend, LOL

    As someone who sexually identifies myself as an apache attack helicopter demi god..I find it offensive that you aren’t considering my identity.. Triggering intensifies..!

Completely unacceptable…. might as well cancel Halloween. You are letting those “clown’s” win and dictate our life. What a joke!
We live in a free country still… correct?

Ban dancing and public music next, and we can live in a real life Footloose town!

Pretty sad statement about what we think of our kids if we need to ban type of a costume in an elementary school for fear of violence. Shame on you if you think this is reasonable, and think about the message you are giving elementary students – “we don’t trust you”

If you get attacked by a group of angry clowns go for the juggler

I have three kids in an elementary school in town and I think this is insane. You can’t let a few idiots in the world command reactions like this, or they win.

Let us ban everything then there will nothing left to complain about.

    except maybe then they would complain about not having something to complain about.

Most of these posts are absolutely Hilawious! Thanks for making me laffalot!

Ban Clowns, who will run our city?


      Very high priced Zombies !

Whaa that scares me … all you people should stop doing that to make me happy.

Clowns not allowed but okay with zombies, night of the living dead, oh my.

This is proof that terrorism works! They win, we change and they did nothing except make a threat. Remember Paris? Did they give up and close down nightclubs? NO They came out in droves to combat terrorism! And in an elementary school? How many under 5foot tall terrorist (or serial killers) are there in Nukko? Shame on you parents for giving in to terrorists and allowing it to work. Also, way to show your kids how to stand up and deal with a problem, nope, just run and hide your head in the sand and wait for the problem to go away?? Not likely, you just scared a whole bunch more kids (cause clowns are now REALLY scary to those kids) Sad Sad world we live in :-(

We live in a society that walks on crackers and egg shells, so afraid of any issues in life. These highly educated professionals within the school districts cannot make common sense decisions. Wrap our young in bubble wrap and hope the problem goes away. Punish those who break the law so we in society can live safe. Will these comments make their way to these educated professionals in the school district ? :-(

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