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October 27, 2017 7:39 pm

B.C. Residents Split on Kinder Morgan Decision says Poll

Thursday, December 22, 2016 @ 5:51 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  A new Insights West  opinion poll indicates  while most  British Columbians  surveyed  agree with the  Federal Government’s decision  to  stop the proposed Enbridge Gateway  pipeline project,   the  feelings are not so definite  on the Kinder Morgan expansion.Three-in-five British Columbians (59%) agree with the federal government’s decision to reject the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines project, while 29% disagree with Ottawa’s course of action.

As for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project,  an online survey by Insights West   show 45% of the British Columbians surveyed  support the  proposed expansion, and  45% oppose it.

What is interesting to note is that  opposition to the project is remained relatively  static  since  January of this yearly of  2015,   but  support  for the project  has  rebounded from a low of 36% to  45% in December.    That support has drawn numbers  from  those who are not sure  one  way  or  the other on the project,  which  pegged uncertainty at  19% in January   and  just 10%   this month.

“The federal government’s verdict has boosted support for the Trans Mountain project in British Columbia, but not to a point where a clear majority of residents side with one of the options,” says Mario Canseco, Vice President, Public Affairs, at Insights West. “British Columbians who already were opposed to this project remain in the same column.”

Men (52%), residents aged 55 and over (58%), and those who voted for the BC Liberals in the 2013 election (64%) are more likely to support the expansion, while women (48%), residents aged 18-34 (56%), and those who voted for the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) on the last provincial ballot (64%) are more likely to oppose it.

According to the Insights West survey, most British Columbians expect the project to create jobs (77%), support economic growth (71%), lead to increased tax revenue (63%), and lead to strong relationships with Asian countries (49%).

Half of British Columbians (50%) believe it is a good idea to hold a province-wide plebiscite where registered voters get to have a say on the Kinder Morgan expansion.


“As for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline project, an online survey by Insights West show 45% of the British Columbians surveyed support the proposed expansion, and 45% oppose it.”

Interesting how this media release fails to mention that more British Columbians (28%) are “strongly opposed” to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project than are “strongly in favour” of it (18%).

ht tp://www.insightswest.com/news/british-columbians-remain-split-on-kinder-morgan-pipeline-expansion/

Hmmm… I wonder who paid Insight West to have this poll conducted?

    Interesting how those strongly in favour something give it a thumbs up and those strongly opposed break the law of the land and even riot

    If those in favour of something rioted to the point of being arrested it would change the perspective. But they are usually working to support the strongly opposed crowd and don’t have the time

    As for insights west it is made up of people paid to take surveys, easier to send out questionnaires to registered members than actually walk the beat talking to people.

    For example the percentage of the population that voted for the Green Party is 3.5%. Percentage of those who voted Green Party in the Insights West poll
    Stongly agree 1.44 percent of participants
    Somewhat support 7.29 percent of the participants
    Somewhat oppose 3.06 percent of the participants
    Strongly oppose 12.04 percent of the participants
    Don’t know .4 percent of the participants

    So those who voted for the Green Party = 3,5% of the population. Those who voted in the poll that voted Green Party = 24.23%. There is a larger demographic of Greens in those who voted in the poll than voted in the actual election.

    That is why polls do not hold their weight anymore

Polling companies are becoming a joke. People are concerned for sure and want these companies to get it right safety, safety, safety should be the main demand from everyone on the land and water. Focus on that and processing our own oil for more jobs and benefits. This is a raw product like our coal and logs. Just saying NO is not the answer.

British Columbia survey, hum like to see that survey broken down by region. As we know according to media the only British colmbia is metro Vancouver area.

Perhaps instead of polling people from all over the province of BC, Insights West should have polled just the communities located along the proposed pipeline expansion route, including the lower mainland. What would the poll results have been then? 75% against and 25% in favour?

I agree that this poll is somewhat useless, as “social license” for the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project needs to come from the communities, located along the existing pipeline route, most impacted by the expansion project… this includes the lower mainland. When local politicians, such as the Mayor and Councils of Vancouver, Burnaby, etc. are willing to take a strong public stand against the pipeline expansion project, then it is with great certainty the majority of their constituents are against the project as well.

Perhaps we need to put ourselves in their place and think about how strongly we would be opposed to the pipeline expansion project if we had property and homes along that pipeline route, and how much more willing we would be to take action against that project? Sure is nice for most of us to have an opinion when we live nowhere near the south coast, or along the pipeline route.

Well that pipeline was already in place before most people decided to live near it. NIMBY but hey I enjoy it’s products.

Are people opposed to the pipeline which is basically a doubling of the present pipeline, or are they opposed to the big increase on ships in and out of Vancouver Harbour.?? My guess is that it is the latter. Doubling the pipeline itself should not have any huge environmental problems, as all the initial damage is done. Increase in shipping however is a different kettle of fish.

There are already over 23,000 ship movements a year total, so an increase with Kinder Morgan will hardly make any difference.

Those who do not want pipe lines and big hydro dam protects I suggest you shut all motor transportation off and gas and electricity to your house and walk.

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