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October 27, 2017 7:45 pm

Level One Emergency Declared as Nechako Jams

Friday, December 16, 2016 @ 8:53 AM


Prince George, B.C.- The City of Prince George has activated a level-one emergency operations centre (EOC) due to continued ice build-up on the Nechako River near the confluence with the Fraser. Emergency Management BC has been notified.

Crews with the Prince George Fire-Rescue Service and City of Prince George have been monitoring river levels around the clock and have observed an increase in the water levels in the final two kilometres of the Nechako River leading up to the confluence.

Cottonwood Island Park remains open at this time, but residents are advised to use caution all along River Road. A section of the Heritage River Trail from the Cameron Street Bridge to Kiwanis Park near the boat launch remains closed to the public.

Yesterday morning, river flow levels from a gauging station at Isle Pierre registered at roughly 200 cubic metres per second, which is about twice the normal flow for this time of year.


Maybe if all he’ll breaks loose they’ll finally dredge.

    The hoops they would have to go through with Fisheries Canada; would make dredging extremely unlikely.

    that would make sense so I wouldn’t count on it.

Do it in late fall, no salmon running up and down the river than.

Funny, we have salmon now, and they did it all thru the sixties.

The will is not there by the powers to be.

Ask Rio Tinto to boost the flow, and blow the ice out of there.

No, the experts have spoken. They say dredging is not the answer.

Politicians and those higher ups in administration are not going to act against the recommendations of experts, especially if those experts come from away.
It’s just the common man (I are one) who thinks that restoring the natural flow path of the Nechako River to allow it to merge with the Fraser instead of meeting it head on is a good idea.
Tricky though, with the changing aspects of volume/velocity throughout the seasons, and the unknowns associated with releases by RioTinto-Alcan.

Dredging and re-alignment makes sense to me, but I am not an expert.

‘X’ = “unknown quantity”
‘spurt’ = “a drip, under pressure”
Heard that definition from a guy I worked with, years ago.


    yes that pretty much covers it…
    thank for the giggle

    If they come from away, they can stay where they’re to. LOL

The Fraser doesn’t ice jam because it is deep and the ice has no river bottom to run aground on. The Nechako does ice jam because it is wide and shallow and the ice has a river bottom to run aground on. If the river was deeper there wouldn’t be an ice jam problem.

Kindergarten puddle play class 101.

    Was that the extent of your formal education bater?


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