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October 27, 2017 8:24 pm

Unseasonable Weather to Continue

Monday, November 7, 2016 @ 10:20 AM

Prince George, B.C. –   “”It’s another  warm day across the  Central Interior” says Environment Canada Meteorologist Ross MacDonald  who says the first week of November  has produced unseasonably warm temperatures.The region is experiencing a warm  south westerly flow, courtesy of what  is  often called a “pineapple express” as  warm  air  from  the  area of Hawaii makes it way to the  B.C. coast.

While the  flow  has  brought  heavier rains to the south coast areas of B.C.,   the interior  is experiencing showers.  “We are going to go for a forecast high of  eleven degrees today, and even warmer tomorrow with a high of 14 degrees” says MacDonald.

But at 14 degrees,  that’s not a new record  for November  “It’s going to be close, but  14 doesn’t quite make the daily record.  The daily  record  for tomorrow is 16.7 set back in 1930. So we will be warm, we will be close, but not quite  at a daily record.”

He says the warmest  monthly record for  a November in Prince George was 17.4.  Still,  so far,   November has been unusually warm  in Prince George says MacDonald “To put it into context,   including today, we will have had 6 of  the first six days will have broken through the 10 degree mark.  On average, we only see one day  in  the month of November where it gets above 10 degrees, so certainly to start the month we are well above normal.”

The  warmth will be with us for  a while yet says MacDonald “That warm air mass looks to be sticking around for the rest of the week  with temperatures in Prince  George  in double digits.  So we’ll  be seeing unseasonable  temperatures right until the weekend.”

He says there might a be slight cooling into the weekend, “Into the high single digits,  but we’ll  still be above normal temperatures there.”



Loving every minute of it.

    great now have Loverboy song stuck in my head lol

Hmmmm, the warmest day on record for November was set in 1930? How do the global warming/climate change/anti-pipelines/anti-oil alarmists explain that? I am with Taktak, I am loving every single minute of this!

    You’re confusing “weather” with “climate”.

Best thing is…

You don’t have to shovel rain.

How long do things have to remain “unseasonable” before they become “normal”?

the times they are a-changing

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