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October 27, 2017 7:42 pm

Operation Red Nose Involved in Single-Vehicle Mishap

Monday, December 19, 2016 @ 8:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Wintry conditions were likely a factor in a single-vehicle crash involving designated driving service Operation Red Nose over the weekend.

Spokesperson Andrea Johnson says the incident occurred Saturday night when a designated driver was driving two clients home in a truck when it slid down an embankment near Chief Lake Road and Highway 97.

“The designated driver was driving cautiously due to winter road conditions. The roads were icy and snow-covered with light snow falling,” she says.

“A passenger was taken to hospital by BC Ambulance as a precaution and later released. The two-other people – the other client and the designated driver – in the truck were fine. All three people were wearing seat belts. The truck suffered extensive damage.”

Johnson says after safely delivering close to 12,000 rides, it’s the first incident in the service’s 19-year history in Prince George. “We are grateful that everyone is OK,” she says.

Crash aside, Operation Red Nose delivered another 242 rides over the weekend. Today is the deadline to apply for their final night of service – New Year’s Eve.

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Before all the people start bashing them. remember they still delivered 12,000 people home safely.

These things happen.

I hope the vehicle owners insurance company does not try to weasel out of paying for the vehicle damage by using some loophole because of who was driving.

How on earth would wind be an issue? Were they on a dogsled?

    Where does it say wind was a factor? And were you driving on Saturday night? I was, and the wind caused whiteout conditions on Foothills. It was terrible, treacherous driving all night from one end of the city to the other. Given the conditions I’m shocked there weren’t more accidents.

    Wintry, not windy.

    Wintry, not windy.

Just happy to hear they are all safe. These folks provide an incredible service to us at this time of year. Thankyou, volunteers, again!

if your driving a bigger vehicle, sometimes the wind can push the vehicle around a bit on icy roads. not much but enough to loose control.

“The designated driver was driving cautiously due to winter road conditions. The roads were icy and snow-covered with light snow falling,” she says.

Not cautiously enough evidently!

Will the claim go against the vehicle and it’s owner, as is the ICBC usual, or will it somehow fall under the operator, or operation Rednose itself? Accidents and risk premiums should be attached to drivers, not vehicles. All that aside, would be nice if ICBC would give amnesty for all involved, when dealing with an organization that has probably saved them a ton of money, and possibly lives, over the past years.

Thanks to all the Red Nose people. Feel very sorry for the driver as the intention is always to get a person home safe. One can always think that if the person had not used the service something far worse could have happened.
Keep up the excellent work.

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