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October 27, 2017 8:10 pm

Province Announces Affordable Housing Projects

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 1:41 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Sixty eight projects that will create 2,900 affordable rental units in B.C. have been  approved  for construction  throughout the Province.

The majority of the projects are in the Lower Mainland and on the Island,   and while Prince George is on the list of communities which  will see  a  project  developed, the Province  isn’t releasing the details   until  either later this week, or  early next week.   There are  several projects which will benefit  communities in the region,  including Quesnel where two affordable housing projects  that will create 68 affordable  units  have been  approved.

  • Fort St, James  will see one   project developed that will create 16 units
  • Smithers has  had one project approved that will create 15 units.
  • Terrace   has  one project  that will create  45 units  and
  • Prince Rupert  has two projects approved that will create a total of 60  units.

In addition to  creation of additional  affordable housing,  the Province  estimates the  projects will create  thousands of jobs throughout  B.C.  as the  projects are  built.

The new housing projects will serve a wide range of needs including low- to moderate-income renters, seniors, youth, adults with developmental disabilities, Aboriginal people and women and children.

The 68 projects announced  will cost a total of $516 million dollars.


There must be an election coming…

Show us the money. I can bank it for you and hand it out when needed. The 516 million dollars will most likely be handed out over a 20 year span.

I think we all realize 2,900 affordable housing units would not even alleviate the “housing crisis” in Vancouver / Lower Mainland, let alone the entire province. But I do have to say it’s a start and better than nothing.

As with some others on here, I do find this sudden “bleeding heart” caring of the less fortunate, and shelter challenged, in our society out of character for this BC Liberal/Conservative government. Perhaps they are taking a page out of the Federal Liberal election campaign playbook and are positioning themselves farther left than the NDP until after the May 2017 election is over?… because we all know; to win an election; a leopard can change its spots!

    More of a cheetah than a leopard.

Yes anything that happens in the last year before an election call is just to get re-elected

Some people must have tacks in their couch or something. Can’t believe one’s life can be so bad, maybe take up a hobby

Why subsidize the contractor to build these units. Subsidize the lower income earners that have to pay the rent. I see in the lower mainland some people have gotten into lower rental units and do not stay in them very long and then rent them out at a higher rate because there is nothing saying they can not.

Do these thousands of jobs sound familiar? LNG seems to ring a bell.

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