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October 27, 2017 7:50 pm

Hart Community Wish Coming True

Sunday, December 11, 2016 @ 7:34 AM

Prince George, B.C.-   It’s been on the wishlist for  most  who drive Foothills Boulevard  north of North Nechako  Road,  street lights.

Night driving  for anyone on  Foothills  can be  tricky,  especially with  wildlife  crossing the roadway from one greenspace to  another .  It is not uncommon for deer,  moose  and bear  to   be on this stretch of roadway.

During the TalkTober  event,   lighting along  Foothills and along the Hart Highway  were both  items  residents requested from the City  in an effort to improve safety.

This past week, B.C. Hydro,   in partnership with the City of Prince George,  has been  busy installing  lights along the roadway from North Nechako Road   to Highland Drive,  thirty three  lights to be exact.

The 200 watt low sodium lights  on this stretch are now  operational.  This is phase one  of the project.   Phase two will see a further 17 street lights added  from Highland Drive to  Vallencher.

This is the second major route to see street lighting added in the past year.    Tyner Boulevard  was outfitted with lighting  last year  in conjunction with  B.C. Hydro’s  pole replacement  program.


Those lights make a huge difference! Great job! It is like the Hart area of the city is being brought into the 20th century.

    That would be the 21st century…it took a long time! Things get done with our new Mayor, that is for sure! Many thanks to him and thone who work under his guidance!

      No I meant the 20th century. Remember we are talking about the Hart! (that’s the joke) (:

Think ahead,,,go with LED lights,uses about onetenth the power ?

    LED uses 10% less power than low pressure sodium; however, their total life-cycle cost is still higher than low pressure sodium.

Now it would be nice to have lights from the east end of 1st avenue up to the Old Cariboo Highway. A lot of animals cross the highway just east of the jail.

There are issues with LED street lights such as glare. Some cities have actually removed LED lights and replaced them with more conventional such as sodium.

My street has a mix of both and I find the LED irritating as a street light.

    They probably wouldn’t be if they had amber lenses on them or if they were a slight amber themselves.
    I guess the engineers aren’t smart enough for that though.

    They replaced the high pressure sodium on my dads street with the led’s and he curses it all the time. It’s like having someone with their headlights shining in your living room window all the time. I think I would have to move if it was me, but he’s been there over forty years so he isn’t moving anytime soon.

    I realize there are efficiencies with the led’s, but I don’t think they are appropriate for residential areas. Even read a study once where they say the led’s bugger up people and animals natural sleep cycles. I think the led’s should only be used on main arteries, and even then they are an eyesore.

Good move. My family uses the Elksenter regularly and we always use Foothills. At night, the drive was unsafe. Add in fog, snow, heavy rain, or other road/weather conditions and that stretch from Highland to North Nechako could get treacherous.

Great ? If blotting out the night sky and never seeing the stars again is good , then good job . If limiting light pollution is in anyone’s interest , then this is an epic fail . I guess astronomy isn’t a PG thing either . Absolutely amazing nights for gazing this week , plus copious quantities of meteors .

    Wow… hope someone remembers to get Ataloss some tissue for his Xmas stocking.

      I don’t care if PG lights up like Vegas . If you want to blot out your collective sky views with light pollution , go for it . Bchydro will be very happy with your choice to use archaic systems . It’s a big money maker for them . You ? Not so much . I’m well beyond the reach of street lights and will always remain that way , what ever cost . And I know I’m not alone .

    Come on Ataloss!

I witnessed a suicide by truck on Foothills just north of Foothills bridge when I was a teen. A guy just walking down the centreline and stepped in front of the oncoming truck a hundred feet in front of me. I didn’t even see him until he had already been hit. The guy that hit him didn’t see him either because it was dark,rainy, and no street lighting made it impossible to see anything on the road. What a mess… A buddy of mine gave him cpr until the ambulance arrived. Something I never wish to see again.

Sure would be nice if they also did the stretch from Foothills bridge up to North Nechako.

Also highway 97 up to the Hart should have been done as well decades ago. Same problem there with low visibility and people walking on the highway due to no proper sidewalks.

Another problem area IMO is tenth avenue from central street west. We have no less then six restaurants and a liquor store on that stretch and not a single streetlight….

It has been repeatedly asked to put lights on the Hart highway for decades to no avail.

Don’t you have headlights on your vehicles in Prince George? Christy is clapping all the way to the Revenue Dept.

    No, we do not have headlights on our vehicles in Prince George. And we like it that way! Even if we had some we would never switch them on!;-)

    Of coursed we do, but they’re wood-fired and it takes a while to get them going.

Anyone beginning to appreciate the difference between this “community minded” Mayor and Council compared to past “business minded” Mayor and Councils? More than a year has past, and not one trip to China!!!

I find it a refreshing change to have elected officials focused on what is important; namely providing services and infrastructure for us (the taxpayer). Thanks for voting in our own best interest this time everyone!

    BH, these lights were long overdue and it’s great that they are finally being installed!

    It’s nice to see council focus on what is important, unlike their big push for Jillian’s bike lanes. This week, in all of my travels around town, I saw a grand total of one person out on a bike, riding past the Kordoban Lodge!

    One person, that’s one, as in 1! As in one less than two!

    I thought for sure that it was Jillian, but as I got closer, I saw that it was only some poor guy freezing his butt off, hunched over trying to avoid wiping out on the ice as he peddled down the street!

    Yes, sure nice to see Council spend some money of Foothills street lights, lights that should have been installed long before bike lanes!

    Has anybody seen Jillian out on her bike this week? Didn’t think so!


    Solar street lighting is one of their products and they are very inexpensive. They even qualify for net metering in Saskatchewan and Ontario . Why be inefficient when you don’t have to be ?

      In an earlier comment, you criticize the installation of these street lights on Foothills, say:

      Great ? If blotting out the night sky and never seeing the stars again is good , then good job . If limiting light pollution is in anyone’s interest , then this is an epic fail.

      And then you follow up your asinine statement by suggesting that Solar street lighting would be acceptable to you!

      So, is lighting up Foothills good or bad? Well, you think good if using Solar lights but bad if using BC Hydro powered lights? I say light it up, period!!

      As someone who drives Foothills almost daily and as someone who has headlights on all his vehicles and knows how to turn them on, I can assure you that this lighting is long overdue and is definitely needed!

      You and Retired02 are now tied for the Joke of the Day comment!

      Congrats to both of you!

      Hartguy I want you to have the best , latest tech to light your way and I’d like the lighting system to not only light your way but pay for itself . That’s the point of of it . Each lamp post site is an amazing piece of real estate . If used properly to both could provide both lighting and generate energy $$$$$. This could generate millions in PG alone . If the province is in the energy business , why not PG ?

Ospika going up towards Tyner Blvd has LED lighting and I sure haven’t noticed any glare from them? Having them shine into your bedroom would be a problem! They shine straight down and there are no bedrooms below Foothills Blvd, so using LED’s should not have been a problem? Sounds like some bureaucrat made a decision on their own with little outside input?

    LEDs are novel, but the life-cycle cost is still higher than low pressure sodium. I think the City did do their homework for Foothills. Perhaps earlier administrations did not do their homework when they put LEDs on Tyner?

Excellent work installing these lights.. that part of the road needed lights.. to many animals..recreation vehicles etc that need to be seen earlier ..

As for complaining about light pollution from someone who lives out of town is dumb. Btw if you are driving and looking at the stars you are a bad driver..pay attention to what you are doing.. wonder how many accidents star gazing ataloss has driven away from..

15 min in any direction out of pg and you have diminished any light pollution drastically.. but I wanna see the stars from downtown…wahhhhhh poor me…lol

    No kidding! During the recent meteor showers, we drove north out of town and parked on Christopher Road. Less than 10 minutes out of town and we had NO light pollution whatsoever from Prince George!

    I guess that the City should have installed solar powered street lights on Foothills, as I am sure that they create no light pollution at all, right Ataloss?

      of course there is no light pollution …. they are solar … they only work when the sun is shining . duh .. :-)

      saywhat, you might want to talk to Ataloss about the cost of installing solar cells and batteries that he wants installed at each light pole!

      Unlike Ataloss, I understand how long the winter nights are here in PG, and how little sunlight there is on gloomy rainy or snowy days. He’s going to need big batteries! I much prefer the street lights being tied into reliable hydro-electricity!

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