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October 27, 2017 8:28 pm

Firearms Amnesty Wrap

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 @ 12:18 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  The  month long amnesty for  disposal of unwanted firearms has  ended,  and Prince George RCMP  say  more than three dozen unwanted firearms  have been  turned over to police.

The month long amnesty saw  a total of 43 firearms  surrendered,  as well as  2 pellet guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The firearms consisted of:

  • 8 handguns,
  • 27 rifles and
  • 8 shotguns.

All of these were standard or common firearms.  There were no  unusual  firearms or explosives  turned  over to police.

“The removal of unwanted firearms is a way that gun owners and police can partner to keep the community safe” says Sgt. Todd Wilson, acting Operations Officer at the Prince George RCMP. “These are excellent results and we would continue to encourage the public to call the police for unwanted or found firearms.”

The Prince George RCMP  are offering a thank you  to all who  surrendered weapons as part of the gun amnesty. Unwanted weapons are a potential hazard  because if stolen in a break and enter, the  firearms could be  used in the commission of a crime.  The amnesty was one  effort to prevent  firearms from getting into the hands of  the wrong people.




It would ne smart if the rcmp would then go and sell them to us PAL holders, garunteed someone turned over an antiwlque rifle they had no idea it had value.

    You must remember that the police don’t want anyone but themselves and the military to have firearms. You will never see them selling firearms to the public even if it were legal to do.

Just because a firearm is unwanted doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s likely to be stolen and used for crime. Come on RCMP…get it together.

The RCMP would love to take everyone’s guns, wanted or unwanted…

Wonder how many collectable fire arms will be destroyed? Such a waste.

Any firearm destroyed is a waste.

Just watched the local tv news about the amnesty and they showed where ar-15 type rifles. This would have given an inaccurate portrayal of guns turned in. Just feeding the guns are evil bias put hot by the liberal left media and police.

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