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October 27, 2017 7:38 pm

Giscome Lime Quarry Approved With Conditions

Friday, December 23, 2016 @ 6:02 AM


Prince George, B.C.- The proposed Giscome  Quarry and  Lime Plant  project by Graymont Western Canada has been issued an  Environmental Assessment Certificate by  the  Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Mines,  but  there are 25 conditions attached to that approval.

The conditions include  requirements that Graymont:

  • hire an independent Environmental monitor to ensure Graymont is complying with the conditions  set out in the  Environmental Assessment certificate and abide by the greenhouse gas emissions cap, plus
  • develop plans to monitor and mitigate  any impacts on  wildlife, fish  and fish habitat  and
  • establish a Community Advisory committee that will  receive information  on how well Graymont is managing  environmental impacts.

The Giscome project will still  need  approvals from federal, provincial and local governments before it can move  forward.

“A lot of hard work went into the EA process,” said David Chamberlain, Giscome Project Manager. “We continue to work closely with the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation and the local community.”  Graymont is now actively working on project permitting through the Major Mine Permitting Office.

Phase one of the project has a cost of between  $80 and $90 million dollars, and a further $25 million for the second phase.   The  quarry is expected to  produce  up to 600 thousand tonnes of limestone per year  and could possibly  produce up to 1.7 million tonnes annually.   The lifespan of the quarry  is  estimated  to be at least 50 years.

The project is expected to create 40- 60  jobs during construction, and  20 permanent direct jobs when the quarry and plants are operational.


This is excellent news for the region. The area southwest of this mine has the largest limestone deposits in North America. Literally whole mountains of the stuff. Enough for a thousand years if they expanded their property within 25km. Limestone actually purifies water, so a great product to be mining. Lots of spin off potential as well with this product.

    If you look at the mineral claims map, it is huge! Goes all the way down to hwy 16. Excited to see it get developed.

get it done, build it. Blast that rock out of the ground.

Yes! Let’s get something happening locally. Giscombe residents should rememer the good ole days when things were thriving, maybe again.

We’ll that should be remember

Green house emissions cap, what the hell is that? What is the added cost to the company for that piece of nefarious regulation. Is every business now going to get hit with a green house cap, for what a colorless harmless gas. At least Trump is going to put a stop to that idiocy in the US.

For those who disagree with me show the proof, verifiable proof C02 is causing harm, not just some rentseekers personification.

They have to deal with three and one quasi level of government. Hire an independent environmental monitor, say what. Is that a hidden tax, thought that was the governments job?

I’m looking forward to the crazy guy on Eaglet Lake putting out an even bigger sign in opposition.

Don’t get to excited just yet. We have an election on the way and I am quite sure you will see many more good news stories like this one yet to come.

    Yeah, you are probably right. If the NDP get in they will probably cancel the environmental assessment certificate

Nice location, beside a lake, and school, and within a stones throw of where people live in the area.

These Lime plants have a tendency to produce fine particulates in the air and over time the white powder covers a large area. I can see this stuff floating on the water and of course all over the fields and buildings in the area.

If you want to see what it looks like, take a drive up highway 99 from Lilloet BC to Pavilion BC Graymont has a lime plant there, and you can get a first hand view.

They should probably locate the plant where they mine the limerock, however for some reason the prefer to have it on a 5km conveyor belt from the mine site to the lake/school site. Hmmmmm.

    Plant site has access to rail, Bateman FSR goes from the quarry site to the plant site so I am guessing dump trucks?

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