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October 27, 2017 8:34 pm

ICBA Keeps Up Push to ‘Get to Yes’

Friday, October 28, 2016 @ 5:57 AM


ICBA Senior Vice President Gordon Stewart addresses gathering – photo250News

Prince George, B.C. –  The Independent Contractors and  Business Association continues  its efforts to get major projects approved and  started.

It’s been  about a year since the ICBA opened an office in Prince George.  “We’re getting a real excitement and energy in what we’re doing up here” said  Gordon Stewart,  Senior Vice President of ICBA  as he opened the  gathering  of  contractors, developers and  businesses at the Northern Lights Winery last evening.

The ICBA has become very involved in  pushing to  have  major projects approved.  Stewart  says the “Get to Yes” campaign  was developed  after hearing concerns from  Association members “What our members have been telling us over the past couple of years is that they are getting really concerned that  they hear about all of  these  projects that should be going ahead, and there is a real vocal minority that,  to them,  seems to be stalling these projects.”

Stewart didn’t mention any specific  projects,  but  the most recent  example is Pacific NorthWest LNG.  It has  been approved, but  legal action has been launched to  stop  the project from  going forward.

ICBA has  been focused on  raising the voices of  those who support  the projects  “We are really  trying to activate people who believe in responsible resource development and get them to   get the  word out about how they believe in that because the construction industry relies on that.”

ICBA Board Chair  Rick Boates  said  the organization fully understands the North and Canada have a resource  based economy “If the North isn’t working,  if the resource industry is not doing well,  we (BC) will not be strong and our industry will not be working.”

The evening was  set up to offer a  speed dating style  event  where contractors could connect with  those  who are looking for  bids on projects.



Why does the ICBA state; “Stewart didn’t mention any specific projects, but the most recent example is Pacific NorthWest LNG. It has been approved, but legal action has been launched to stop the project from going forward.”

The proposed Petronas led Pacific Northwest LNG $36-billion liquefied natural gas project on Lelu Island near Prince Rupert, B.C., would ship 19 million tonnes a year of liquefied gas to markets in Asia. HOWEVER, it is not the environmentalists and First Nations that are holding this project up, rather it is Petronas who is currently undertaking a feasibility study of the project costs in relationship with it’s projected revenue. With LNG prices in the crapper, it is highly doubtful Petronas will proceed with the project. Nice try at deflecting blame by the ICBA in my opinion.

Everyone knows pending litigation does not hold up projects from proceeding these days, take a look at Site C, which has pending litigation from First Nations, that has not stopped the Liberal Government from approving this project as well, and from it proceeding.

In my opinion, the ICBA knows all of this, but is wrongfully blaming Pacific Northwest Project delays to environmentalists and First Nations.

Who are the ICBA to say that these projects “should” be going ahead? They are those that will benefit financially from them going ahead. That’s why they should go ahead right?

Profits trump all else right?

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