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October 27, 2017 7:50 pm

Taking Measures to Prevent Injuries from Working in the Cold

Monday, December 12, 2016 @ 5:52 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Another week of bone chilling temperatures  lies ahead for the Prince George region, and that poses a major  danger to  those who must work outside.

Exposure to cold  has been blamed for  injuries to 72 workers  and one death  in B.C  since 2011.  “Construction labourers, trucking and transportation drivers, utility and maintenance workers and ski hill operators are just a few of the many different occupations that require workers to perform their duties outside and employers and workers need to ensure they are ready to work safely in these conditions”  says Dan Strand, Director of Prevention Field Services at WorkSafe BC.

Frostbite, hypothermia and trench foot   are some of the  injuries that can be suffered when working  outside during  a cold snap. “In extreme temperatures, frostbite can occur in a matter of minutes without the proper clothing and equipment” adds Strand .

Workers can be affected by frostbite from something as simple as working with wet gloves or removing gloves to put chains on tires. If workers are going to be exposed to low temperatures, employers need to do a cold stress assessment and implement a cold exposure control plan, to prevent injuries.  A cold exposure control plan must determine who is working where, what they will be exposed to and for how long.
WorkSafe  offers some  cold stress prevention tips:


  • Keep an eye on temperature and wind chill forecasts from Environment Canada and the Weather Channel
  • Minimize exposed skin to cold temperatures and wind chill
  • Layer clothing to allow perspiration to escape and trap heat
  • Keep clothing dry
  • Keep bare hands away from metal objects
  • Stay hydrated but limit the amount of coffee and tea
  • Work rested – fatigue is a risk factor in the cold
  • Wear a hat – body heat escapes through the head
  • Pace any vigorous work with scheduled breaks in warm and dry areas



Don’t do it! Get a job working indoors!

All good tips. The most important being layering up. I still haven’t wore a jacket to work yet this year, because I have sufficient layers to keep me warm. A tea shirt, long johns, jogging pants and a hoody under coveralls is enough for me…

But in this weather I always have a cold back pack with me that contains everything I would need if left stranded somewhere. Minus 100 rated coveralls, spare jacket if neede, spare dry gloves, a 12 volt boot and glove drier, and some hand warmers… Most of which has never been used. It’s like a cheep life insurance policy for just in case.

Anyone operating equipment of any kind should never leave without first draining all air, adding air line antifreeze before powering up, and bringing a torch just in case. Anything less and it’s like Russian roulette with your safety and life.

Speaking of cold and our dear leader wants to hamstring our economy by hundreds of billions with a carbon tax based on no provable, verifiable tax. He has already increased our debt by 30 billion now a carbon tax and he will give that money away to other countries building his egotistical based legacy from our pockets.

The following report is by the Met office in England, a staunch propagandists of the c02 bs. So this report must be hard for them.

“New official data issued by the Met Office confirms that world average temperatures have plummeted since the middle of the year at a faster and steeper rate than at any time in the recent past”.

“The huge fall follows a report by this newspaper that temperatures had cooled after a record spike. Our story showed that these record high temperatures were triggered by naturally occurring but freak conditions caused by El Nino – and not, as had been previously suggested, by the cumulative effects of man-made global warming.

The Mail on Sunday’s report was picked up around the world and widely attacked by green propagandists as being ‘cherry-picked’ and based on ‘misinformation’. The report was, in fact, based on Nasa satellite measurements of temperatures in the lower atmosphere over land – which tend to show worldwide changes first, because the sea retains heat for longer”.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/12/12/met-office-data-confirms-record-drop-of-global-temperatures/

    Ataloss will have to crank up the ‘ol solar panels to keep warm!

      After he brushes the snow and frost off them.

      I keep hoping for a very long and gloomy period of weather, one where the sunlight is blocked out to the point where his imaginary battery backup is completely deleted and he is forced to flick the switch to allow in BC Hydro’s safe reliable electricity!

      Can you just imagine the pained look on his face when he flicks the switch, haha!

      Oops, wait a minute…on second thought Ataloss is completely off the grid. He won’t have to access BC Hydro’s power after all. He’ll just go fire up his gas powered backup generator, haha!

      Who needs BC Hydro when you can just fill up the gas tank on your back up generator! Probably a Honda Generator, providing smooth, quiet reliable power, right Ataloss?

    After he buys and install them…

Just remember folks, when you take those frozen long johns off the line, let ’em thaw out and dry. Just found out they’re a bitch to put on otherwise.

    If you get them frozen long handles installed Griz, they tend to irritate certain parts of one’s anatomy as well. At least until some thawing occurs. :)

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