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October 27, 2017 8:12 pm

Upheaval in McBride Council

Monday, November 21, 2016 @ 9:44 AM

mcbridelogoMcBride, B.C. –  The Village of McBride  has a problem.   On  Friday , November 18th,   three of the four Councillors  resigned  their  positions.



That  leaves just Mayor Loranne Martin and Councillor Rick Thompson  as the elected officials,  but  with only two remaining, (Councillor Robert Callaghan had resigned some time ago citing health concerns),  there is no quorum,  so   they have  no  authority to  conduct  business  for the community.

Mayor Martin  says she wasn’t totally surprised that  Councillors Sharon Reichert, Ralph Bezanson and Edith Tracey decided to call it  quits,  the writing  was on the wall  in the weeks and months prior  to their  tendering their resignations.

The issue,  says Mayor Martin  was one of attendance.   There had been a number of meetings where  Councillors were absent says Mayor Martin, and   because of that,   the meetings had to be cancelled  because of lack of quorum, which, in the case of McBride,  means three  elected officials would have to  be present  in order to conduct  business.

Martin says  she had contacted the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development prior to the resignations to ask for direction,  “This came down because  Councillors must attend meetings”   and that  “Several meetings of Council have been cancelled recently due to lack of quorum which has resulted in Council being unable to perform its legislated duties.”

A  Council meeting  that was  to take place tomorrow has been cancelled,   the  Village of McBride  website   has already been changed to  reflect  the resignations  as only  Mayor Martin  and Councillor Thompson  are  listed  in the ‘bios” section of  Mayor  and Council.

Mayor Martin says  the Ministry  has been advised of  the situation and  she is  awaiting   a response.  “It is my understanding that  the Ministry can either issue an order that the remaining  Council members will  constitute a quorum or  appoint  representatives until  there can be a by-election.”  A decision from the  Ministry is expected soon.

Mayor Martin  says she didn’t expect  this  kind of thing to happen when she made the decision to run for Mayor two years ago “You expect  that over the term they will do their job,  they will read their material and be prepared for intelligent debate when  you sit at the table,  but  you have to get to the table  to  get to that point.”


Interesting. No doubt we will hear more on this issue.

I wonder if perhaps there were simply too many meetings? The last company I worked for had meetings just for the sake of having meetings I swear. Once a meeting was called at 4:00 pm on the Friday of a long weekend that could have waited until the following week, this was done just to send a message as to who was in charge. Not saying this is the case here but who knows. People have lives outside of work no matter what their occupation

    Having meetings gets so bad in some companies that it is necessary to have a meeting to determine when meetings should be held, where they should be held, and who should attend.

    I would suggest that in most cases meetings could be cut by 50% and those meetings that were cancelled would never be missed.

      And then a meeting to find out why nothing is getting done!

The three resigned councillors should be responding.
There’s a lot more to this than just “meetings”……..

These are the regular scheduled council meetings that these three councillors were not showing up for. You would think there would be an obligation to notify the Mayor or administration that you can’t make the meeting and that was never done.

You would think if a councillor comes forward and is elected to serve the community that they would have a moral obligation to fulfill that commitment? This is strange. Even if the resigned councillors disagreed with the Mayor or were somehow frustrated with the process, they owed it to the community to carry on.

The councilors who resigned have apparently written a letter to the Minister explaining what caused them to resign. We may soon find out more about exactly what the problems were.

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