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October 27, 2017 8:27 pm

Friday Free for All – Nov. 4th, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

We are at the  end of another week,  and  that means it’s  time for the Friday Free for All.

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With Halloween only a few days ago, why should anybody be surprised with a few tricks or treaters!

Looks like Bill Morneau, our liberal Finance Minister along with Justin and the rest of clowns in the circus will be hitting us with even greater deficits!

Remember the “modest deficit” election promises?

Remember how the “modest deficit” promise was blown out of the water?

Well, now it appears that massive deficit, the one that blew the modest deficit out of the water, is now about to be blown to pieces by an even greater, or rather grotesque sum!

Remember how I kept saying “hang on to your wallets, can’t trust Justin”?

Well, looks like we haven’t seen anything yet!

    How can we forget about your tired slogan when you can’t refrain from constantly repeating it.

    So it “appears” to you.. so now you are guessing? Well then guess away.. what is fact is that you bff Harper added more to our deficit then all the liberals time at the helm totaled.. but for some reason that debt is “good spending” in your mind.. but trudeaus spending is evil… I love your rhetoric.

      Harper’s deficit spending DIDN’T raise our taxes. Will Trudeau’s? We don’t know, yet, but in all likelihood it will.

      You can’t induce an increase in ‘inflation’, which is really all he’s trying to do, without interest rates rising. And since our taxes really do nothing more than pay interest on a then burgeoning National debt that can never be paid down, only shifted from one sector of the economy to another, look for his government to be digging deeper into your pocket.

      Liberal Party of Canada: the party of the debt dealers.

      Of course Hart Guy is guessing, nobody including yourself PVal know the actual numbers, heck I will go out on a limb (if that is okay) and say the Government does not even know the deficit will be.

      “Harper’s deficit spending DIDN’T raise our taxes”

      Ah, but do you know what his deficit spending was spent on?

      Maybe he did not spend as much as he could/should have because he spent less on infrastructure and the normal % on housekeeping items such as medical services (via transfer payments), military, etc.

      Again, one cannot just look at the bottom line, but needs to look at the details of how money was spent.

      So tell us the full story, socredible.

      Socredible, you can look at this city’s example as a a mirror of what may have gone on with Harper …. years of lack of taking care of maintenance, such as roads and buildings, followed by the realization of that which was then followed by years of increasing taxes just to fix the problems created by letting things degrade.

      We have it happening at our local level, show us that was not happening under Harper and Trudeau is not coming along like the Councils that followed Kinsley.

      P Val, if you’re going to focus on “it appears” and then suggest that I am guessing, perhaps you might want to instead focus on the fact that our new government hasn’t got a clue as to what it is doing and is simply “guessing” as it goes along!

      Here are some of the guesses coming out of Ottawa!

      The federal Liberal government is projecting a deficit of at least $18.4 billion next year, nearly five times its $3.9-billion projection just three months ago.

      That means the shortfall could well exceed $20 billion once a number of big-ticket Liberal campaign promises are factored in.
      The federal Finance Department is also predicting a $15.5-billion deficit in 2017-18 — more than six times its estimate last fall of $2.4 billion.

      The estimates released Monday do not include billions of dollars in Liberal spending commitments that are expected in the upcoming federal budget, such as infrastructure investments.

      ht tp://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/morneau-deficit-now-projected-at-dollar184b/ar-BBpNT9L

      Are you ok with the never ending increases to the deficit? At what point in time should we start to worry about a Government that doesn’t have a clue about what they are doing?

      Liberals have also stopped predicting balanced budgets any time in the future.

When is the BC Government going to wake up and shut down cow and calf season, there is nothing left out there thanks to there gross mismanagement of our wildlife. This band aid approach where they say you have to be over 65 or under 18 is a joke, we all know in most hunting hunting groups that moose calves are being shot by some one else and there claiming that there grandson/ grandpa shot it.
Now there blaming the wolves for this instead of there own incompetence.
CN rail is one of the largest killers of moose in our Province.
Talked to a Guy that works for CN rail and he told me in one trip from Prince George to Mc Bride they killed 12 moose. That’s in one trip in the winter, so just take a guess at how many they kill in one year.
Enough is enough, cow calf season needs to be closed completely till the number of moose gets back to what is was 20 years ago, if its not to late already.

    For starters if you are going to maintain a healthy moose population it has to balanced. I remember when they brought in 2 point bulls only unless you has a draw, because there were not enough big bulls to breed the cows. The little 2 pointers don’t know how to do it or the cows ain’t interested in them. Some of the decline of the moose numbers might be because of the increase in deer numbers and the elk moving in. Remember winter range is critical for all three species and only one of them can use it at one time. Our mild winters of late have given the deer an advantage I think. If we have a winter again with a 10 ft snowfall you will be hard put to find a deer track in the spring. (the poor little buggers) And what about the predators?

      “Some of the decline of the moose numbers might be because of the increase in deer numbers and the elk moving in” .. learn your facts before trying to sound knowledgable. Moose, Deer and Elk do not feed on the same food sources therefore the feeding of one does not impact the other. Thats like saying there are too many porcupines out there impacting the wintering grounds of the moose. Clearly you are not a hunter if you don’t know this minor fact.

      Probably the biggest factor in the decline of moose is aerial spraying of 20,000 hectares/year of cutover across the northern interior. Roundup takes out all the vegetation except for conifers, including the forage for moose and deer. At around 1 ton of forage per acre, that represents the potential loss of feed for approximately 6,000 moose/year. The spraying program is over 30 years old. Do the math and it is not good. Ever heard of the Holodomor? That is what we are doing to our wildlife.

      Spraying is only done on new cut blocks, and only heavily overgrown sections of them not the entire block. If these were not cut to begin with there would be even less small aspen and willow which is what is targeted as these species do not grow well under canopy – ever heard of “pine flats”?… Go walk a few blocks that are 6 or 7 years old (which is the survey year) and see what areas were sprayed and what areas did not require it. A little education instead of made up talking points

      Slinky, of course the aspen and willow come up after disturbance. That is why they are the potential forage for the deer and moose. And they are wiped out by the spraying. Think about it for two seconds. If you hit plantations with roundup, you are taking out everything but the conifers.
      Here is a link to the issue as it has been playing out in New Brunswick-www.nationalobserver.com/2016/06/27/news/how-irvings-intimidate-their-critics

      Again, they do not spray the entire block, just areas where the vegetation outcompetes the saplings. If you go to a block after spraying everything but the needle bearing trees are not dead, it is not a magic cure all for vegetation. Your logic does fail on the point that plantations are manmade, if logging did not happen there would not be an over abundance of short growth with the exception of forest fires. Spraying plantations does not have an effect of removing the food for moose and deer, the small aspen would not be there if the area was not logged in the first place and thus there is more feed not less. Swampy areas of a block are called riparian and cannot be sprayed or logged so they remain au natural. I have laid out many a block for spraying and tying bags for the helicopter or fixed wing and believe me due to the cost the only one who may even be contemplating a full block spray would be the MOF. Aspen and fireweed is so hardy that a few years later you wouldn’t even know the area was sprayed

    They’re ….They are
    Their…belonging to them
    There…..where they put their stuff

      Give it up Hillbilly, it’s impossible to educate some people on proper word usage. I know, I’ve tried.

      Your – belonging to you
      You’re – you are

      I’ve explained the difference over and over but the folks who use them incorrectly just can’t seem to grasp the concept.

      God, griping about word usage?
      Who cares, LOL!

      Loose and lose are my favorites…

    Hate to say it folks but I think we just might see them shut some regions down completely. Or LEH only..

    Lots of moose is fine and dandy until you smoke one in your vehicle and someone gets killed.

I see the cops have turned the Mapes Rd construction zone into a cash cow. There is no reason to keep this section as a 70Kmh construction speed zone. There has been nothing done there to change the hwy in any way that could possibly warrant that speed.

    Totally agree with the speed limit. If it was safe before at 100 kms and the highway itself hasn’t changed, why the 70 kms? If anything it’s a bit better because you can see more now.

Nicole Schafenacker and Katriona Siloen Auerbach are back in Prince George and the Citizen is trying to portray them as some kind of heros ?
I guess damaging private property in the U.S. is a noble act.
Good Lord !!!

    You must have read a different story then I did. The Citizen made no such portrayal; one of the professors made one though.

    Not heros, more like victims, courageous in the face of overwhelming hostile force and oppressive laws is the impression I got from the Citizen piece. Certainly not the way I see them.

    Didn’t they even think before they left on their so called courageous mission? Guess everybody’s gotta have a mission in life but I can think of better ones that don’t get you locked up.

    There was no petroleum based products used in that illegal protest I bet.

    Is that what the uni is turning out now lawbreaking protesters? I bet there are a lot of behind the scenes activity to get those lawbreakers off. Hey ladies go into a sovereign country and break their laws just what do you think will happen.

    That professor, is that an example of the education the young malleable minds are getting up the hill. There should be an investigation on her.

      And no doubt they travelled all that way and back without using fossil fuels of any kind, because that would be so hypocritical.

Cruising off the end of North Nechako Road, what do I find? Another burned out car, a pile of construction waste at the last driveway on the left.
Humans can be quite the pigs. Called in a pile of garbage out there last year, CO’s found the owner, he cleaned it up.
If the Regional district gated that road, they’d just end up going behind the scales, or out the end of Miworth Road, lazy, cheap bunch of fools we are stuck with.

    Calling these people pigs is an insult to pigs. I say set up trail cameras or some sort of surveillance in the areas known for dumping and set the fine at a minimum 50K, that will make some think twice before dumping illegally.

      Yes, I agree. Pigs, I is sorry, you are good, some human bad.

DP Todd Craft Fair is this weekend Saturday & Sunday from 10 – 4 with over 100 tables and FREE admission. Located at 4444 Hill Avenue, just off 5th Avenue. Hosted by the DP Todd band program with a Crafters raffle table, Christmas bake sale and a concession with lots of tasty homemade food. Come on out to support your local kids.

    Thanks for the heads up! I will check it out before I head to the Studio Fair.

Bent I do know my facts, as well as spending 6 weeks in the bush every hunting season, You must be one of those calf hunters, Numbers on moose are way down because of trains, all terrain vehicles, and cow calf hunting, 10 moose poached in one area is a decline of 50 to 60 moose in 5 years, so shoot that many cows or calf’s and you have the same number. We used to see 75 to 100 deer a day at the right time down the black water. Now you are lucky to see five.
I think you are the one that needs to be educated.

    You forgot, we need a wolf cull, AND a requirement that logging companies rip up every logging and skid road that’s in the bush. Wolves and ATV’s will have a harder time accessing animals when this is done.
    And yer right, way too long to have a calf and 2point season open, killing future producers.

Clarence Louie is chief of one of the okanogan Indian bands and he has done something truly amazing he trended his band from one of the poorest in Canada to one of the richest and he did it by making his band work for it

As many know I’m not an overly large fan of the natives but Clarence is an anomaly he makes his band work for a living doesn’t give free handouts and he is not very well liked by many other bands. He has been banned, forcefully removed and threatened by other band councils when he has gone to speak to them because it goes against the doctrine they live by.

Good on Clarence

    Never heard he was banned anywhere or heard anyone saying that

    I just wish this guy was Chief of the B.C. Assembly of First Nations, he could really do a lot of good for our folks.

Shaking my head when I see a local bakery owner buying ALOT of boxed cake mixes at the grocery store and you want to charge me how much for your products that are not from scratch?

    What does a town in India have to do with a local bakery? :)

    Sorry, since we’re getting grammar lessons today…..

    I call bs on the cake mix local baker story . First off bakers buy in bulk . Second buying cake mixes in grocery stores would not be cost effective .

      guess she was buying it for her personal use the

    Better than the restaurant owner who comes in and buys all the discounted pies at that store

      not saying I have a problem with them buying cake mixes but don’t try and sell me one cupcake for 3-4x the price you paid for that one box of cake mix lol

Interesting picture of the new parking system installation, distracted driving or what. The installation set up right beside the driver. Whats up with that?

    Humanoids involved in law enforcement are highly trained and skilled, using cell phones, computers and cameras while driving obviously has no effect on their reaction times like it does for mere civilians. I mean why else can they talk on a phone while driving or use an electronic device at a traffic light?

      First responders sometimes have to stay on the phone with dispatch so they are given that leeway. They are no more trained or better at it than the rest of society but the exemption is there. They sometimes need to know what the particulars of a call they are on are. Do some use the exemption poorly? Probably, but they need the exemption to perform their duties.

      City employees checking license plates do not have that exemption as they are not first responders and can be ticketed for distracted driving for viewing the screen. If you look at the demo on CKPG you will see the meter maid looks at the screen every few seconds which is mounted on the console beside her beeping away.

      If I have an emergency at my home, I really could care less in Fire, Ambulance, or Police are using their cell phones, radio, computer to receive updates on what’s happening in my emergency.
      Time is of the essence in situations such as those and yes, they do have the training to multitask. If you have never had training in critical incident response you have no clue.

Couple of interesting articles that should get the Hillary lovers frothing
US elections a sad state.

What is scary is the very biased media converge, all over Trumped but outright ignoring Clinton and her criminal activities. CTV yesterday where lambasting Trump for his locker-room comments, as if women do not do the same, and totally ignoring Clinton and her criminal activities. Corporate media, very scary. Same thing happened during our very biased elections.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/11/us-election-avalance-of-corruption-found-against-clinton/

ht tp://www.steynonline.com/7586/a-grab-bag-of-the-ungrabbed

Hillary is a crook. Trump is a megalomaniac, narcissist, chauvinistic, entitled, lying, corrupt, womanizing rich A-hole. What a wonderful choice for the Americans to make.

    I see it as an election between a world ruled by national laws, or a world ruled by globalist fascism mascerading as bolshivism light. Once one removes the character and labels it’s about as stark a contrast as one could have.

Its a lovely day here in Abby. Wish you all were here. I cant imagine why you have so many problems in George. Why not throw your hats in the air and just shout ya ho another week has gone by.

    Guess you haven’t read the Abbotsford news lately? Your problems pale compared to ours.

      Um, I think you mean “our problems pale compared to theirs”

    Didn’t see any high school kids getting stabbed in PG this week. I’ll take our problems over yours any day of the week. And you probably throw your hat in the air to waft away the stench of the raw sewage that seems to make it’s way on every field between Abbotsford and Chilliwack.

I see Christy Crunch is involved in another LNG plant. I guess she is so full of gas that all she thinks about is more gas. Just wanted to change your line of thought.

Here’s a recipe for financial survival from greaterfool.ca
Trump as POTUS would be a surprise. It would prove democracy’s big flaw – in which an undeserving, inexperienced and unproven person wins office because most people hate the other candidate’s guts more than they fear the flake. But President Trump would not change the reason markets have strength. Corporate profits would not plunge. Hiring wouldn’t cease. The GDP would not start contracting, the currency collapse, house and car sales dry up or anything much happen to taxes, health care or government spending. In Washington Trump would be an outlier from Congress, where the rules are actually written.

Selling in advance of the vote, incurring trade costs or triggering capital gains, is as dumb as selling after the vote if markets do a Brexit-like swoon. If you have a balanced portfolio (40% safe stuff and 60% growth) which is globally diversified ( about 17% Canada, 21% US, 18% international, 4% alternative) with a broad range of asset classes (government, corporate and high-yield bonds, preferreds, REITs and equity ETFs) then just ignore the noise. Your accounts will dip less than the stock market and recover faster, thanks to the fact you have assets that rise in value (fixed income) while others (stocks) shed it.

    Prove democracy’s big flaw – in which an undeserving, inexperienced and unproven person wins office because most people hate the other candidate’s guts more than they fear the flake.

    Like when they elected Obama.

I read a scary statistic this week. 25% of Americans think the sun orbits the earth.

That would be Trump’s base I suppose.

    “To vote for Trump as a protest against Clinton’s faults would be like cutting one’s throat to lower one’s blood pressure” (The Atlantic).

      Clintons faults, have you even been paying attention. She would have you cut your own throat and have you feel good about it.

      Ataloss so how is your solar system doing. Investing all that money you are saving?

      Obviously seamutt has not read that some of the latest emails being examined by the FBI are fake, written on fake letterheads as stated by the people whose letterhead is involved.

      The whole election is bizarre. Whoever wins, the worst case scenario here is an increase in domestic terrorism even leading to states seceding from the union because of mistrust of the government, continuing racial discontent some 150+ years after the last time that happened with the election of Lincoln.

      The world is watching. Putin’s world likes it since he will be able to do what he wishes with Trump in place. I am sure North Korea likes it. Europe does not. China probably not as well since they have a lot invested in the USA.

      The minute hand is getting closer to midnight.

      Who will be the next superpower? The likelihood of it continuing to be the USA is diminishing in either case.

      The orangutan known as tRump was flapping on again about slapping a 30% tariff on “merican companys that manufacture goods in Canada and sell them in the US. Not sure why seamutt and Dirtman want to see this buffoon at the helm of our largest trading partner. They must hate Canadian jobs and the Canadian economy.

      I don’t want to see Trump as Prez. (Don’t know about Seamutt’s wants.)

      Problem is, the only alternative is Clinton. It’s a matter of which I dislike the least. While Trump will likely be worse for Canada’s trade, Clinton will be worse for the future existence of the US and the free world including Canada.

      Truth be told, I don’t want either of them, but it’s going to be one or the other. I have money riding on a Clinton victory.

      But I get real ticked at the free ride she gets from the media and that’s why sometimes it may appear that I’m a Trump cheerleader. I’m not.

      Trump is a fascist . End of argument .

      Dam gopg then why did criminal Hillary bleach 30,000 emails against the law? Have you looked into how much the pay to play Clinton foundation has grown when scary was secretary of state? How about the small actual payout. Hey Chelsea makes 700,000 grand in the foundation, wow charity stays home. Hey the Clinton’s should sign you up as a apologetic writer, they will need many.

      As for pudhing the button Clinton wants to declare a no fly zone over Syria, Russians might have something to say about that.

      Speaking of Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Benghazi lies, the Clinton’s where all in. Do you over look that for some reason. Now whos finger on the button should you be worried about?

      Ad hominem, Ataloss. Just your way of saying you have no valid criticism of Trump.

      Dirtman learned a couple of new words a few days ago and hasn’t been able to stop using them since.

      Lib-lefties have relied on ad hominems for decades and learned that world long ago. The local lib-lefties are no exception so I’ve lately started calling them out when they use them. Just my way of trying to get them to come up with a cogent argument to support their views. You should try it some time.

    And 80% of Torontonians think the world revolves around them. Those would be Trudeau and Wynne supporters.

    Most of those would not know what the word “orbit” means.

I found a good Way about Construction Speed Zone, I just obey the Signs, even if no one Works in it. I know it feels stupid to go that slow with no one around, but Tickets are the Cost for not following the Rules made by someone for whatever Reason!

Todays dangerous driver. This company hauls mail for Canada Post.

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WFwd3cU7V8

That’s good News about those law students at Trinity Western.. Supreme Crt struck down Law Societies ruling… Bout time those lawyers got a taste of their own medicine..

Just for you, Ataloss.

“I just don’t see anything about Tesla that gives me any confidence that that business can survive. The last time I checked, (Tesla’s) quarterly cash burn is about $250 million. For a company that size, that’s horrific.”


“Every time (Tesla) gets a $500 million injection from a new stock sale or a $750 million injection of new money, it lasts them two or three quarters. This is a problem that volume can’t fix. … If you’re in a variable loss — that is, you’re not recovering labor and materials in your sale price — then doing twice as many, or three times as many, or four times as many (sales) doesn’t help. The losses just get bigger and bigger.”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/11/02/the-cult-of-tesla/

    Boy, you sure cherry picked those quotations. Those were quotes from Chrysler Exec Lutz.They were being refuted, in case you did not read the few remaining words.

    Here is one I was going to make before I went to the site you linked to: “Since when is Tesla not recovering production costs on its vehicles? Where does Lutz come up with this stuff?”

    You would do well working on the Trump campaign.

    Here is the Tesla Summary Third Quarter 2016 Update
    • GAAP net income of $22 million and positive free cash flow of $176 million
    • Record vehicle production, deliveries, and revenue
    • GAAP gross profit per car increased significantly from Q2 to Q3
    • Long-term debt reduced and liquidity increased to support future growth

      It’s obvious you didn’t actually go to the link and read the article. Yup, I cherry picked the quotes. They were from a post from David Middleton who was refuting the claims of James Ayre who was attempting to refute the words of Lutz. It seems those words from Lutz were accurate.

      The reason I posted the link was so you could go to the site and read the whole article, it’s much too long to post here in its entirety.

      Here’s some more relevant excerpts:

      “The basis of Mr. Ayre’s criticism is the fact that Tesla managed to beat the analysts’ Q3 2016 forecast of “a loss of 54 cents per share on revenue of nearly $1.98 billion” and posted a profitable quarter form only the second time in its glorious history. I would venture a guess that the “automotive world” isn’t the only world from which Mr. Ayre’s is detached.

      In three of the past four quarters Tesla fell short of the analysts’ projections, including Q4 2015, when analysts projected a minuscule profit…

      More importantly, as the lower panel demonstrates, Tesla’s annual net loss has been growing geometrically. Without a continuous infusion of new capital, Tesla would cease to be a going concern rather rapidly.

      Telsa Operating Income (Loss), Thousands of USD

      2013 ($61,283)

      2014 ($186,689)

      2015 ($716,629)

      Tesla Cash Flow From Operating Activities, Thousands of USD

      2013 $264,804

      2014 ($57,337)

      2015 ($524,499)

      Through Q1 and Q2 2016, Tesla’s operating income and cash flow have also been negative.

      The “quarterly cash burn” of $250 million may not he exactly correct, but Mr. Lutz is spot-on here…


      The difference between the projected loss of $0.54 and an the reported profit of $0.71 per share was $400 million in revenue. $140 million of which was corporate welfare (ZEV credits) and the rest due to lower capital spending and a change in accounting methods.”

    BTW, I am not a Tesla fan. I am not a Henry Ford fan either. I just like honest reporting.

      Have you ever wondered why a company that has a waiting list that is delivery sensitive , that has a list of clients in the richest countries around the world , that can sell six hundred thousand cars before they are built around the world without putting out one single advertisement anywhere . This question is rhetorical . Right?

      If any of you PG auto dealers read this I’d like to give you some advise . Instead of making those glossy ,colourful , clay filled paper ads . Make them out of paper that burns . That way they’ll be read by the fire place or wood stove or fire pit . Or make them out of really soft paper so they can go really rural . This is the quasi north after all .

      Gopg I think if you saw the solarcity roof and powerwall 2.0 video you would change your mind . There is abundance coming . This is brick on brick stuff .

      So Ataloss you have comfirmed the highly priced subsidized Tesla is just a toy for the rich paid for by the struggling middle class.

      Here is some reading material for you

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/11/02/the-cult-of-tesla/

      Oh Anthony has solar which makes sense as he lives in a desert, has to contend with very high energy prices caused by the green mob and drives an electric car, neither which you have.

      Right Ataloss, that question is rhetorical. They make a really popular product. I wouldn’t mind having one myself but it’s not in the budget. But the fact is, even with massive government subsidies, they’re not a viable business. If they had to rely on those sales as their sole source of revenue (like regular businesses do) they’d have gone belly up long ago.

      Gee Seamutt, you didn’t check my link either. You just posted the same one.

      Now you guys know what it must have felt like to sit with your really fine looking napped flint point looking across the fire at a guy with a copper axe . In your face .

      Come on you two . The question was . How come tesla doesn’t have to advertise ? Pretty simple question for a couple of geniuses like you . Why , don’t , they , advertise? Mind you , you don’t see Ferrari ads either but then they cost a little more than 40k and you can’t use your roof to fill the tank .

      Already answered that, Ataloss. They don’t have to advertise because it’s a very popular product. Duh.

Way to go College Heights Community Association! One more Halloween memory that my family has enjoyed making at your firework show. It has become tradition for us; we live very close to CHSS. Thank you volunteers and donors for giving so much to our community. You really help to make our neighbourhood one to cherish. Thank you CHCA!

Was watching Quiz Me after the news and playing along until the question “what is the square root of 225?”. The kids answered 5 and 13 which I thought was really good guesses for their age. Then the host said “the answer is 25” and I cringed…

    Changed “was a good guess” but didn’t go back and change the “was” to a “were” post change. Until I read the change post posting….

    When I looked at that question, I started to think of when the last time was that I needed to find the square root of a number. Probably high school.

So, YRB Vanderhoof spends thousands of dollars repairing the approaches to the little bridge a hundred yards east of the Hwy 16 Weigh scales in Vanderhoof. The west bound offramp had an awful dip in the pavement that was there for a number of years. Thanks YRB. The only problem with all the money spent and the work done is, they created another awful dip on the east bound off ramp. Who are these people doing this shoddy work and why is it being approved? Why are our tax dollars being wasted by incompetent contractors?

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