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October 27, 2017 7:28 pm

RCMP Calls for Service Up in 2016

Friday, January 6, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

policecarnewPrince George, B.C. – In 2016,  Prince George RCMP  responded to more than 41 thousand calls for service,  the highest number of calls  in  9 years.In a  year end review to be presented to Prince George City Council on Monday  January 9th,   the report  indicates  that when compared to 2015,   the local detachment  saw  increases in a number of types of  files.:

Increases have been  noted in the following:

Type of file 2015 2016 %change
Homicide 4  (3 municipal, 1 rural) 4  (one is missing person case probable  homicide) 0
Sexual Assaults 43 59 +37%
Assault (Common) 561 605 +8%
Theft of Vehicle ( Over $5,000) 127 139 +9%
Mischief 625 686 +7%
Mental Health Act 1,072 1,223 +10%
Missing Persons 245 315 +27%

But there have also been decreases in  certain types of calls:

Type of file 2015 2016 %change
Aggravated Assault/Assault with Weapon 250 196 -22%
Break and Enter 771 727 -6%
Theft of Vehicle (Under $5,000) 154 124 -19%
Causing Disturbance 2,373 2,223 -9%
False Alarms 1,367 1,160 -18%

Superintendent Brown’s review    focuses on  some of the  successes  over the past year,  including a reduction in calls to the area  around the Connaught Motor Inn  which  has not had its business licence renewed.  Between July and September  of 2016,  calls for service to that area  dropped by 67%.  There  has also been a reduction in calls to the Queensway 17th Avenue area.

Superintendent Brown will be on hand Monday evening to outline the highlights of the past year   and the  workplan  for the  Prince George RCMP  in the year ahead.



Big surprise, the revolving doors of justice are hard at work making it easy for crimes and offenders to continue victimizing society.

    Its’ called the Charter or Rights, wonder what idiot was the instigator for that being born?

How else do you think those in charge of the “justice” system can afford to live the way they do. They’re not going to change it.

Looks like car 60 is working. Warren that’s good on you.
Makes me sick that sex assaults are up.

I sure hope calls to Connaught Inn have fallen since their business license was revoked, did we expect it not to? Before patting oneself on the back have the calls just moved elsewhere? We need to know what the calls to the Inn were in relation to, for example sexual assault – if the numbers overall have gone up chances are the perps just moved elsewhere rather than removing them from that specific area making any difference and now it just costs more fuel to get there to respond. Not saying it has, just there is no way of quantifying it with this data.

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