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October 27, 2017 8:08 pm

Twice as Many Bears Put Down This Year

Friday, November 25, 2016 @ 5:55 AM
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Prince George, B.C. – A big increase in the number of bears put down in the Prince George area this year over last.

Northern Bear Awareness Society president Dave Bakker says 41 bears were destroyed from April 1 – Nov. 15. He says that’s up from the 20 bears put down over the same period last year.bears-1994-2015-final

Bakker says calls to the conservation officer service were up too – from 633 in 2015 to 828 this year.

He notes he’s disappointed more bears were put down considering we had an early spring and a good natural food supply.

“But as the year progressed the berries started to wane and the bears got their feed, bears started venturing into the residential areas and it’s not surprising at all when you consider that there’s no such thing as an overfed bear.”

Though some of those bears were euthanized in areas outside the city like Sinclair Mills and Salmon Valley and put down in some cases after being struck by vehicles, Bakker says the majority were put down within city limits and blames it on residential attractants.

“Attractants have to be managed from April to November.” He says attractants include unsecured garbage cans and bird seed feeders.


We must have more Bears this Year, we never seen as many on our Place in nearly 40 Years. I you short some , come out and help yourself!

Incredibly sad. Can I ask people to stop calling conservation when they just see a bear once or twice? Unless you see the bear all the time and it has become a dangerous situation for children, don’t call. Chances are that that bear will move on. Most do in my humble experience.

This what we should do to the…. Pushers and Druggies…. And really keep the streets safe. Bears are no danger. People that sell,and users of the drugs are.

Interesting the fluffy words used, put down and euthanized instead of shot or blown away. Supposedly some trapped bears are injected.

What a shame! We live in an area within the city where bears are frequent visitors during the Fall. We enjoy seeing them amble through our property and have never called anyone about them. It seems to me that it’s about time those who leave their garbage out or have any sort of bear attractants on their property should be fined. The bears will move on if there is nothing on your property to attract them.

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