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October 27, 2017 8:11 pm

1 Injured in Early Morning Home Invasion

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 9:08 AM

Prince George, B.C. – One man has been treated for significant but non-life threatening injuries following an early morning home invasion in Prince George.policecarnew

RCMP Cpl. Craig Douglass says the incident occurred at around 2 a.m. this morning at a home on the 2300 block of Oak Street.

He says officers attended the scene to find a lone adult male victim of a home invasion robbery. He was later transported to hospital.

Douglass says it’s believed that more than one person was responsible for the offence and notes several firearms were stolen and believed to be the target of the robbery.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police.


If this ever happens to you just let the bad men do whatever they want to you and your wife then call police when they leave. Three armed intruders did a home invasion in Northern Alberta last week and the homeowner was able to shoot one of the intruders so the RCMP arrested and charged him with “discharging a weapon with intent”. Now the guy will probably have to spend 100K defending himself in court. Not long ago there were a number of home invasions near Sherwood Park and The RCMP said to simply comply with the home invaders demands and when they leave call us. That is good advice to give your wife and daughter, how pathetic.

It would seem that crimes against ‘property’ don’t count for much in Canada anymore. Too bad. Another way of steadily depriving us of all our private property rights.

You have every right to defend yourself in your home providing you don’t use more force than necessary. There must be more to the Alberta story ? !!

That area is just out of control. I have a co-worker friend that was new to town and rented in that area because it was cheep. He asked me to stop by for a beer one evening because the chaos in the neighbourhood and he lived alone. Crack house two houses down was busted in the morning but back up and operating by the afternoon… His neighbor got jumped by three guys just walking to the 7/11… And in the few hours I was there on his porch we watched a number of people walking down the street going up driveways looking for things to steel, someone entered his back yard looking around (which he says happens a couple of times a night), the crack shack was like a revolving door for groups of 4-5 teens at a time, and hooker looking girls going in and out of a house across the street.

I was just gobsmacked that this was even the same PG I lived in. I knew it was a bad area, but never imagined so much crime right out in the open. I was shocked at the poverty that must drive these crimes. One lady was even going through a rubbishy pile in a front yard hoping to find anything of value.

Myself I live in another part of the city and growing up we never locked our doors once and never ever had a property crime even on our street much less multiple times a night like they get down in the hood. In fact living here my whole life I don’t know of anyone that has had a house break in, so could never understand the high crime status of PG. but obviously we have such a high horrendous crime rate in the hood that it skews the stats for the whole city as a whole.

    Another confused old timer. Oak st has always been a dump, always full of scumbags all the way to Strathcona. And stop with the ‘we never locked our doors’ crap. I grew up here as well, only an idiot didn’t lock their doors, no matter what part of town you grew up in.

    The VLA and Northern Toyota area has always been a dump, stop making up stories about the ‘good old days’ , it’s a figment of your imagination.

I don’t imagine many will agree with me but I believe that if you’re breaking into my home then your life is forfeit. I don’t care what social ills brought you to that moment but believe me….you’re gonna die. I don’t like most people already but I’m sure not going to shed a tear over some Crack addict or scumbag who gets killed committing crime.

    I agree, anyone enters my home wont be walking out

The precedent in BC is that you will be charged and convicted and sent to jail because, according to the judge, “you could have fled out the back door”.

“Three armed intruders did a home invasion in Northern Alberta last week and the homeowner was able to shoot one of the intruders so the RCMP arrested and charged him with “discharging a weapon with intent”. Now the guy will probably have to spend 100K defending himself in court. ”

Why is the life of a police officer worth anymore than the life of the folks they are suppose to protect from these scum bags. The police don’t hesitate to use deadly force at the hint of an altercation. In quite a few case their actions border on murder. In a lot of the incidents the police could have solved the problem if they wanted to but for a lot of the cops it is a chance to use their guns and excess force and legally try to justify it. But now Joe citizen is just supposed to sit ideally by while someone robs them or kidnaps their kids or rapes your wife. When some one breaks into your house day or night you have no way of knowing what their intentions are or if they are armed or not. Further more why should the onus be put on the homeowner to try and determine what their intentions are and risk getting stabbed, beaten up or worse before taking action to defend yourself with what ever means you have at your disposal.

We live in a pretty sick society when we charge home owners or citizens for defending themselves in their own home. Their should be an inquiry as to just what happened yes but after it is determined that a home invasion or a break in was in progress while the home owner was home and it is determined that he was protecting himself and his family and that he feared for his life he should not have to spend a nickle trying to defend himself in a court. Criminals must realize that if you are going to break into houses you loose your rights and you suffer the consequences what ever they may be.

I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I am not prepared to become one of the sheep that our government would like. If Canadians are good enough to fight in wars for our government to protect our freedoms and our country then they should surely be good enough to defend themselves in the event of immanent danger to themselves and loved ones.

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