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October 27, 2017 7:53 pm

Significant Work Remains on Murdered and Missing Women Recommendations

Thursday, December 8, 2016 @ 11:10 AM

missing-womenPrince George, B.C. – It has been  four  years since  the  Murdered  and Missing Women  Commission Inquiry  report “Forsaken”  was released and while  there has been  some progress,  the  Auditor General, Carol Bellringer, says there is still much to be done.The inquiry made 63 recommendations to  improve safety  and save lives of  vulnerable women and girls in B.C.  The Auditor General examined  21 of the recommendations.

Bellringer  says  the Province  stopped  reporting publicly on its progress on implementation  of those recommendations in 2014,  and   calls on  the Province to resume  that practice “Because so many families and communities are impacted by these tragedies and their legacy, we feel it’s important that government once again share its progress with stakeholders and the public. The MWCI’s recommendations are still relevant, particularly with a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls underway”.

According to Bellringer’s audit  the government has “achieved significant results in some areas.”

Those areas include:

  • establishing a  compensation fund for the children of the missing women,
  • the Missing Persons Act was established and came into effect in 2015, and
  • government is providing ongoing funding to WISH, an organization that provides services to women involved in sex work.
  • improving access to transportation along Highway  16 and developing provincial bias-free policing standards are  currently underway.

But outstanding  measures remain,  including  developing a protocol  to help women involved in sex work, who have an outstanding warrant, feel more comfortable reporting violence to the authorities, or enhanced ongoing support for the family members of those currently missing, and those who are looking to heal as a result of the loss of a family member.

Bellringer  notes there are challenges,  such as funding and  stakeholder engagement which are  impacting the  government’s progress on  the  recommendations.

“There is still significant work to be done, and regular public reporting will set the foundation for meaningful engagement and  collaboration between the provincial government and stakeholders  going forward”  says Bellringer.

The call for  renewed  progress reports is the  only recommendation  made  by Bellringer.




46 missing males and 17 females right now in BC.

    Not even close! The following numbers are six years old and even they are considered low.

    “The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) has gathered information about 160 cases of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls in British Columbia. This accounts for almost a third (27%) of all cases in NWAC’s database. To date, the number of cases in British Columbia is substantially higher than any other province or territory in Canada (Alberta follows with 93 cases, representing 16% of cases in NWAC’s database).”

    ht tps://nwac.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/2010-Fact-Sheet-British-Columbia-MMAWG.pdf

      How sad that statistics suggest that the majority of these will have been at the hand of someone that they knew, possibly another Aboriginal person!

      Statistics also show, persons making comments like yours are almost always white males of below average intelligence.

      Well then, I’m certainly glad that I don’t fit within that statistic!

BH, HOW many men are missing?

    With you and Hart Guy still posting comments one here, my answer to your question would be; “two less than we had hoped”!

      When you say “two less than we had hoped” who exactly is the we that you refer too? I am almost positive that no other posters on this site would want to be associated with a post that could be very easily be taken as an online threat.

      That leaves the multiple personas that you have used on news250. A symptom of a multiple personality disorder? Perhaps the”we” is all the little voices in your head agree that think these two posters should disappear.

      Do you agree p#1 ….Yep
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      Etc Etc

      Idle veiled threats BH?? Should Seamutt and I be worried?

      Peeps, I’m still here and Seamutt is still here! What’s the reason why you abandoned People#1, Sophic Sage, JGalt and have now morphed into BeingHuman? Any other alter-egos banging around in your head?

      Sparrow, I had forgotten about some of BH’s alter-egos! Thanks for reminding us of them. I can just imagine Peeps et al responding to the allegation of making threats!

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BeingHuman, Peeps, Sophic Sage, or whatever you go by at the moment, I have a question for you!

An earlier thread a week or so ago discussed Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Statistics show the prevalence of this form of violence. My comment aligns with those statistics. So, rather than being an a-hole and attacking me for my comment, what in your infinite wisdom would you suggest that we do or aboriginal communities do to address the murdered and missing women cases when statistics suggest that the majority of violence is occurring within the realm of IPV?

Or are you happy just blaming “white males” of any intelligence level?

Why are the left so violent? I guess being called out desrupts their little egos.

I sympathize with BH having a multiple personalality issue. The drugs a person I have known with the problem turned him into an unemotional zombie.

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