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October 27, 2017 8:15 pm

Mayor and Council Encourage Women to Get into Politics

Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The City of Prince George  is hoping it can encourage  more  females to  consider  being involved in municipal politics.msmayor

In conjunction with the  “Inspiring Women Among Us” celebration  that is  taking place in the City ( see previous story)   Mayor and Council  are opening  Council Chambers  on Saturday   for a couple of hours  to spread the word,  and  possibly  inspire  women  among us, to  enter  the realm of municipal politics.

Prince George has had two  females  hold the post  of Mayor,  Carrie Jane Gray was the first,  then Sherri Green and  the  current   presence of women on Council  (3)  accounts for about  one third of  those elected.

Mayor Lyn Hall points to  provincial politics and the number of provinces with female  premiers, the increasing numbers of women in  the federal  government   and says the time is right.  “I think the whole gender balance  and demographic balance is good on Council or any elected  body.”

The event at City Hall  starts at 10 am and  runs until noon Saturday.   Mayor Hall  says he  plans to share his experiences in  elected roles ” I think what I want to do is just lay out what Mayor  and Council are all about,  what it’s like to be an elected official  and I will  likely talk about my time on the School Board and the commitment that it needs,  the work load and what you can expect from the job, the struggles, the stresses  and the positive things.”

Mayor Hall’s list of positives includes  seeing things  you have been working on, come to fruition. such as  the  development of the Riverbend Seniors complex, the  resumption of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel construction,   construction  in the downtown,  and a  positive feeling and attitude in the City. “So when you work hard to achieve something,  and once  you finally know that  deal is in the bag, it’s a pretty positive feeling.”

He says he wants to give  those  who attend,  a sense of what it’s like to be Mayor of Prince George  and what it’s like to be on Council “For me, it’s about giving that overall picture  and not just the challenges but the  benefits as well because that’s important,  there  is a lot of positive stuff you can take away from being on Council or in an elected municipal position.”

The bottom line says Mayor Hall is “Those of us who are elected,  we have a responsibility to show   others it’s a worthwhile endeavour,  and  to step to the plate in those elected  positions,  yes, it takes strength and it’s a big  decision to make,  but for me and  for anybody in an elected position, it’s a worthwhile cause,  it’s a worthwhile job to take on.”



I’d like to see the day when people are elected (or hired or promoted etc.) based on their merits and not their gender. I’m not a big fan of legislated equality.

    Me too. Not the direction we’re headed though. Yet. Too many still misinterpret the word ‘equality’. Which really means ‘no quality’. They’re the types who favour keeping everyone permanently miserable instead of allowing anyone to be happy. Leveling down, instead growing up. They’d sooner the field remain bare rather than letting a few blades of grass come up before the rest.

Look what happened when Greene was in

You are correct axman

Mayor Merrick……bike lanes for EVERYONE!

Greene was the worst mayor… so she beat out all the males..so she is top of the bottom.

Merrick is self centered, only on council to push her own agenda…

I would use either of the females as reasons to get into politics..I would see them as reasons to NOT run.

Shouldn’t our Mayor and Council be encouraging “quality” people to get into politics, rather than focusing on just one segment of our population? Given a choice, I think that most people will always vote for the person that they consider to be the most qualified, male or female!

Encouraging women while not also encouraging men might be seen as sexist!

Hey I welcome both men and woman to be on council. I think with the amount of underground plumbing we have, for example. we should consider
someone with extensive experience, most of the council members have been voted in due to a bit of popularity. Truth is they don’t have a lot of experience. This is why whenever there are any issues, ummm we have to hire engineers for answers. How wonderful tax dollars are.

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