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October 27, 2017 7:36 pm

2016 Not a Good Year – Survey

Wednesday, December 28, 2016 @ 9:41 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A new Angus Reid poll  shows most Canadians  will be happy to see  2016 come to an end. 

Asked whether the year has been good or bad for themselves, their country, and the world at large, the survey  shows Canadians take a dim view of all three. Equal numbers say the year was good and bad on a personal level, while Canadians are more likely to say 2016 was bad for Canada than to say it was good. They feel even more negatively about the year’s impact on the United States and the rest of the world.

Key Findings:

  • Some two-in-three Canadians (65%) say the year in which Americans elected Donald Trump president was a bad one for their neighbours to the south
  • More than half (53%) say 2016 was bad for their own individual province, and more Canadians say it was bad for their country (38%) than good (25%)
  • Canadians are split over whether the last 12 months have been good to them personally, though those under age 35 are more positive about the year they’ve had


poll graphic courtesy Angus Reid


We can focus on the positive rather than the negative; unemployment is relatively low in Canada and the US, stock markets are near all time highs. Extreme poverty worldwide is declining rapidly, and the weather in BC’s interior is getting better every year. Advances in technology are improving our lives in many ways, large and small. We have freedoms and a clean environment that most of humanity can only dream of. And we live in interesting times.

    Me too ! I’ve had a great year . 17 should be very interesting . Solidenergysystems.com .

Wonder about these Angus Reid polls! Where do they get their stats from, the populated areas? As for 2017 I don’t expect much, probably worse. ICBC, Hydro, gas are going up for starters, the dollar as usual is going down, the Trump regime is a big question mark and will effect us, politicians probably will get a raise for doing less. Just as long as my health is on par!

    “Where do they get their stats from, the populated areas?”

    Normally they would try to get a representative distribution. Distribution by type of location would be a reasonable way to go about it.

    If that is the situation, about 50% of the total population live in peripheral, post WWII, subdivisions of cities with a Census Metro Agglomeration of 100,000 population or greater.

    Another 20% live in the older central core of such urban areas. That makes up 70% of the population.

    81% of Canada is made up of urban dwellers. 19% are rural dweller. Rural dwellers are those who live outside of centres of 1,000 population or areas of population densities of 400/sq.km.

    Based on that information, it would be appropriate to get a distribution for 100 queries to approximate the following:

    • 50 from the peripheral areas of CMAs of 100,000 and greater distributed per the actual sizes of the CMAs (part of the urban component)

    • 20 from the central areas of the same CMAs (part of the urban component)

    • 10 from the population living in centres larger than 1,000 and smaller than 100,000 (part of the urban component)

    • 20 from those living in population centres of 1,000 and smaller (the rural component)

    So what do you mean by the “populated” areas? Maybe you can share that with us.

    Of course, there will likely be differences between the economic regions of Canada as well, especially East to West since the 260,000 or so living in Saskatoon CMA, will likely have a different outlook on the quality of life than the 390,000 living in Halifax CMA. A good survey will go into some detail of the mindset of East to West as well as rural to urban.

    Here is a more detailed breakdown by region and by age.

    “Canadians are not feeling the pain of 2016 evenly. In fact, nearly half (46%) of Albertans describe 2016 as an annus horribilis, making them considerably more likely than those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (31%), Ontario (27%), British Columbia (24%), Atlantic Canada (22%) or Quebec (19%) to say so. Those aged 18-34 are more likely (32%) than those aged 35-54 (26%), or 55+ (23%) to say that 2016 was a horrible year.”

    When I look at those figures, they fit my expectations.

    The older one is, the more one has to compare to, so the past year has not been as bad as some others they have experienced.

    Regionally it also makes sense.

    Source = ipsos-na.com/news-polls/pressrelease.aspx?id=7523

Not sunny days?

2016 was good for me personally, and enjoyable too. My only complaint is that it seemed to go by so fast, I didn’t have enough hours to get done all the things I wanted to.

    One would surmise that if you did not spend countless hours on here denying global warming over, and over, and over again, you might have had enough time to do all the things you wanted to get done.

    But hey, that’s just me thinking and speaking logically for you.

      “….that’s just me thinking and speaking logically for you.”

      You do that far too often with those you disagree with. It is his life, not yours!!!

      Wow BH, you are really special aren’t you? Besides, I thought you alarmists punted global warmimg in favour of the all encompassing “climate change”?

If peoples expectations weren’t set by reality TV, I’m sure they would be much happier.

    The key to happiness is to be grateful .

      Put in another way, is to focus on those things one has rather than on those things one does not have.

Don Trump made it a great year. Everyone watches fox news every night. In 2017, we get to see the swamp get drained. Happy new year everyone.

    Drain the swamp ? He’s one of the biggest hippos in the swamp . I can hardly wait to see his wall plans . I’m guessing it’s going to be a floating wall , as most of their border with Mexico is the rio grand river and that’s what , 1800 miles long . It’s going to be a gong show . That’s for sure . Thank goodness there is an ocean to the north .

    You actually believe the carny barker?

    As they say, a sucker born every minute.

250 news is just like the CBC. Deleting posts that point out the CBC and Trudeau hypocrisy? Lol

Why did you delete the first post you babies ? Can’t handle legitimate facts ?

Anyone catch the license plate number of that opinion truck that just roared through this discussion thread with five (5) comments? I think the license plate plate number started with gopg and ended with 2015. lol.

    No, I did not see the plate cause your buddy Ataloss was tailgating him with 3 comments.

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