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October 27, 2017 8:15 pm

Friday Free For All – Nov. 18th, 2016

Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

It is that time of the week again,  when  you are encouraged to speak up on issues that struck a chord  with  you  over the past week.

It is time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic,  but as always, obey  our three simple rules:

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So it looks like Trump wants to settle the softwood lumber issue by rolling it into NAFTA. Sees cheep building supplies and affordable housing as the biggest issue. Wants to settle the issue in his first 100 days.

This should bode well for PG. American housing starts are at the highest they have been in 9-years since just prior to the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Of course just mentioning Trump’s name will bring out all the hostile partisan meme toting hate-tards yelling extremist democrat talking points. I find it amazing how otherwise normal people that one has known for years can turn into ugly mindless haters (MSM programed) the moment Trumps name comes up.

Even if Trump is talking about free trade for Canadian lumber Trudeau will probably get his talking points from Obama and blame Trump for hating the environment, and the CBC along with the rest of the MSM will report it as a sex scandal with Trump bragging about his hardwood in a softwood battle.

Time Will Tell

    One thing about Trump is he has really exposed the mainstream media and their biased agenda when it comes to truthful reporting.

    One sees how the MSM manipulate the agenda to try and take down Trump with an obvious bias in the reporting of today’s news organizations. The media editors hate Trump because they can’t control him; and they don’t even bother to hide it.

    So one is left asking if they can be so obviously biased in their coverage of Trump… to try and destroy a power that could threaten their world view… then it brings into question once more could the MSM also have been this biased with their reporting on the events of 9/11….

    After all the MSM would be protecting the same globalist hegemonic imperial interests in both cases of reporting the ‘politically correct’ innuendo, rather than the unbiased facts.

    Meanwhile on Remembrance Day Trump once more called for an investigations into 9/11 and the flawed report on 9/11 that didn’t even make a single mention of WTC#7 (the worlds first steel structure sky scraper to collapse without getting hit by a plane).

    The credibility the media will have after a new 9/11 investigation by Trump one can only wonder….

      Eagleone your comments about the media and Trump are spot on. The heavy bias of Canadian media enabled Trudeau.

      Your information on WTC 7 though is wrong. That building collapsed mainly because of weakened structure caused by the long burning fires. There was no or very weak water pressure so the sprinklers could not work and no firefighting was able to take place.

      ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_World_Trade_Center

    This would be good..I was thinking actually Trump would have gone more to the protectionist side of things to protect American jobs. The lumber producers in US (mainly) private timber owners that comprise of the softwood lumber coalition have some pretty good pull in their local states against Canada’s (mainly BC’s) position in the lumber market. The other interesting thing that has been going on lately is Canadian companies like Canfor and Westfraser have been buying American sawmills & assets quite aggressively the last couple years. Could this be a strategy by the companies to mitigate the SLA?? I definitely thing so..

    Anyhow as you said.. “Time Will Tell..” Cheers,

      For anyone interested here is a link to the US Lumber Coalitions website. It has some good insight on what they US lumber producers and state politician’s are pulling for. Stuff that you wont hear in news.


    hate-tards! What an ignorant expression.

    If you would have stooped at the first paragraph there would have been nothing wrong with your post. BUT it is YOU that went to expand the topic for no reason to reasonable people.

Further to the changes in BC liquor laws story, Ataloss’s closing comments are quite correct; several countries (governments and/or their wine industry bodies) have written to the BC government over the past 18 months to express concern about how it is proceeding with changes to wholesaling and retailing of wine in BC. The United States, Chile, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union have all registered their concern. The United States’ Permanent Representative to the World Trade Organisation also tabled concerns at a scheduled June 2015 Trade Policy Review for Canada. Some of the stated reasons for these countries concerns are:

1. Differential mark-ups between BC-only wines and international wines (including direct delivery for BC wine) amount to “preferential treatment” of domestic wine.
2. Allowing BC-only wine on grocery shelves amounts to preferential treatment of domestic (i.e. BC) wine, and barring international wines from grocery shelves inhibits their ability to compete and access the marketplace.

With high school Christy, and her gang that can’t shoot straight, at our helm; BC will no doubt “lose” the World Trade Organization and NAFTA challenges, just like most of their other court cases, and we the BC taxpayers, and our wine industry, will end up paying compensation to those countries.

    I don’t mind “only” BC wines in our grocery stores, but since we are a bilingural country, we should have french wine on the shelf too, so let’s get some Keebec wines on the shelves, LOL!

So Trudeau signs CETA last week with all sorts of provisions for privatizing water resources….

Then earlier this week he invites the worlds biggest state owned enterprises and sovereign wealth funds to be a part of his big announcement for the Canadian Infrastructure Bank… only this bank and its role is all about the government privatizing Canadian infrastructure to the globalist elite… rather than nation building with sovereign infrastructure.

Trudeau envisions 20% Canadian government investments with the remaining 80% private capital.

Asked to justify this the liberal party explains that this is the only way to save Vancouver port and airport from the destruction of global warming. Claiming Vancouver needs a new billion dollar retaining wall that would be ideal for private capital to invest in… otherwise Vancouver could be lost… the government on its own would never invest in this we are told.

They also argue many small towns can’t afford to do things like their own water systems on their own… so naturally private capital from foreign investors is the solution. Arguing the only way small rural communities can get infrastructure dollars is to privatize for profit.

After factoring in the interest rates charged and the profit margins, private capital in infrastructure easily doubles the cost of the said infrastructure. Rural and small towns will be hit the hardest.

Imagine now the levy idea city council proposed a few years back.

We the people rose up in a reverse petition and forced the city to have a referendum if they wanted to proceed.

Under CETA rules this project would have had to have been tendered to a private partnership… any municipal infrastructure will have to be open to private bids from anywhere in the EU under CETA rules.

Had we the citizens decided we didn’t need to invest $15 million for the levy after the politicians got ahead of themselves and announced the intent… then under CETA and the investor state resolution clause the aggrieved multinational foreign corporation could then sue Prince George in a private tribunal for all lost potential profits from the canceled project.

Its a catch-22 system Trudeau is setting up designed to privatize Canadian infrastructure for the profits of the globalist 1%. A far cry from the $10 billion in federal deficit investments in infrastructure he promised during the last election.

    Then Trudeau goes to Cuba to send a signal to the new American administration that he is close to the Castro brothers… but Castro has other ideas and sends his B-team to meet Trudeau at the airport; while sending their A-team to meet the Vietnam President at the same airport only hours latter.

    Castro than gives the full state visit to the Vietnamese delegation and a meeting with Castro… while Trudeau is snubbed and sent on his way with a does of humiliation and no meeting with Castro.

    It comes off looking inept and unplanned on the Canadian part… maybe trying to hard to look important to a 3rd world dictatorship and coming off looking small. It should signal the end of the Trudeau honeymoon now that he has clearly picked the sides of the international banksters over his leftist base.

    Time Will Tell

I see you had a lot saved up for this weeks open floor eagleone you need to get out more

Really, what ARE you on about??
I guess someone needs to educate that guy on how to set up his own blogsite.
No, no, its not like he’s hijacking this one or anything.

    I wonder if Eagle had to get a license to drive Donny Douchebag’s band wagon ?

      No DI . Membership is open to all brown shirts , KKK ,fascist of all other stripes and their sycophantic followers .

      Still waiting to see what positions tRump appoints Rocky Suhayda and David Duke to.

    I was on about important movements on the softwood lumber file, Trump in the media, CETA and how it relates to Trudeau’s plan to privatize municipal infrastructure, and Trudeau embarrassing Canada overseas. All huge issues for this area.

      I was on about important movements on the softwood lumber file

      Yes, that is an important issue for this region

      Trump in the media

      No, that is not an important issue in this area

      CETA and how it relates to Trudeau’s plan to privatize municipal infrastructure Yes, the first part is important. The second part is also an important, but separate issue.

      Trudeau embarrassing Canada overseas.

      Trudeau is doing quite the opposite overseas.

      Trump is the one that is not only embarrassing the USA overseas but is downright scaring some of the counties other than his famous Russian leader.

Yes, it was a busy week in politics. I had some issues. How about you? Scroll on, scroll on if not.

    You should have those issues looked at by a professional.

      I’m thinking he’s a real entertainment at parties.

    Eagleone; Just wondering how Trump’s election platform makes you thing his policies on free trade/softwood lumber will be good for us here in Canada.
    Did he not say these deals were negotiated by political hacks? Did he not say they are no good for America? Did he not say he was going to put America first when renegotiating? How does hearing that translate to something good for Canada. This of coarse is, IF he will be as effective as he says he’ll be.
    Notice my question left out left/right, MSM, and environment?
    Just asking HOW in the hell you think Trump scrapping NAFTA and “re-negotiating will to our advantage? After all, he is AMERICAN and not looking out for Canada.

      As PG is a forest industry dependent town that relies heavily on how these agreements are negotiated. Eagleone, you may want to cool your love affair with the orange dude until this pans out.

Get ready everyone..the white stuff is coming.. be proactive and get your winter tires on if you haven’t already. Take a few extra minutes when traveling so you make it to your destination. Be safe out there.

    Do you know who yer talk’in to? Nutt’in but Perfessional drivers on this here site, LOL!

      And accident investigator’s..

What is with these clowns driving around with their “fog” lights on? I call them “idiot” lights. People say it lights up the road better, well you know what, they only illuminate 20 feet in front of you so if you go faster than 5 mph you are over driving them anyway.

    Actually to overdrive them you’d have to be travelling the speed of light. 186,000 miles per second plus an additional 5mph.
    That being said, there’s no reason to have your driving lights on while in the city.

    I was driving home the other night (around 9:00pm so it was quite dark) and this idiot was coming towards me with this light bar turned on. I couldn’t see a thing, I actually had to pull over and stop until he was past.

    Agreed, but in all honesty I’m happy when people actually turn their lights on. I see so many that neglect to do so and have no clue that they cannot be seen from behind. It’s a automatic move for me. I get in my car, it’s dark, I turn the lights on. I see several every single evening.

    Fog light? who cares?

    It is the idiots who are driving around town with high beams on, especially those in trucks that shine right into my rearview mirror.

    Just as there are more and more people driving through stop signs, there seem to be more and more with high beams on.

    If they only shine 20′ then why would you care if they are on?

    Many of these idiots are replacing their factory fog and headlight bulbs,(usually Halogen bulbs) with LED bulbs and not replacing the lense buckets that are required to run LED bulbs. Factory buckets use reflectors that are made for the original type of bulb installed at the factory, usually not LED. When these brain dead rocket scientists do this it blinds oncoming traffic even on low beam. Then when you flash your brights at them for blinding you, they like to flash up their LED light bars in retaliation. Then there are the dopes that do replace the bulbs and buckets but don’t adjust them correctly. The world is full of stupid people. What gets me is, the cops just drive right by these goofs.

    What harm do these lights being on do to you? Do they bother your sight? Do they distract you? Or are you just a idiot as well?

Everyone is in such a hurry, every where I go. From tailgating, to not stopping completely at a stop sign. Why such a rush? I strongly suggest having to do a road test every ten years. I bet more than half would not pass. Such bad habits develop over time.
All in all your life is just a dash. “The dash between the years on your headstone!” Why not slow down and enjoy it.

    If everyone drove like a cop was behind them there would be way less collisions.

Eagleone……..Some good points, despite what other have said. Your remarks on CETA should be eye opening to most, and Trumps talk on Canadian lumber should also be of concern! We will have to wait and see which direction we go in?

    Read through CETA, and tell me which part takes the rights of a nation away. After you tell us that, we can start a reasonable conversation.

Rolling softwood lumber into NAFTA? Are you really that dense? Thrump has talked through the campaign about tearing up that whole agreement and I doubt he will want to open up that can of worms right off the bat as there are good and bad parts for both sides in that agreement.


Sitting off to one side all by itself is the softwood lumber agreement. Yankees mill owners have been complaining about it for years but have got minimumal support from the trade bodies. Trump could easily put the jackboots to softwood to prove a point right out of the gate to show that he is dead serious about ‘merica first* Could see quotas and/or tariffs by early 2017. My shares in WFT are on a pretty close leash till this gets sorted.

Winners: Owners of us mills and the combover king
Losers: Ordinary people in the US facing higher costs to build and Canadians

*America First is a phrase that has a pretty shady past dating back to Charles Lindbergh….but fits the Trump mold to a tee.

    If softwood lumber was rolled into NAFTA then we’re back to the same old reason it was kept out of NAFTA by the Canadian side when the deal was negotiated. We didn’t want a free market in log access. And we still don’t. Especially with an American log buyer enjoying a 30% premium through currency exchange. And knowing that the mills in the US Pacific Northwest broke their Unions decades ago. The American lumber workers took wage rollbacks that the IWA in Canada would never agree to. They did that to try to save their jobs. Which largely disappeared anyways, as their remaining mills automated.

    If log hungry American mills can already reach out to New Zealand for logs when their housing market is strong, it’ll be no great problem to roll the log trucks across the border and haul what will become ‘open market’ logs back to the USA. We’ve put ourselves in a financial position where we HAVE TO ‘trade’, instead of being FREE TO ‘trade’. And until we can get ourselves ‘financially’ into a different position, (which we could do, if we wanted to), we’re going to be sucking the hind tit.

      “we can get ourselves ‘financially’ into a different position”

      And you are going to do this how? By not trading and producing our products? That will cost a pretty penny.

      The idea of trade is that one buys from outside the country that which someone can produce to the same quality at a cheaper price based on having a larger market.

      One then sells to other nations those goods and services we have that other countries do not have the capacity to produce at all or not as cheaply as we can.

      The part which is killing many high labour cost countries is the countries which are depending almost entirely on their low labour costs to compete.

      There are several countries that do have high labour costs, but can compete on the world market due to the level of their knowledge industries, the quality of their products, and the number of locations they have world-wide where they manufacture their products.

      Neither Canada nor the USA is so great at competing in that way except for a few industries.

      We could do that by making the financial system FULLY self-liquidating, gopg2015. Which it currently isn’t, and is becoming less so all the time. The way it stands now we HAVE TO ‘trade’, which is not really ‘trade’ at all, but a desperate quest for some other country’s ‘money’. That ‘money’ is used to provide an excuse for the Bank of Canada to increase the Canadian money supply to make it possible for Canadians to more fully access Canadian goods and services for sale HERE we otherwise couldn’t afford. This would be apparent instantly if national currencies circulated internationally and could only be used for what they actually are ~ ‘effective demand’ for the goods and services of the country that issues them. Right now we CAN’T FULLY use their currency to buy their goods in exchange for our goods, actual ‘trade’, in other words. This is a ridiculous position to be in. It distorts physical realities and prevents this country from ever realising its full potential.
      Worldwide, it enslaves the (low waged) populations of the exporting countries, and impoverishes the populations of the importing ones.


Would like to see E1’s bookmark folder but here are a few stories that came from them:

-> Jade Helm and Wal Mart detention centers-start NWO takeover of US

-> Everything in the Pacific ocean dead from Fukushima

-> Causes from MH370 decided an hour or two after it went missing

-> Israel would bomb Iran within days-years have passed

-> Banksters NWO Globalists Jews Federal Reserve Rothchilds Soros

-> False flag operations and crisis actors….everything from Sandy Hook to terrorist attacks.

-> Ukraine…..where do I start?

-> Isis is a mossad op…… they have their fingers in everything.

-> Have you done the chem trails thing yet?

If you look at the ads on a webpage and they mainly consist of way overpriced gold coins or wafers and doomsday prepper supplies then it would be a pretty good indication that the articles on those sites would not pass even a basic fact check. Further if people such as David Duke are featured contributers then the truth is not foremost on the mind of the site mods.

btw Jeff Rense still your goto guy for crackpot theories E1?

Sparrow the term “chem trails” is not a scientific term. It is used as a distraction to demean and discredit those who are calling attention to what is happening around the globe. Some of the scientific terms regarding climate engineering are solar radiation management SRM or solar radiation injection SRI. The effects of these is a whitening of the sky during the day, or clouds with a web-like look, or even the flat, grey-white skies such as the one you see above us today, and for that matter, the one that has been covering our skies almost daily for the past 2 months.

Look at credible sources Geoengineeringwatch.org (who has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian and US governments) or the UN and Climate Engineering. You can even see that the CIA has weighed into the matter. The CIA! Now why would they care about weather?

Here’s a link that describes the skies and the use of aircraft.
ht tp://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/hub/article/10.1002/2015GL066795/editor-highlight/

    GEwatch….run of the mill nutbar site with references to end of times, anti-vaxx and agenda 21. Search chemtrails and there are tons of other similar foil hat sites…take your pick.

    I am not a meteorologist but am positive those grey things in the sky today are called clouds and it is possible to track them entering the area via things way up in the sky called satellites completely independant of any plane that happens to fly by.

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

      There are satellite photos that show evidence of ongoing SRM programs. Governments from around the world, including Canada, have been engaged in some form of climate engineering for decades.

      ht tp://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/sociopol_weatherwar33.htm

      They can no longer hide the damage that has been done. Look at the videos as to what is happening around the world

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/north-pole-20-degrees-warmer-than-normal-as-winter-descends

      Sounds like sparrow will be the first in line for what ever vaccine is deemed good for you.

      Debate? Posting a few links hardly makes a debate especially when the only “proof” they have to offer are a few pictures.

      A Contrail….see
      A Cloud…….see
      A Cloud and a contrail…..see SEE!

      And the holy grail A plane A cloud and A contrail. Need a smoke now.

      Nary a personal account from pilots, ground crews or suppliers of chemicals. No just photos from people with very stiff necks and foil fedoras.

      BTW All sites including GEwatch refer to this as chemtrails. My personal preference are the sites that roll UFO’s into the picture.

Some say university studends are our future, well read about the cuddling of the snowflake generation after the US election, play-doo, crying rooms, coloring books. Folks if this is our future be scared real scared.

Wonder if our uni has a crying room

ht tps://www.sott.net/article/334128-Precious-snowflakes-Universities-offer-Play-Doh-therapy-dogs-coloring-books-safe-spaces-for-students-hurt-by-election

So you are also jealous of people getting post graduate education . That green streak runs deep ,eh?

    No but it has turned into a money sucking educational industrial complex with endless participation trophies. Education is only a side line.

    Your solar system cranking out lots of power today being dull and grey?

      The only thing I’ve seen today that is dull and grey is you , as always . You must be fun at your strata council meetings . I didn’t know there were condos out in willow river . They must be some posh affairs eh .

Now this is scary, the blame game.

h ttps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/11/18/president-obama-blames-the-internet-for-the-rise-of-trump-technology-needs-more-control/

    Ah yes, radio weathercaster Anthony Watts. I wonder if Google is serious about shutting down phony news sites. This guys blog could be on the hit list.

      Refute it then!!!!!

      I knew you were going to say that. Pull that string on your neck and see if they programmed any other sentences.
      Eric Worrell…(from your basement blog) Obama-“Because of the internet and communications, the clash of cultures is much more direct. People feel, I think, less certain about their identity. Less certain about economic security”.

      Is that what your talking about ? some radical twist on a news conference ? I’ve watched most of it. How about you find me an exact quote, or better yet, give me the exact time on the video of the conference where Obama blames the internet for the rise of tRump.

      Here, let me help you seamutt. They were talking about fake news and people like you and eagleone.

      Obama-“if we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, and particularly in an age of social media, when so many people are getting their information in sound bites and off their phones, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems”.

Ignore it all you want but the tricorder is coming . Tricorder.xprize.org

    And as peter says it will also be subject to moore’s law .

I agree with socredible with this prevention of the log export aspect, which would be allowed if incorporated into Nafta and therefore Nafta isn’t the place to put the softwood issue. There are log exports from our province and then there is the totally unrestricted movement of logs within this province, which, if you are a small mill town having your local mills shut down in your community and your local logs leaving is essentially the same as the impact as log exports to other countries.

“It all starts with a job” as the Christy Clark election motto states and indeed that is true as Pink slips=local economic collapse=destruction of communities=sums of its parts failing=provincial collapse.

The so called “free and wide open log market” that the US has demanded is what is actually destroying small town BC. Unlimited mill consolidations have been allowed (and the large forest companies have taken full advantage of this since 2003) when our province deceptively removed local processing requirements (the infamous removal of appurtenancy). The spin doctors have used this to craft the plausible explanations to support unlimited mill closures and consolidating timber supplies from anywhere they want by “its because of the pine beetle” or it makes us “globally competitive”. Well;There are no pine beetles on Vancouver Island or the north coast and next to nothing in the southeast or the northeast…and yet numerous mills have been closed IN ALL parts of this province and those timber supply areas are seeing their towns decimated and their timber being shipped elsewhere or exported. The “its uneconomic” to continue to operate these mills story is a planned running out of these mills and money saving planned obsolescence as to get the best corporate bang for their buck and the province upholds this deception.

Here is the other alarming part of what has happened in BC and is going to show up more as we go along; why are we running out of timber supply EVERYWHERE in this province? There is something much more serious than just the pine beetle which only impacted the timber supply in the central areas of the province. There WAS at least some level of a stewardship link which was self serving to sustainable forest management when a specific mill was tied to a particular timber supply area as if that company over harvested or high graded that timber supply it would end up going broke at some point. Well, now we have a situation caused by the removal of that direct linkage (local processing/appurtenancy) that actually encourages high grading of each area and simply moving to somewhere else to high grade and deplete the next most profitable areas. Good for forest company profits but it is a disaster to this province’s future and one by one we will continue to see mills close jobs lost and small town economies decimated.

There is an interesting story from cbc radio who picked up a press release from Fort Nelson where the community is threatening to take the Ministry of Forests to court in order to re establish a forest industry in that community. Its had enough, it is going bankrupt and this province has allowed a company to monopolise its forests and starve it to death. Small town BC needs to wake up and realise you could and most likely will become the next community who has no rights to have a local economy in the eyes of this provincial government.

    Actually, woodchipper, what’s happening really isn’t “good for forest company profits” long term. Their profits as a percentage of their overall sales are in continual decline. This is one of the main reasons the previously super ‘integrated’ large companies have already gone, or are now going, through a process of ‘disintegration’. The ones on the coast have already fallen, and those in the Interior will soon follow. Further consolidation and rationalisation won’t save them, even though both will soon occur. The problem is largely to due with the way the financial system currently operates. And it will only be rectified when we look at, and change, THAT. Nothing else will correct it.

Quit handing out subsidies and you will have a softwood lumber agreement.

    Totally agree . Strange how subsities for all the fossils is moot . No borders or treaties can touch the fossils industry . They can suck and blow with impunity . Get rid of all subsities and they will be the first to dry up and blow away . They suck 6 trillion dollars of subsities out of humanity globally , yearly . And 34 billion a year out of us Canadians per year .

      Name these subsidies and quit parroting the Tyee and Pembina Institute crap. You environazis pull these numbers strait from your uninformed biased asses.

      How many trillions in subsidies do the renewables get ataloss? Nothing but crickets on that topic. Just ask a Ontario resident if you need a real answer.

      I’m not your mother . Do your own home work .

      Okay Dow . I was busy . Those numbers are directly from the IMF . Look up International Monetary Fund . They get all the numbers . They keep their eyes on the money 24/7/365 on behalf of us all .

      Also see at Wikipedia , Energy subsities , they’ve republished the renewable subsities as well , which are tiny in comparison. This should help unclog your misinformation . The tyee et al just reprinted the IMF numbers . It’s not a left or right thing . It’s about the money , plain and simple . You are also getting screwed .

      Ataloss about subsidies, read the source

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/12/the-truth-about-energy-subsidies-solar-gets-436-times-more-than-coal/

      here is another one, now try to refute before immature name calling

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/05/03/fail-co2-emissions-increasing-in-eu-despite-1-trillion-in-green-subsidies/

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/08/the-economist-fossil-fuel-subsidies-and-climate-disaster/

For those that care about the future of commerce ,peer to peer and much more. Ted.com today Bettina Warburg’s talk explains it in common terms . BlockChain is coming fast . In some cases it’s here .

    What you call subsidies, accountants call GAAP. Depletion allowances by you goofs is considered a subsidy. Not paying a non existent carbon tax is considered a subsidy by the Pembina institute. Cooked methods puked out as facts to the gullible like you.If wikapedia is your source of truth, it explains your deluded conclusions on most every daft post you make. Again ask ontario hydro payers what renewable subsidies have done to their power bills. Those are facts you won’ t find from the IMF.

      No . It’s goofs like you that don’t read to the bottom where all the links to reality live . Unlike you we don’t value Alex Jones et al as credible but spew on . I guess you didn’t read any of it . Have you seen the U.S. Dollar ? Have you seen the level of the market ? I’ve been long the U.S. Markets since 05 and have made a fortune . Months ago you said how wrong I was . You haven’t a clue . And no one could clue you in . Not even a winner could . You’ll have to sedate your feeling by pretending it’s all a lie . Btw write offs are a tax break paid for by all of us .

      The IMF are goofs ? You don’t even know anything about them .

Changing the topic to VACATIONS… What about that Canadian that went to Mexico with his friends??? MORAL of the story??? NEVER go on vacation with your friends

Well socredble, I never suggested that what is happening is good for large forest companies for the long term. Its not good for anything but short term profits and expanding monopoly controls to a wider field.

As for those profits declining in some mills more than others is that as this running down of several facilities occurs in the planned closures that for sure they will not be so profitable as the mills they are ramping up and modernising to consume that timber in the future.

The offloading and claims of sustainable management of our forests..by them..and without the necessary provincial oversight is causing a depletion of viable timber supply and hence we are plundering and over cutting to the extent that indeed we arrive one by one as uneconomical timber supply areas.

Nevermind with distractions of world banking.

    Woodchipper, back in the early 1950’s, when the newly elected WAC Bennett Socred government had very little choice but to follow through with the system the previous Liberal/Conservative Coalition government had already put in place for the allocation of Crown timber, namely Tree Farm Licences, these entities were set up with “sustainability” in mind. The original TFL’s didn’t ALL go to large companies. A variety of what would now be considered to be relatively small and medium sized Firms were also awarded them. But, just as in the case of one of the then large Coastal private forest land owners, most Firms that received a TFL found that they were unable to operate them “sustainably”. So they sold them. Just as Prentice Bloedel in effect ‘suckered’ H R MacMillan into a merger of their two Firms to form MacMillan Bloedel. Everyone thought at the time that H R MacMillan had pulled off the business coup of the century. Bloedel’s outfit had 40 years of timber supply, MacMillan’s only 20. But Bloedel saw what was coming. “Inflation”. Costs kept rising, and the timber had to be cut faster and faster to try to keep even with their advance. And so it was with the TFL’s. Now you can look at it any number of ways you want, and I see you already have in regards to some of the things you’ve mentioned above. But until the “finances” are modified, nothing like the problems you’re mentioning are going to be able to be solved.

Eagle,How is the PM can offer the world a chance to invest in Canadian infastructure and an infastructure bank and not give Canadians the first oppurtunity. We have a bank and we have a tool already established to do such things. The Bank of Canada was established for just this sort of thing. The Canada Savings Bond was also established for such things.

    You really need to look up the bank of Canada’s function .

      Yes, ataloss, that would be a good first step. The Bank of Canada is the “fiscal agent” of the government of Canada. In theory it could also finance government infrastructure, as Eagleone has often suggested.

      What Eagleone is missing is the effect this would have on ALL other loans, and the Canadian dollar’s exchange rate with every other foreign currency. IF we were in a position where we DIDN’T HAVE TO ‘trade’ with other countries, not just to get their goods, but more so to get their ‘money’, this wouldn’t be such a big thing. But we’re NOT in that position, and no Federal government of any existing Party seems to have any desire to take us there.

      Of course the really big thing Eagleone is missing is the simple little fact that the only thing that gives any ‘money’ any worth at all it its ‘credibility’. The continued CONFIDENCE of the general public of the country whose central bank issues it that it will be accepted as effective demand for what anyone wants to buy with it.

      IF the politicians had their hot little hands on the loans department of the Bank of Canada and could instantly conjure up some ‘money’ to pay for whatever infrastructure, or any other thing they might fancy would help them get re-elected, absolutely ON DEMAND, just how much ‘confidence’ would there be that such a Canuck buck would long be good as effective demand for anything? Who would want it? No one, unless they were being ‘bribed’ to hold it with a usurious interest rate, which WE would have to pay. And maybe not even then.


      You and Rockefeller would get along so well together. You would be best buds.

      No, hahaha, it’s not very likely Rockefeller and I would be “best buds”. Trudeau is more his type. He leads the Liberal Party of Canada, the party of the debt dealers.

      And you think the debt dealers are lefties , really ? You see more differences than I .

      ataloss:-“And you think the debt dealers are lefties , really ? You see more differences than I .”

      They’re ‘lefties’ in the sense that they don’t need a ‘profit’ on the part of the borrower to repay their loans, ataloss. Because a loan to a government, where government is ‘left wing’ and believes that ‘profit’ is some great evil that robs the workers of their just desserts, can always be repaid from taxation. To keep a socialist system working, even if the government OWNS all the banks, requires punitive taxation. Just look at countries that are socialist if you don’t believe me.

    poor gold miner:- Aside from the fact that Trudeau is an idiot whose head is good for little other than growing hair, he is offering the world the opportunity to invest in Canadian infrastructure in what will likely prove to be the false hope that we can repay those loans through increased exports. It is a very dangerous position in which to place this country. One that could ultimately see the long cherished American hope of “Manifest Destiny” finally become reality before the end of the 21st century. And that might just be the ‘best’ fate that could befall us. There are others that are far, far, worse.

Sort of kind of cred . But, it already happens that way via municipal bonds and treasury bills . I worry Trudeau is going to sell our infrastructure and make us pay for it through user fees and taxes . I find it hilarious that the right thinks the fed libs are lefties .

    They ARE ‘lefties’, ataloss. There has always been a certain concentricity between the left wing Socialist and Liberal Parties and High Finance. They may march separately, but they conquer together. The left cries out constantly for the ‘re-distribution’ of wealth. But you’ll NEVER hear a left winger EVER call for a ‘re-distribution’ of any country’s National Debt. Though surely it must be obvious to them that if the country is said to be so much ‘poorer’ by the amount of its National Debt, then whoever holds that National Debt must be so much the ‘richer’, wouldn’t you say? So this begs the big question. Just WHO holds most of THAT debt? I’ll give you a hint. Those who are able to ‘create’ it, out of nothing, and currently have been allowed to appropriate OWNERSHIP of it.

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